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I was struck by two stories in today’s New York Times. One is titled “In East Harlem, ‘Keep Out’ Signs Apply to Renters”, which addresses the landlords of residential buildings who are only renting the bottom floors as retail space, such as a Chase bank for the building pictured above. By keeping out tenants, they […] more!

I found the image below, of a wounded protester, in an online article about the police intervention at a Denver Occupation rally yesterday. The continued use of force, in this case rubber bullets, at these peaceful protests shocks and upsets me. I used 99 copies of the wounded arm below to create the balloon above. […] more!

Another “world” series, another front page photo showing exuberant victors of this completely male occupied game. Printed directly behind this photo in today’s New York Times, is an image of the Joffrey Ballet performing a piece called “Woven Dreams” here in New York City. Growing up in a conservative family and town, I was highly […] more!

In today’s New York Times, there was an image from Carsten Holler’s exhibition currently on view at the New Museum. One of the works is called “Psycho Tank: a translucent white polypropene container…filled with water that is heavily Epsom-salted and heated to 98 degrees. Birthday suits are encouraged…”. I find it fascinating that A) one […] more!

  In today’s New York Times, there was an article about the ongoing struggle taking place between the European countries, and within individual countries, as the continent grapples on how to “save the euro”.  An image of two members of the Italian Parliament engaged in a physical squabble accompanied the article. Right next to this […] more!

  This photo accompanied an article in the New York Times titled, New Poll Finds A Deep Distrust of Government. Right above this photograph was another article titled, It’s Official: The Rich Get Richer – Top 1 Percent Doubled Share of the Nation’s Income, Report Finds.  Following yesterday’s efforts of bringing peace and healing to […] more!

I was struck by this photo from the New York Times, accompanying the article, Kenyan Offensive Is Not Welcome, Somalia’s President Says. The caption under the photograph read “A man wounded by a grenade at a pub in Nairobi, Kenya…”. The man in the photo looks more like a boy sleeping soundly in his bed. […] more!

So apparently, tonight was a good night to be away from the computer and have your head in the clouds, that is if you live in the Northern latitudes of the USA and Canada. Stunningly beautiful shots of Auroro Borealis were captured by many a spectator with video cams on their devices. Check out the […] more!

As economic uncertainty is still haunting Europe, the stock market reacted in its own menacing ways. The backdrop of this image is an insert from the Sunday times advertising a new fairy tale inspired TV series, Once Upon a Time. From memory, I drew a graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from this last […] more!

In today’s New York Times, there was a story about a new plan to bus students to private schools outside the city that have reduced tuition. The photograph was from a kindergarten class and features a very enthusiastic boy who seems to know the answer to the question that’s just been asked. The cubbies in […] more!

I was taken by this photo from the New York Times. After Qaddafi was shot and killed, under still unclear circumstances, revelers were permitted to take photos of his corpse. Many of these people tried to get themselves in the frame, as one might see tourists doing at the Statue of Liberty. This can also […] more!

I spent the evening at New Jersey City University, where there was a symposium about our very own The symposium accompanied the current exhibition which was curated by Kenneth Pietrobono and Doris Cacoilo. Along with the curators, I was on the panel with two other artists from 365, Daniele Genadry and Lauren DiCioccio (who’s […] more!

I was struck by this photo in today’s New York Times-an image of the Republican candidates saying the Pledge of Allegiance before beginning their debate in Las Vegas. As Las Vegas fully manifests the notion that everything is a facade, it was the perfect place for a presidential debate. And nothing makes one appear more […] more!

On today’s front page, the New York Times printed photographs from all around the country of Occupy Wall Street protesters holding signs. I cut out the signs and then “traded” in photos from ads on the other side of the page (see below). The companies that advertised on this lucrative page, A-2, included all luxury […] more!

1 month old and going strong, here’s a baked tribute for Occupy Wall Street. Tweet more!

