Chelsea Fisher, 04.06.2011, 3DD

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3 Responses to Chelsea Fisher, 04.06.2011, 3DD

  1. Eric Enright says:

    I can’t believe this is not already a “thing”.

  2. tonyb says:

    Interestingly, only the left two thirds of the image loaded in my browser originally, and while I thought it was good, I wasn’t going to comment. Then the rest of the image loaded before I could leave the page; there’s something about adding the 3D glasses which, to me at least, makes this piece really interesting and stops it from being pornographic. Hope that makes sense. :)

  3. Chelsea Fisher says:

    Thanks Tony, my idea at first was to draw this image [without glasses] and photoshop some 3D glasses over the top, so that the only bits that remained visible were “reflected” in the glasses themselves. This didn’t have the effect that I wanted, and I certainly didn’t want to just upload a pornographic sketch as there’s no ‘idea’ behind that – nor would it really relate to the article. I was looking at the image and I liked that I had intentionally not given the couple faces, then it occurred to me – make them wear the glasses! I was instantly excited about the idea and I knew it was the right one [far better than the original idea which had never “sat well” with me]. I was even more pleased when I realised the most aesthetically fitting way to draw the glasses was some simple inference of the shape 😉 I certainly agree with your comment :)

    Haha, Eric, it’s so not a “thing”.

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