Laurie Frick, Do you have Alzheimer's?

Used to be doctors would guess if you had alzheimers, and confirm the diagnosis via plaque in the brain in the autopsy after you’re dead.  Every one who has watched a grandmother, and mother begin to lose memory….not just the “where did I put my keys”.  But serious memory loss, begins to worry if it will affect you. And when?  Front page in NYTimes story today about early diagnosis of Alzheimers, while the patient is alive.

Next step will be to diagnose Alzheimer’s before any real symptoms of memory loss appear.  Neurologist in Omaha, Nebraska said they could begin to use PET scans to see if a patient has evidence of plaque in the brain 20 years prior to any obvious onset.  Now, the question will be….do you want to know?

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One Response to Laurie Frick – 1.21.11 – Do you have alzheimers?

  1. Kathy Lee says:

    I love the powerful visual connection to the news plus the great short commentary. I have also followed the Alzheimer’s research. All the recent finding raise many questions.

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