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Ticket to see art Left on rough ground for others To make art to see. Tweet more!

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I spent yesterday evening at Occupy Times Square. The visual collision of Broadway billboards, jumbotron ads, homemade protest signs, people hanging from street posts, standing on garbage cans, and walking on stilts created an indelible collage that moved, breathed, and changed by the New York minute. Scroll down to see more images. Tweet more!

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The above list includes the names of every person that appears on the front page of The New York Times today, organized by gender. Since the month is half over, I also looked back over the lists since the beginning of October to figure out the percentage of men and women for the first fifteen […] more!

Cali streets shaking Distrusting class questions wealth Corporate disgust. Tweet more!

Tweet more! published a graph illustrating the “Mean Household Income of Each Quintile, 1967-2008”. As it actually says in the title, its kind of mean. Above, I imagine a nicer version of what things might have looked like. I have posted the mean version below. Tweet more!

Today, hundreds of thousands of protestors around the world came together in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.  This is from Time’s Square, NYC, where thousands of people made a statement beneath the ever shifting spectacle.  Broadway audience members mixed with protestors and an entire fleet of riot cops showed up to play. Tweet more!

Eastside seat party Share your concerns with the crowd Someone might listen. Tweet more!

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As a new cycle of presidential elections is underway, we the public have the exciting opportunity to start witnessing the beginnings of the usual candidate mud-slinging, the accusations of flip-flopping, and news of muscling between the early voting states that will determine who will take the Republican nomination. As my mother was recently mining her […] more!

Behind barbedwire Cheerleaders cheer for the call Freedom up in smoke.   In celebration of the prison release for Shane Bauer and Joshua Fattal, UC-Berkeley graduates back to the Bay. Tweet more!

[] My friend’s house got demolished today. Well, it wasn’t her house anymore, though she had grown up in it. After her mom passed away from cancer in the fall of 2009, Mirelle tried to keep the house, but couldn’t assume all of the liens and debts. The house passed into foreclosure in fall/winter of […] more!

“It is bad enough that people are dying of AIDS, but no one should die of ignorance.” .. six months after her death and this quote inspired the second version of Elizabeth Taylor’s four-page obituary. The first phase of this hand-stitched embroidery. Tweet more!

Much ado to debt In ancestrial spirt Crisis of many.   This piece is in response to the New York Times Global Business webpage article titled “Tracking Europe’s Debt Crisis.”  I imported flags of the seven sited nations, resizing the left column to match national debt while the right column to match national unemployment.  Each […] more!

Late Thursday evening, media darling and budding political activist, Sarah Palin, was on hand at Zuccotti Park to lend a helping one to the occupiers of Wall Street.  As efforts were being made to galvanize protesters to resist the city mandated “cleaning”, the ex-governor of Alaska took time off of her whirlwind schedule to do […] more!

We are in Ithaca right now, meeting with some interesting people: a couple from a 3.5 year old off the grid homestead, a doctoral student in biomedicine, a gallerist/cat lover and her corn genome scientist partner, and a poet who made all the connections. Amongst a lively discussion about genetically modified corn, agricultural patents of […] more!

Today, two out of twenty-six of the names on the front page of The New York Times are women–7.7%. This absence of women is thrown into relief by an article on page A11 of the Times–“Facing Cuts, a City Repeals Its Domestic Violence Law.” Because of the City Council vote, domestic violence is no longer […] more!

in response to the “(Anti) Millionaire’s March” that happened today, we are making an illustrated chart of the 25 highest paid CEOs, according to Forbes Magazine. Tweet more!

The photo I played with, by Stephen Crowley/ The New York Times, illustrated the article “Response Of the Police Is Expanding With Protests”. The police play a pivotal role in the theater of the Occupy Wall Street movement, not just in New York but in all the cities where protests are taking place. Their response […] more!

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Over 129 people were arrested today after the Occupy Boston group expanded out of Dewey Square Park into the nearby Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. No report yet of the number of tents taken down by police. Tweet more!

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Today I picked up a copy of The Indypendent: A Free Paper for the Free People. The cover, shown below, depicts a mass of angry protesters hurling stones at a big angry red bull. The drawing conjures up images from the Arab Spring, but also photos that we have seen of violent confrontations between Palestinians […] more!

Today, in “honour” of Christopher Columbus “discovering” America, I took part in an action at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. The action was orchestrated by Queerocracy and was lead by Carlos Motta and Camilo Godoy. Upon arriving at the meeting spot, Merchant’s Gate in Central Park, I was immediately handed a newsprint created by Carlos and […] more!

