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in Section A news.

A1: In Turnabout, US Says Marriage Act Blocks Gay Rights: A Decision by Obama That Could Reach Far Beyond the Law at Issue

quote:“It will reach into issues of employment discrimination, family recognition and full equality rights for lesbians and gay people.”

A2: Public Editor: Readers dissatisfied with a response or concerned about the paper’s journalistic integrity can reach The Time’s public editor, Art Brisbane, at…

A4:United States and Other Nations Step Up Libyan Evacuation

quote: As migrants poured across both borders, Mr.Chauzy said there were reports that African workers desperate to leave but lacking money were trying to rah Libya’s southern border with Niger – a desert trek of more than 1,000 miles.

A19:Chicago, a City in Transition, Picks a Big Personality

quote:“‘This election is about reform,” he said, adding at another point, “I will reach out my hand to everybody to work for reform.”


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