Sanaz Mazinani - Dec 11 2011 - RQ-170 Sentinel drone


This is the final print that I made in response to the news coverage of the RQ-170 Sentinel drone which fell in Iranian soil. The piece will be on view at the at Interstate Projects in December. The exhibition opens on Friday Dec 16th 6-9 pm, please feel free to drop in to see this little show if you will be in the Brooklyn area:  &

 RQ-170 Sentinel

I made this work as a direct response to the United States’ secret surveillance effort of Iran that was revealed by the crash of a drone on Dec 4th, 2011. The stealth C.I.A. drone, was a bat winged RQ-170 Sentinel that was reportedly spotted over northern Iran and was brought down via cyber attack to a safe landing 155 miles from the Afghanistan border.

“RQ-170 Sentinel” is an embossment made on paper. The technique is a form of etching without ink, and produces raised portions on the surface of paper. I chose this technique for its presence. For me, the relief, white-on-white image, alludes to the undercover aspects of a spy operation and U.S. military tactics.

I am always thinking about U.S. foreign policy and how the standards its sets effect the lives of individual citizens. This work is a quiet nod to my acknowledgement of the U.S. espionage hostilities against Iran.








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  1. Azam says:

    Sanaz jan,

    What an amazing job. I have seen the stealth C.I.A. drone in News.

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