While eating breakfast, I usually read the news on my laptop. This normally consists of a browse through Google News Reader, following topics of interest as well as breaking news stories. Lately, though, I’ve been spending more and more time following links posted on Facebook. Though there is some overlap in terms of topics, there […] more!

photo via OccupyOakland During a retaking of Oscar Grant square, the protesters removed the fencing that had been put up around the park, and used it to create a public artwork, a sculpture resembling a house of cards.  The photo is taken from the Facebook group Occupy Oakland. Below are several local stories about the […] more!

Elaine Kaufmann’s website Tweet more!

From a story in today’s New York Times, “California Begins Moving Prisoners” by Jennifer Medina, I relocated the prisoners from page A-14 and moved them onto a Crate&Barrel ad on the adjacent page, A-15. The prisoners were originally relocated because “the Supreme Court ruled that over crowding and poor conditions in (California) state prisons violated […] more!

I took all the headlines from Sunday’s NY Times (which I got from a low-res web capture) and I re-arranged the words used to create them.  This is what I came up with: U.S. Memo Made Legal Rapid Trades to Kill a Citizen Secret Clamping Down in Stock Market Is Parents’ Killer Once Again, Inflating […] more!

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I have continued to record the men and women whose names are mentioned on the front page of The New York Times. Today The Times reported on the three women–Leymah Gbowee, Tawakkol Karman, and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia–who were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Karman was the only one of the three who […] more!

Thinking about print media in new york city, just once, I had to highlight our almighty trio of newspapers. The Daily News, known for car adds, sports, and the occasional great article from Juan Gonzales. The New York Times, making self-satisfied college grads feel even more smug since who the fuck cares, while sneaking in […] more!

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Occupy Wall Street Our One Demand – watch the video There has been a lot of media and press coverage about the lack of consensus by the Occupy Wall Street movement on what they are actually fighting for. I feel like its one of those things, you either get it or you don’t.  For me, […] more!

Included above are the images from the front page of The New York Times during the past week where either men or women are named in the caption. The images of men are along the top edge; the images of women are along the bottom. Both of the women featured were on the front page […] more!

Since the media is often hesitant to offer both sides of a story, I attempt to “x-ray” a page of the newspaper in order to expose at least both sides of the page. This page, A3-A4, from yesterdays paper, depicts Athens police arresting a protestor in Greece, with the headline “Europe Tries to Avoid Reckoning […] more!

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Book of hope for grace A race to find one killer Who preached piece and faith. Shareef Allman snapped Wednesday morning in Cupertino, transforming into a homicidal madman.  This piece marks the moment that his life of preaching non-violence snapped. Tweet more!

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This dream front page was created by my roommate Jomar Statkun. The Daily News and New York Post both ran stories with photos about the use of brutality by the NYPD at yesterdays rally, namely the use of pepper spray and batons. The New York Times barely addresses this, buried deep on page A30, “While […] more!

The front page of today’s New York Times mentions 22 people. The only woman included is Sarah Palin. Elaine Kaufmann’s website Tweet more!

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we have a gig tonite, so i made a sign. Tweet more!

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Will never know him But bleep, bloop, together us That fruit, world screen love. by:Darryl Jones Tweet more!

Elaine Kaufmann’s website Tweet more!

One page news paper Weather, power, and puzzles Piecing together. Newspapers are filled with consistent correspondence on a daily basis, trying to capture each category.  This piece displaces typical imagery from the news into a layer cake of information framed by games. Tweet more!

I spent the evening down at Wall Street. As much as there were people to see, there was as much to read. Fliers, pamphlets, independent presses and homemade signs created a moving bulletin board of various ideas and emotions. The underlying message was the same….the people are ready for real change. Tweet more!

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The news story that most caught my attention today was that concerning British environmentalist John Stewart’s post flight interrogation and subsequent denial of entry into the United States.  He was taken off of the airplane and questioned by the FBI, the Secret Service, and immigration for several hours, then sent on a plane back to […] more! Tweet more!

I am continuing to track the names of men and women who appear on the front page of The New York Times. Four out of the nine women mentioned today were included in the article,”Italian Court Reverses American Student’s ’09 Murder Conviction.” Elaine Kaufmann’s website Tweet more!

Yesterday’s faces Turning back to leave a trace Tomorrow’s head shot. This study compiles 17 faces from the paper into a juggle.  The relationship between each person is blurred by fading faces behind the backs of their silhouettes. Tweet more!

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