I was struck by this photo in today’s New York Times-an image of the Republican candidates saying the Pledge of Allegiance before beginning their debate in Las Vegas. As Las Vegas fully manifests the notion that everything is a facade, it was the perfect place for a presidential debate. And nothing makes one appear more patriotic than saying the Pledge of Allegiance. I was ultimately struck by the reflection of the candidates on the floor. In their blurred state, most of them become indistinguishable from one another. What we percieve in high-def on the television screen, doesn’t allows us to truly “see” the person running. What we are actually seeing is the reflection of what they want us to see…carefully dictated by them, their campaign, and the party as a whole. The blurred image below them is out of their hands, the accidental and truthful imaging caused by a reflective surface. I turned the image upside down and replaced it on the page. In this age of high-def facades, it’s more appropriate and accurate to have the blurred image be the one that represents the candidate.


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