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Meet Margot Stevenson, a stage actress for over six decades. A lady of the theater. The daughter of an actor and the mother of an actress. Her final stage role was in the late 1990s. -The New York Times Obituaries Tweet more!

From Single Cells, a Vast Kingdom Arose Nuclear Agency Tells a Concerned Congress That U.S. Industry Remains Safe Tweet more!

react-or retract

March 18, 2011 by

Last night I had nightmares of the world ending. I couldn’t sleep. Then my morning commute sucked so much, three trains to work getting more suckie as the next one came. The weather was warm! How nice. Stayed late at work smoldering over html coding which kept going wrong. Literally burnt myself out. I vented […] more!

“Many people do not believe they are getting the full truth about the nuclear accidents” seemed to be enough of a scare on its own. more!

Artist: Tu
This is a parody on Rene Magritte’s work “This is not a Pipe”
Sorry this came out upside, it’s not part of the work. more!

Bullets Stall Youthful Push for an Arab Spring Tweet more!

For St. Patrick’s Day, the New York Post ran a feature on famous New Yorkers, and where they go to feel the most Irish. Comic Louis C.K. said that his “favorite Irish place” is an Irish cop’s face. Shown here is a photograph taken of my father, a Jersey City Police Officer of Irish descent, […] more!

Long Pause for Japanese Industry Raises Concerns About Supply Chain From Single Cells, a Vast Kingdom Arose Tweet more!

It will be complete when l add audience seats in a semicircle shape beneath their feet. They gave Motown Records their first No 1 hit ‘Please Mr Postman.’ Tweet more!

whorled news

March 17, 2011 by

my mind seems to be spiraling on the same things lately. thinking about interconnectedness, ripples in a pond, the shifting of a surface, fragility… Tweet more!

this is one of my atonement posts. found this in the 3/17/11 newspaper.  i wish these glasses were real… Tweet more!

Tweet more!

Quick sketch about tsunami death toll and survivors and the nuclear reactors smoking, plus RIP Nate Dogg from today’s LA TIMES Tweet more!

U.S. Sees ‘Extremely High’ Radiation Level at Plant, Focusing on Spent Fuel’s Danger Tweet more!

Clinton for helping democracy spread and revolution grow more!

Artist: Mai more!

U.S. Calls Radiation ‘Extremely High;’ Sees Japan Nuclear Crisis Worsening Dearth of Candor From Japan’s Leadership Tweet more!

Often when reading a newspaper, it is difficult not to form connections between two otherwise disparate articles or advertisements on the same page. In this case, the Daily News, as I purchased it from a newsstand, complete with promotional sticker advertising an ill-timed discount at Whole Foods. Tweet more!

This is phase three for Gladys Horton, the lead singer of the Marvelettes. In order for her to stand out without having to read the article, she will be the only one in her group that will remain in color, the other three will be mostly gray scale with minor gold tones. It will be […] more!


March 16, 2011 by

“Tallying the financial aftermath” the Nikkei is sinking Tweet more!

I’ve always thought the Black Panthers were untouchably badass. I mean they sported AK47s and afros and wore leather in the summertime.   I think the fact that I can put glitter on them and they still look like they could kick my ass pretty much confirms and cements the aforementioned notion. Image Source = Stephen […] more!

Frank Buckles The last World war 1 veteran is buried Tweet more!

Qaddafi Forces Routing Rebels Tweet more!

We can all admit that hearing about death individually (such as in the obituaries) has a greater impact on us than in numbers. But is it possible to recognize 10,000+ distinctively? more!

Artist: Gabriel more!

I think I’m going to glitter some black and white photos for a while… Atonement post #1 happening later tonight… Image Source = Michael Kamber for The New York Times Tweet more!

Several newspapers reported the death of Owsley Stanley, the first private producer of LSD, who inspired the Grateful Dead’s “Dancing Bear” logo. Stanley is reported to have supplied many prominent artists of the 1960’s with LSD, most notably the Beatles during their Magical Mystery Tour. His potent pharmaceutical is said to have inspired Jimi Hendrix […] more!

Meet Gladys Horton, she was the lead singer of Motown’s Marvalettes and are responsible for the No 1 hit ‘Please Mr Postman’ Tweet more!

i haven’t posted in a little while.  one day i forgot to purchase the newspaper and then i didn’t have the internet for a couple of days and once i start not posting regularly, it snowballs  and before you know it i’ve  gotten completely out of the rhythm of things.  but i’m putting myself back on […] more!


March 15, 2011 by

i can’t stop thinking about japan’s catastrophe. the more i read, the more sad i am.  todays paper seemed to include more intimate accounts and people’s stories. i had to work out the funk at the gym. sometimes when i do yoga, i dedicate my practice to someone or something. today, my exercises were dedicated […] more!

Third Blast Strikes Crippled Nuclear Plant; Swelling Toll Dims Japanese Relief Efforts Tweet more!

Artist: Perla more!

Tsunami devistation Tweet more!

Japan takes a hit but Libyans refuse to quit. more!

