OccupyWallStreet is one month old today. With barely any mainstream media coverage in the first week, this movement has gained visibility and popularity in the last three weeks. In that time, the landscape of Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park has also changed significantly. Now there is a library of a few hundred books housed in plastic storage containers for the public to browse through, read and take, in the NE corner of the park. The medics have erected a tent to offer more privacy and comfort to those needing medical attention (south side, slightly west of center). The drum circle(west side, on the steps) is often vying for attention with the meditation circle that has started in the circle in the NW corner, where the bronze man also sits. The arts and culture group are archiving all the cardboard signs before recycling them, and a screenprint station is set up and printing on whatever people bring by (north side – center). Additionally, the kitchen has two metal shelving units to house supplies, as well as a dishwashing station. There is also a greywater recycling station that is used to water the plants in the park, and a recycling station for cardboard.

Quinnipiac University published a poll today that shows over two thirds of registered voters polled agree with the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. Four fifths support the right of the protesters to voice their opinions.

here’s to you, ows.


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