We each morning read and “digest” bad news with breakfast, mostly of violence of humans against humans, while we sit at our breakfast table. My work involves manipulated re-photography of these socially violent news-images in a way that makes the photograph, ‘frozen’ by a photojournalist’s camera, ‘melt’ again to convey a powerfully expressionistic statement about the hard world of reality that one faces in contemporary global society. Part painting, part photograph, largely dark toned mixed-media work, at first looks like an interestingly patterned abstract pastiche; its figures taken from the news media provide an allegorical puzzle. The puzzle is soon solved with the discovery of my pre-occupation with violence, a violence that can not be categorized and that charges the whole of living. The photographs of a daily variety of ‘human made violence’ juxtaposed with purposeful slashes and strokes punctuate the composition with broken shards and a fragmented imagery that blend, one into the other, regardless of time and form. The news photograph aligned and juxtaposed with slashes and borders of color refer to the human condition. Taken out of context of black and white boxes of columns, print and headlines, the photograph now takes its reference from and has its energy in suggestive potentiality of color.
Note: This statement will apply to all my images for the month. Once read, it is not necessary to read it again as it will be the same statement every time. All images are part of a series of works based on news imagery of actual events that happened somewhere in the world. The event’s news-photograph is made ambiguous as what is important in my work is the visual essence of violence and not the event’s literal identity. The statement essentially applies to all images in this series.

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