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Oakland’s Mayor Quan apologizes for the violence inflicted on protestors by police at that city’s eviction of “Occupy Oakland”.   Tweet more!

kitty cop in memphis: 1968 photo of rebellion after the MLK assasination by Associated Press. Kitty cop image from 2011, also by AP. The morning after the violence at Oakland, the Washington Post decided to accompany its story about the incident, where the police used teargas and non-lethal bullets on non-violent protesters, and critically injured […] more!

This is a collage of the front pages of the single folds for today, bearing headlines and photos of the death of Gaddafi. Tweet more!

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Naomi Wolf, author of “The Beauty Myth”  was arrested. Tweet more!

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OccupyWallStreet is one month old today. With barely any mainstream media coverage in the first week, this movement has gained visibility and popularity in the last three weeks. In that time, the landscape of Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park has also changed significantly. Now there is a library of a few hundred books housed in plastic storage […] more!

After the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication ceremony, Cornel West arrested with 18 other activists, spend night in jail, charges dropped with prejudice. In  a he made earlier about the Occupy Movement, he pointed out that 43 years ago on the same day, Tommie Smith ad John Carlos raised their fists in defiant protest […] more!

Today, hundreds of thousands of protestors around the world came together in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.  This is from Time’s Square, NYC, where thousands of people made a statement beneath the ever shifting spectacle.  Broadway audience members mixed with protestors and an entire fleet of riot cops showed up to play. Tweet more!

[] My friend’s house got demolished today. Well, it wasn’t her house anymore, though she had grown up in it. After her mom passed away from cancer in the fall of 2009, Mirelle tried to keep the house, but couldn’t assume all of the liens and debts. The house passed into foreclosure in fall/winter of […] more!

We are in Ithaca right now, meeting with some interesting people: a couple from a 3.5 year old off the grid homestead, a doctoral student in biomedicine, a gallerist/cat lover and her corn genome scientist partner, and a poet who made all the connections. Amongst a lively discussion about genetically modified corn, agricultural patents of […] more!

in response to the “(Anti) Millionaire’s March” that happened today, we are making an illustrated chart of the 25 highest paid CEOs, according to Forbes Magazine. Tweet more!

Over 129 people were arrested today after the Occupy Boston group expanded out of Dewey Square Park into the nearby Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. No report yet of the number of tents taken down by police. Tweet more!

While eating breakfast, I usually read the news on my laptop. This normally consists of a browse through Google News Reader, following topics of interest as well as breaking news stories. Lately, though, I’ve been spending more and more time following links posted on Facebook. Though there is some overlap in terms of topics, there […] more!

photo via OccupyOakland During a retaking of Oscar Grant square, the protesters removed the fencing that had been put up around the park, and used it to create a public artwork, a sculpture resembling a house of cards.  The photo is taken from the Facebook group Occupy Oakland. Below are several local stories about the […] more!

Aliens Invasion… Tweet more!

I took all the headlines from Sunday’s NY Times (which I got from a low-res web capture) and I re-arranged the words used to create them.  This is what I came up with: U.S. Memo Made Legal Rapid Trades to Kill a Citizen Secret Clamping Down in Stock Market Is Parents’ Killer Once Again, Inflating […] more!

Thinking about print media in new york city, just once, I had to highlight our almighty trio of newspapers. The Daily News, known for car adds, sports, and the occasional great article from Juan Gonzales. The New York Times, making self-satisfied college grads feel even more smug since who the fuck cares, while sneaking in […] more!

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The news story that most caught my attention today was that concerning British environmentalist John Stewart’s post flight interrogation and subsequent denial of entry into the United States.  He was taken off of the airplane and questioned by the FBI, the Secret Service, and immigration for several hours, then sent on a plane back to […] more!

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I wake up from a dream about being in jail, and not being allowed to pee, to news about the 700 protesters arrested for marching on the roadway of Brooklyn Bridge. Here is a collection of the news that I read in the morning, including a culturejam found on fb about a significant change in […] more! Many of our friends were some of the heroes who marched onto the Brooklyn Bridge, shutting down the landmark, and bringing international attention to this fundamental cause! The world is changing, and no work that we could make today could match the power of this group’s action! -Artcodex Tweet more!

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