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Rainy Monday, i woke to a spray painted dick on the window of the car (not even a good drawing) and got my first parking ticket at 1:20, then another one in another town…… Recycled NY TImes coffee mug—–spilled Monday nytimes newspaperness. Tweet more! Real life pirates just don’t have the glamour of the hollywood version. But there’s always fun graphics! The graphics breaking down the attacks on ships put me in mind of Battleship, so I created my own board on my recycled Times. Tweet more!

Breakfast over the weekend NY Times. Unfortunately, not long enough for my one-of-a kind NY Times recycled paper mug to finish drying–i just checked it again after all day sitting in the sun in my studio, but it’s still damp. Perhaps tomorrow…..not really such a functional coffee cup anyway, but fun to make. Tweet more!

Mixing up an unusual Friday evening cocktail……. Tweet more!

Tweet more! SO, as a foodie wanna-be (way too much work for me to make a go of this), i was charmed by the tale of rural meets urban. I know enough about goats to know that yes, they do eat papers. Tweet more!

Tweet more! Mummies are always intriguing to me, a view back into our ancestry, a preservation of our mortality and a glimpse at something left behind. Tweet more!

Spending time in the country, I couldn’t help but ponder the connections…. Tweet more! Tweet more!

what will they think of next? I’m unplugged Sat and Sun, but will bring my paper up to the country to keep reading. Look for my weekend posts on Monday. Tweet more!

having fun, making headlines from some of my favorite stories today. Tweet more! Bahrain, Iran Star Burst! Tweet more!

This is the kind of story I love to get in the paper–a little tidbit of interesting information that i would not hear about anyplace else. Its great that they are celebrating Darwin’s birthday—probably could extend out to a few other great scientific figures too. Tweet more!

Tweet more!

Recycled sheet from sections of the NY Sunday Times, drying on the studio window Tweet more!

Saturday’s front page, pureed with Jersey City’s finest water, and bottled immediately to preserve freshness. Tweet more!

By the time I got around to perusing the paper today it was 11:45, and the big news headline was already yesterday’s story. One of the limitations of the newspaper—no chance to update it once it is printed. And while I am on limitations, why does the NY TImes open to such a big floppy […] more!

Newspaper pyramid in my palm. Simpler than the mayhem, yet fragile like the Egyptian protest-revolution-government upheaval. Tweet more!

I felt the need to shrink the news into easier bite-sized morsels to digest. Tweet more!

Tweet more! In an effort to expand its marketing to children, Disney has entered hospitals to target the newborn market. Guess it was only a matter of time….. Tweet more!

I was both looking forward to and dreading the arrival of the Sunday paper. Even in my single, ‘no responsibility but the rent’ days, I can remember not being able to make my way through even the portion of the paper i was interested in, never mind the auto section or the wedding announcements. Although […] more!

I love working with found objects-getting the NY Times delivered to my door is like receiving the same object everyday, yet each is unique in its own way. Tweet more!

Took me awhile to get this one up, but I liked relating the unrelated. Tweet more!

Tweet more!

While I am not the biggest sports fan, who could resist a story on Brett Keisel’s beard? Men get to have all the fun when it comes to facial hair. If i had more time it would be fabulous to do a proper consultation with a stylist and do the perfect bearded lady photo shoot. […] more!

EGYPT……it’s in the news……on the TV…..and here in the NY TImes. . I can’t escape it, it sounds very alive to me, wish i could be there instead of here in yet another winter storm, shoveling ice and spreading salt. I’d love to go shout and dance at the pyramids, hang out in the heat, […] more!

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