I spent yesterday evening at Occupy Times Square. The visual collision of Broadway billboards, jumbotron ads, homemade protest signs, people hanging from street posts, standing on garbage cans, and walking on stilts created an indelible collage that moved, breathed, and changed by the New York minute. Scroll down to see more images. Tweet more! published a graph illustrating the “Mean Household Income of Each Quintile, 1967-2008”. As it actually says in the title, its kind of mean. Above, I imagine a nicer version of what things might have looked like. I have posted the mean version below. Tweet more!

As a new cycle of presidential elections is underway, we the public have the exciting opportunity to start witnessing the beginnings of the usual candidate mud-slinging, the accusations of flip-flopping, and news of muscling between the early voting states that will determine who will take the Republican nomination. As my mother was recently mining her […] more!

Late Thursday evening, media darling and budding political activist, Sarah Palin, was on hand at Zuccotti Park to lend a helping one to the occupiers of Wall Street.  As efforts were being made to galvanize protesters to resist the city mandated “cleaning”, the ex-governor of Alaska took time off of her whirlwind schedule to do […] more!

The photo I played with, by Stephen Crowley/ The New York Times, illustrated the article “Response Of the Police Is Expanding With Protests”. The police play a pivotal role in the theater of the Occupy Wall Street movement, not just in New York but in all the cities where protests are taking place. Their response […] more!

Today I picked up a copy of The Indypendent: A Free Paper for the Free People. The cover, shown below, depicts a mass of angry protesters hurling stones at a big angry red bull. The drawing conjures up images from the Arab Spring, but also photos that we have seen of violent confrontations between Palestinians […] more!

Today, in “honour” of Christopher Columbus “discovering” America, I took part in an action at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. The action was orchestrated by Queerocracy and was lead by Carlos Motta and Camilo Godoy. Upon arriving at the meeting spot, Merchant’s Gate in Central Park, I was immediately handed a newsprint created by Carlos and […] more!

From a story in today’s New York Times, “California Begins Moving Prisoners” by Jennifer Medina, I relocated the prisoners from page A-14 and moved them onto a Crate&Barrel ad on the adjacent page, A-15. The prisoners were originally relocated because “the Supreme Court ruled that over crowding and poor conditions in (California) state prisons violated […] more!

Occupy Wall Street Our One Demand – watch the video There has been a lot of media and press coverage about the lack of consensus by the Occupy Wall Street movement on what they are actually fighting for. I feel like its one of those things, you either get it or you don’t.  For me, […] more!

Since the media is often hesitant to offer both sides of a story, I attempt to “x-ray” a page of the newspaper in order to expose at least both sides of the page. This page, A3-A4, from yesterdays paper, depicts Athens police arresting a protestor in Greece, with the headline “Europe Tries to Avoid Reckoning […] more!

This dream front page was created by my roommate Jomar Statkun. The Daily News and New York Post both ran stories with photos about the use of brutality by the NYPD at yesterdays rally, namely the use of pepper spray and batons. The New York Times barely addresses this, buried deep on page A30, “While […] more!

I spent the evening down at Wall Street. As much as there were people to see, there was as much to read. Fliers, pamphlets, independent presses and homemade signs created a moving bulletin board of various ideas and emotions. The underlying message was the same….the people are ready for real change. Tweet more! Tweet more!

Taken from the cover of today’s New York Times, the photograph I erased illustrates an article about brave Mexican immigrants who continue to attempt to cross the border, despite the increasingly dangerous conditions, so that they can be reunited with their families who have remained in the U.S. The fantasy of some Americans to be […] more!

On Saturday night, I saw a high school production of “Curtains”, the Broadway show from 2006. In one scene a group of stage actors are all aghast at reading the horrible reviews of their latest production. The actors hide behind newspapers before revealing their horrified expressions. It got me thinking of all the times I […] more!

The New York Times, “Police Arrest Hundreds of Protestors on Brooklyn Bridge”, By Al Baker and Colin Moynihan. The above article provides a link to a video with the following disclaimer: The video below was broadcast earlier this afternoon on the Livestream channel of a group called “globalrevolution.” The Times does not endorse the captions […] more!

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