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I really hope things work out for the best in Egypt and all the other revolutions that take place in the future.
This project has been good for me and I appreciate being part of it. I wish the best to all the future artists to come, enjoy yourself. more!

It seems like arabs are finding a voice with shared resentments and a desire for both bread and freedom. This was one story today and this is my ode to finding a voice. more!

A suicide bomb went off in a supermarket in Kabul, killing nine. And also, an injured man gets treated after suffering puncture wounds during protests in Cairo. more!

Revolt 1-27-11

January 27, 2011 by

More uprisings and protests against governments who’ve been in power a little too long. I think it’s great and i commend these people standing up against corruption. This one is in Cairo where ‘officers stormed the gatherings, they beat anyone who happened to be standing in the way’. more!

Hollaaaaa! 1-26-11

January 26, 2011 by

Some people are’nt too happy with their new leader replacements. Like this guy who rips down a poster of the new guy in Lebanon. Below this photo on the same page was an ad hollering 70% offf. more!

All stories from the front page.There was a terrible bombing in a Russian airport that killed 30(a cold vicious act). The Chief of Tunisian Army pledges to support the revolution going on over there which I thought was pretty cool.And it’s not too cool in NY right now because you got icicles like these. more!

Footbwar 1-24-11

January 24, 2011 by

This is the smallest drawing i’ve done so far. There was a big story on the front page but the image was real small, it was this soldier in Iraq after 5 car bombs had gone off. Then the big image/headline was football. I would hate to think that most americans think that ‘if it ain’t football, it ain’t news’. more!

An ex-agent with an agenda wields his own private spy network. He and his team pushed a plan to prove Hamid Karzai used heroin. I’m not sure what that plan would accomplish because its pretty standard for a president to try some drug like weed or coke, right? more!

Afghanistan is a mess, i know Obama sent a lot of troops, but he’s not to completely blame. Here civilians wait for medicine and work. It is sad that civilians cant get proper medical attention when needed and who knows if it will ever be stable again. No Dice is just an expression meaning ‘no chance’ or ‘not your turn’. more!

This is how I dj images. One image is a fake cop holding someone at gun point in Sudan, a man holds basket on head in Haiti, NY mets fan sad i guess, jewelry advertisement, a poll saying what is and isn’t favorable and random color, go dj. more!

1. his work isn’t that interesting and 2 he is trying to sue a small business in S.F. for selling bookends that look like balloon dogs. Although he has been taken to court 4 times over copyright issues and lost 3 times, he wants to try to pull this shit. When art becomes greed or anything else corrupt then it loses its identity as art. I think i’ll print 1000 of these and sell them for $1 dollar ea. just don’t tell Jeff. more!

I’m sorry to say i wasn’t aware of this great photographer, Mr. Milton Rogovin. For over 50 years he took photos of the poor and less fortunate and championed them through his photos. I’m a big fan of this idea and he seemed to be pretty good at it. This is a guy from one of his photos and i added a random stock market graph that was on the opposite page. more!

This is a photo of a man protesting the newly formed government in Tunisia. There is a revolution going on over there, pretty important for those people. I decided to tatoo and surround him with not so important things in the newspaper except for the balloons, they were part of a ceremony in Tuscon. more!

I cant stand it when companies or corporations prey on the disadvantaged. Like this guy and his wife who borrowed $5,000 for injuries and now owe over $18,000 to what their lawyer called “legal loan sharks..who take advantage of the meek,weak and the ignorant”. Corporate corruption is one of the main causes for the misery of the people. more!

This wasn’t really the headline but it kind of looked like that. This was a picture of a man taking his daughter to the gun show in Tuscon one week after the deadly shootings. more!

This woman, Mamata Banerjee, has been trying to rid of the communist-led left front government in India for many years now. She has been attacked over and over again with scars to prove it,but she hasn’t given up the good fight and i commend her with these strokes of calligraphy. more!

This is what the newspaper is made up of. I always wondered what that does to us when we see or read tragic headlines then flip to a pretty smiling lady. Maybe nothing, but that is pretty much what we see all day long on tv and real life. It’s probably evolved us in some way or another or maybe it’s just desensitized us. You figure it out. more!

This is a picture of a young girl singing in Haiti on the anniversary of the devastating earthquake. It’s going to be so hard to recover but i commend everyone trying to help. I saw a doc on how inmates from prison had escaped and they kind of run things now, it’s sad but hopefully that photo is a sign of something good to come. more!

China’s not known to flex it’s muscles too often, although it could all it wanted because we all know they’re comin’ up like champs. The other day they test flew a bad ass new fighter jet at the same time that U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates was visiting. They said it wasn’t intentional but who knows? more!

This was the headline beside the Tuscon shooter, So there were many signs that he was not mentally ‘well’, but how can you really tell that they are going to do something that horrific? You can’t, and that is what’s scary. more!

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Man there was so much in the paper today, there’s no way i could have read it all for you. Again, being fascinated with the imagery throughout a daily paper, i chose this because amongst the midst of all the chaos in the world thru these pages, there is a lady sleeping like ‘no-worries’ (a full page mattress ad). She seems so peaceful, make-up looks great, so i just wrote some of the headlines on her pillow, g’nite, zzzzzzzzz. more!

There is a doctor in war-torn Somalia who is really helping out families and refugees of war. Being a victim herself she told gunmen that they would have to go ahead and shoot her there because she wasnt leaving her people or hospital, very couragous. Its pretty easy to hope but to help is something greater. more!

In Cairo, Chrisitans collide with police. Here, an admiral looks he doesnt like the sound of reducing the army and marines by 47,000 by 2015 to reduce federal spending. ‘We better have some awesome warbots if we do that’, is probably what he was thinking. And the peaceful bird above is from an ad on the back page talking about careers for you. more!

On the front page today I saw a big hug in front of red and white stripes and an anti-U.S. cleric below that. He may be have power in Iraq soon and has declared war on U.S. troops and stuff. So I think if he were to see that photo of two Americans hugging, he would probably say ‘I ain’t feelin’ ya’ll.’ more!

There were many killings and crazy things going on in the world today that i could have drawn about but i just took it easy and drew a picture of a giant’s skeleton. He was probably the first Andre the Giant and probably had a posse. He was 7’7 back in the 1800’s and scientists say there are probably 200-300 living people with the same giant dna. more!

If you can dance in times of hardship then you really got something there, something special,hopeful. I know Haiti is a crazy mess and probably will be for a while, but fortunately for one former dancer, she was able to receive a prosthetic limb and now dances as a part of her exercises. In the arts section was a group of theater dancers and i thought how awesome it would be if the girl could one day be a part of something like that. more!

2 different stories of course, along with an ad encouraging college next to the image of the prostitute. more!

One of the most tragic things that can happen is when someone serves their country and comes back home and would rather be dead. This happens to often but in this case there were signs according to the article which had a stupid advertisement with a banana in it, next to this sad photo. I am tripped out by the placement of imagery in the news. The soldier left an unsent text saying “I dont know what to say, I’m sorry.” more!

Wow, 15 minutes until the 2nd day of 2011. I didnt get the paper today so i got online and chose one of those images that if you were illiterate and saw this it may scare or worry you, but not to worry those arent real guns. Yeah, in Baghdad theyre trying to ban play guns because some kids have gotten hurt. Kids. And because it was New Years i couldnt ignore that so here is my first piece. more!

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