I could not personally connect to any particular news story in the NYTimes yesterday and in today’s paper I was drawn to two articles:

1. Thinking Less About Money from the Bucks blog about not spending too much time regretting the past or worrying about the future and more on the present including a media fast.

2. The Retention Bonus? Time about how accounting firms create an environment of flexibility so employees can spend time with families and pursue other interests. I used to work at one of the firms mentioned in the article and remember when the changes took place – I very much enjoyed the balance it gave me in my life…and the company became more profitable.

Yesterday, I was inspired to use the paper to connect to a more personal story – writing a letter to someone I love. So, I made some envelopes to mail letters. Today, I am reminded by these two articles to really take the time to do this more regularly. It’s easy to get caught up in a regular pattern but there are ways to change it up. The newspaper is a wonderful way to connect and have shared experiences through the printed stories. Then there are the more private personal ones that are just as important and add another layer of richness and depth in our lives. So, here’s to using the paper to connect and connect more deeply…more pretty envelopes to hold my private messages!

shared stories become vessels for personal stories


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