Rita Patel is a self-taught artist, designer and chef.

She began painting in 1998 while attending the Art Students League in New York, NY.  She started working with acrylic on canvas. More recent works are mixed media pieces including materials from nature (leaves and petals), plexiglass, bamboo, fabric, dye, paper, wood and metal.  Rita also translates her techniques and style onto surfaces of one of a kind home goods (ritapatel.com).

See Rita’s work for 365 Days of Print here

Recently, she has focused on building treasure chests of all shapes, sizes and styles. They are a beautiful, different and useful take on the ordinary idea of a storage trunk/box. They were created with the belief everyone should have a really beautiful, unique and special place to keep the things that they treasure about themselves. Not hidden in a shoebox in a closet but something visible and alive-becoming part of your story and staying connected to oneself.  Currently, she is working on individual art pieces that focus more on the idea of beauty and the creativity that is inherent in all of us. As part of this ongoing project, she has started a blog called Beauty’s Invitation http://beautysinvitation.wordpress.com/

Rita Patel’s work is about beauty, love and hope. Her unique background includes graduate study at Columbia School of Public Health in outcomes research, specifically on quality of life. She believes that her work, in whatever form it takes, is about inspiring others with a positive impact on their being. Whether it is a flower, the particular color highlighted by the sun or how a branch sweeps she feels that as a whole and each individual aspect brings joy and heals our souls. And that this beauty is an integral part of living well because helps us feel connected to nature and the beauty that is inside of each of us. Captivated by and inspired by the natural beauty in this world, she incorporates actual natural elements in her work such as flower petals. The paintings she creates are elegant, engaging and enlivening where her use of color, stroke and materials draws the viewer in to see something different every time. The overall soothing experience is in large part due to her awareness and use of the effects of different colors and their combinations on peoples’ states of being. Rita creates her art in terms of movement, with images and colors that are fluid and interconnected…an attempt to capture the mystical and magical sensations that inspired it. By using different paints (bright and iridescent colors) natural elements, textures and surfaces, the interplay depends not only on the viewer’s physical perspective but on light and time as well. The mingling of all of this allows for different perceptions of the same image over time. As beings, Rita understands that we are meant to be in movement and that her work brings calm and life as one resonates with this feeling from her work. Central to the overall theme of the art is the constant flow of unanticipated images that fade in and out—the inherent beauty of change.

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