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reading the article about the protest in Russia, i see a similarity in the protests, whether they are in Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, or an occupy movement….. Tweet more!

Inspired by an article in NY times about the UN arab spring discussions today, i wondered what is it that people are discussing about borders so much? article: Tweet more!

One month of 365 days of print passed by. What’s one month? Normally spoken not that much changes in one month, but…. Tweet more!

inspired by an article about the need for or impossibility of Utopia i created this work.   article: Tweet more!

inspired by an article about a small town in Italy, which doesn’t want to merge with another neighbour town. Now it wants to become an independent principality, and looks for a prince… i made this work. What makes it that we are so focused to our ‘own’ identity, nationality, state? article: Tweet more!

inspired by an article about the downside of immortality and mortality as our basis for poets, philosophy, political, religious views of our live, which I found very refreshing, i made this work. article: Tweet more!

in answer to my letter to Irene yesterday, I surprisingly found an answer on my balcony today!   article: Tweet more!

an article about approaching hurricane ‘Irene’ inspired me to make this work.   article: Tweet more!

the article about the unknown whereabouts of Muammar el-Qaddafi, ‘the leader of the revolution’ according to his own conviction, inspired me to make this work article: Tweet more!

inspired by the article about the dismissal of the sexual assault case i made this work. article: Tweet more!

An article in NYT Opinion of August 21st 2011 by Joel Marks, a professor who lost his Morals, his Reference and found a new one again, he thinks at least; and then one of the many comments on this article about that we in the west, having it all, makes that the line between good […] more!

reading the NYT today, articles about Tripoli, Libya, me eye felt onto a recipe of Vitello Tonnato. Water came into my month and it inspired me to make this work. Tweet more!

reading the article about Egypt en Israel, I wondered what future they are working towards. article: the basic balloon photo is from: Tweet more!

Inspired by an article in the International Herald Tribune August 17th 2011, about Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun leading online a free Standford Class on Artificial Intelligence for 67,000 students, I wondered where all this knowledge would lead to.. Tweet more!

An article in NYT about Mr Anna Hazare and his mission fighting corruption in India, inspired me to make this work. About why some people can be so strong for themselves and others.. article: Tweet more!

Based on the article in the International Herald Tribune of August 17th, about Phantom States, I prolonged the idea of being real or phantom. Who is real, who is a masquerade and who becomes real? Even by walking on the streets one can sometime be confused whether the surrounding is real or phantom. Who will […] more!

  phantom & real who will tell me? do we exist, when do we exist, because of? rules? acceptance? conviction? when nobody sees you you don’t exist? the way we look and see makes our existance real?     article in International Herald Tribune of August 17th 2011, an article about phantom states, inspired me […] more!

inspired by the article about the Semakau Landfill in Singapore, where disposal and touristic attractions, rare flora and fauna are combined, i wondered where more energy out of disposal can be found in the (near) future..   basic photo made by Markus Nilling article: Tweet more!

And of course sometimes with all world troubles we need a hero to get through all the problems we encounter every day. Even when the solution or step forward is so small. For one selves it can be so huge. Tweet more!

one big party celebrate that’s life without rules eyes shut relish joy inside With such a rainy day or even a storm with disastrous consequences, it is still the festive man we sometimes look for! Tweet more!

oh, we need innovativeness the creative progress with shaky steps forward cherish the impulse to be there     Today, the need of a genius was there… I found him!! Tweet more!

apparently not being precisely why being the basis the playfulness from inside letting out bringing the smile into the day Since you can’t have them all at once, today the married neutral boy has shown up! Tweet more!

After all that crises on the market, time to go to the movies… A.O. Scott and Manohla Dragis of the International Herald Tribune did the same this summer and wrote an article in the how men are depcited in movies (IHT wednesday, August 3, 2011 page 8 and 9). They came up with a whole […] more!

  Gold, does it give us the right future?   the basic photo of the gold piece comes from: Tweet more!

  The stock markets all over the world are insecure. Where to relate to? Who is the guiding principle? To whom does the little voice in our head listen to?   Basic photo of head with hands derives from:   Tweet more!

The stock markets go down world wide, how do people react to this in their daily life?   Tweet more!

  extortionists also sometimes have difficulty with calculating..   Tweet more!

In Amsterdam, the streets full of people getting ready for the gay-parade on the canals. The NYT was far away for a moment. Overwhelmed with the people and their excitement. The theme, although, is worldwide. This year next to the fire department, the police also a boat for the military and for the first time a […] more!

I read an article about a guy who wanted to walk across the Niagara Falls, and wondered why people want to do such thing, for ordinary people… Tweet more!

    releave the big mountains or do we make them big? without mountains nothing to concur no concur no glory men proud to be   Photographer of the newspaper photo: AMR Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters, in international herald tribune of wednesday, august 3, 2011 Tweet more!

The decision is made. One thinks it is the right decision. One wants to trust someone, or better, something? Tweet more!

Tweet more!

  Approaching the 2nd of August 2011, a date which drove people to despair? Tweet more!

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