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Bugarach, France has become a place where people who believe in the apocalypse plan to take refuge.  Locals don’t really understand the phenomenon but believers think that the peak is one of the chakras of the world and its “mystical magnetism” will be the force that will protect them from whatever happens in 2012. Tweet more!

The increase of interracial marriages has created a multiracial generation that is growing exponentially.  This generation rejects the color lines that defined America for so long and chooses to embrace all of the cultures that they embody, however many that may be. Tweet more!

Jen Lau 1.27.11 Game On

January 27, 2011 by

Something is seriously wrong with me.  I looked at the front page of the paper today and all I could think of was that the main photo reminded me of a scene from a video game.  It really disturbed me that I made that connection because this in fact is NOT a scene from a […] more!

Martin Greenberg is planning to traverse the entire NYC subway system in 2 days.  This will prove daunting for the 58-year-old because he is both deaf and blind.  Inspired by his story I closed my eyes, plugged my ears and attempted to draw the NYC subway system by memory.  Apparently my memory is very shoddy…and […] more!

“Citizens and martyrs, the government is still the same.  We will protest until the government collapses!” Tweet more!

I opened up my paper today and stumbled upon a section that I had never seen before- Metropolitan Diary.  There was a little story there about a guy who would take care of his neighbor’s pet goldfish, Sushi.  She was a young girl at the time so when he said he had taken the fish […] more!

Chinese authorities tore down the studio of artist and political activist Ai Weiwei in Shanghai this week.  Government officials had originally given him until Chinese New Year (February 3, 2011) to evacuate the building but actually began demolition this past Tuesday with no warning.  Mr. Ai is an avid democratic activist and believes that his […] more!

Dr. Chevalier Jackson was a larynologist from the 19th and early 20th century.  Part of his job was the removal of foreign objects lodged in the throats of his patients.  By the end of his career he had amassed a collection of over 2000 objects that people had swallowed or inhaled.  In his honor I […] more!

It didn’t feel right to not post something in response to today’s front page.  Aside from all the speculations about the suspect in question and his motivations I just couldn’t stop thinking about how this massacre all took place at a Safeway supermarket.  This guy looks just like any other guy, and the Safeway could’ve […] more!

Psychologist Daryl J. Bem will be publishing a paper on ESP.  Here that?  That’s the sound of scientists everywhere shuddering.  I, on the other hand, thought all the hubbub was kind of hilarious (my bad.)  I just kept on imagining one of those magic 8 balls that would “predict the future”.  Damn, I always wanted […] more!

Queen ants, known locally as icas, are a delicacy in Brazil that is rapidly dwindling in population due to land developers cutting down the eucalyptus trees they eat.  For many locals the ants are their only source of protein when meat and fish are scarce.  Since harvests are low many people have begun to freeze their […] more!

5000 Red-winged blackbirds were falling from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas on New Year’s Eve. Scientists claim that the birds were frightened of the celebratory fireworks and as a result flew closer to the ground- making the poor-sighted birds more susceptible to collisions with chimneys and other bothersome obstacles. Hm…sounds kind of fishy to me! oh wait! […] more!

I have always had a slight fear of technology.  I imagine myself as one of those crotchety old ladies that constantly complains about how things were better back in the day- when people weren’t slaves to their machines!  Now there is a camera out there that can recognize human expressions by pinpointing movements of the […] more!

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