From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 2, 2011

While I am not the biggest sports fan, who could resist a story on Brett Keisel’s beard? Men get to have all the fun when it comes to facial hair. If i had more time it would be fabulous to do a proper consultation with a stylist and do the perfect bearded lady photo shoot. […] more!

I thought about several things as I read the articles on Egypt in The New York Times today. I was drawn to the image of the large demonstration, as well as the article, “Quiet Acts of Protest on a Noisy Day.”  Strong words  were written in the article — “revolution”, “victory”, “liberation”. But, what resonated […] more!

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“Mining” the newspaper today, I was struck by an article regarding new scanners being tried out in a few U.S. airports. Theoretically less invasive and potentially less objectionable to the traveling public than the incarnation of scanners in current use, the Transportation Security Administration is hopeful that a solution has been found which satisfies both […] more!

Mapping Happiness*: in images and text. *I looked for people who appear happy in images, or a word, derived from happiness, in text. SECTION A: A1: Image: Fred Wilpon (principle owner of the Mets) and Bernard Madoff, at Shea Stadium in 1995. From article ‘Madoff Had Wide Role in Mets’ Finances’ A5: Image: Macy’s advert, […] more!

The front page of The New York Times inspired this. A crowd of protesters with their shoes. Since then, some of the shoes have been replaced with stones and some with molotov cocktails according to reports. Tweet more!

Today I have read this article on the Guardian about breath and how it reveals a lot more about people’s health while it is made of a variety of chemicals in relation to the body healthy or unhealthy conditions and how dogs and their strong smelling abilities could be key figures in the scientific/clinical study […] more!

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