Andrea Schwartz-Feit, 2/28/2011, Trickle Up Economics

I’m voting for Trickle Up Economics. Enough about public employees and their benefits, enough about overpaid teachers. Enough about cutting collective bargaining rights. Enough punishing the victims already. Supply side economics, trickle down economics work really well for the CEOs, consultants, insurance companies, big banks and their bankers. But the rest of us? Not so much.

Cut the really big salaries, the golden parachutes, years of salaries and benefits for departing (fired) executives. Instead let those dollars go to the people who work to support those executives-those without whom the execs would be wearing suits for Men’s Wearhouse, shoes from Payless and eating sushi from the sushi trains like the rest of us.

The last few years should have shown us that the current thinking is flawed. It doesn’t work. So I believe it’s a good time to try a little of my flawed thinking. Who knows, it could work.


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