Eric Enright – 3/14/11 – “You Melt My Heart (Like a Fuel Rod)” The New York Post reports that water levels fell far enough to partially expose fuel rods at Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant’s No. 2 reactor, sparking fears of a meltdown. Tweet more!

Meet Gladys Horton who was the lead singer of the Marvelettes. The group that gave Motown Records their first No. 1 hit, ‘Please Mr. Postman.’ Tweet more!

stuck today. stuck and stumped. Tweet more!

Computers Get Better at Knowing When to Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em Tweet more!


March 14, 2011 by

my first attempt at a NY Times crossword puzzle. i figured why not start with a monday puzzle, they say its the easiest. some mistakes, some blanks, but i did all right. Tweet more!

Seawalls located in Japan were easily broken down due to the tsunami. The waters passed and destroyed everything in its paths. The people cant do much but for now all we can do is pray. more!

This was created with Photoshop, using a car advertisement that used the three words “better” “smarter” and “faster” and an advertisement for BG kids’ clothing. It is a response to the No Child Left Behind Act discussed in one of the articles. more!

The old hand painted Japanese waves have an eerie feeling now. more!

Tweet more!

A rendition of Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, set against a drawing of vehicles piled up in Hitachinaka as seen in an AP photograph printed in the Daily News. Tweet more!

happynomics is…

March 13, 2011 by

a discounted deep tissue massage! back study – ink on glassine with flocking inspired by the op-ed piece by roger cohen Tweet more!

Blast and Radiation Fear Hamper Quake Response Tweet more!

Tweet more!

While reading a New York Post article about workers racing to contain a potentially catastrophic failure at a nuclear power plant in Japan, I was immediately reminded of  a warning message from a possible scenario in the video game SimCity for the Super Nintendo, a system created in Japan. The text is lifted from a […] more!

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Powerful Quake and Tsunami Devastate Northern Japan Hard to imagine the suffering. This reminds me of all I take for granted every day. Tweet more!

ocular gaze

March 12, 2011 by

rolled up a section of the times for this self-portrait. inspired by a times mag story about Swiss architect, Peter Zumthor. beautiful pic of Bruder Klaus, “a small space to be quiet.” Tweet more!

The Daily News reports that a teenaged girl splashed acid into the face of a classmate and fellow ROTC member, in an attempt to burn out her eyes. Black and white ink on paper. Tweet more!

Tweet more!

For Man With Past, Ranch Life Ends in Cuffs Tweet more!

The New York Daily News reports that director Julie Taymor has been replaced in the much-maligned Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”, with critics saying that her ambition was a major cause for the show’s troubles. A central character in the production is Arachne, inspired by the princess from Greco-Roman mythology who was turned […] more! Tweet more!

Meet Dr Eleanor Galenson, she spent thousands of hours observing and documenting the actions and reactions of infants. She redefined existing Freudian theory about when children begin their sexual development. Dr Eleanor Galenson was a professor of psychiatry over a span of 65 years. Tweet more!

Fateh Singh Rathore, the ‘Tiger Guru,” Dies at 73 Tweet more!

NPR Chief Resigns as Network’s Setbacks Mount Tweet more!

TODAY……………………………………………………………..Windy with rain. Tweet more!

Todays la times sketch mash up: An identical twin’s quest for the truth of brother’s death, A million silvery sardine carcasses, trip to NY ad, Alice in chains bassist Mike Star dies. Tweet more! Tweet more!

The Daily News column “The Daily Checkup” explores various treatments for depression and bipolar disorder. As someone diagnosed as bipolar, I played with the irony in common advice given to many people that suffer from this disorder by writing it on medication prescribed to treat the condition. more!

Tweet more!

Rebels in Libya Strain to Forge a Unified Front Tweet more!

The Daily News reports on dozens of disoriented and dead baby finches that were mysteriously dumped in a private park in New York City. Ink drawing on paper. Tweet more!

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paper thin backbone

March 8, 2011 by

an article which made me contemplate bone strength and the future Tweet more!

Discord Grows In Washington On Libya Role Poseidon: “Release the Kraken!” Poseidon’s Assitant: “Sir, the Kraken has 2 lands to handle before this one.” Poseidon: “Hm, I see. What else have we got?” Tweet more!

glitter and silk….go together like Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson big ups to Bryce Vickmark for the NY Times for the image… Tweet more! Tweet more!

Artist: Berenice more!

LA TIMES MOSH UP- Hand Transplants, dust storms and war war war! Tweet more!

Tweet more!

By eliminating excess content, I attempted to distill the real message being transmitted by today’s front page. Acrylic paint on newspaper. Tweet more!

First, Naptime. Then Showtime. I’ll bet my affinity for productivity enhancing naps (not to be confused with the slothy kind) is one of the very few things I have in common with the average NBA player. All natural and very potent. From now on, when I rise from a nap I should say,  “It’s Showtime.” […] more!

I am currently working on a series of thread drawings on obituaries. I have a few rules, the first is that I am only using The New York Times. The second, is that I will only thread women, it really narrowed down the search. I have a few picked out from January and this is […] more!

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