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The world as a cloud of information, identities, labels, tweets, statuses – words and numbers, rather than color and light. Tweet more!

  As the multitude of information becomes increasingly larger and omnipresent , it seems to me that there is a danger in thinking that we can know everything and that our knowledge is full of hard facts. But even within a world so thick with media, we still only see and a slice of what […] more!

A recent fresh air segment on the etymology of the word “compromise” inspired me to map the history of today’s lead headline. The map shows a collection of words floating together from distant centuries, informing our understanding of something so strange as a debt-ceiling. This also reminds me of a great radiolab on language. Tweet more!

The compendium of all the Arab Spring topographies, creating a new territory knit together by the events taking place within each country. Tweet more!

  On January 14th, protests broke out in Jordan and have persisted to this day. Kareem Fahim’s article  in the NY Times discusses the latest peaceful protests that erupted in violence when police officers attacked the protesters.   Tweet more!

  Major protests in Egypt began on January 25th. According to the NYTimes, more than 800 people died in the 18 days it took for protesters to oust Mubarak. I’ve been meaning to include a link to a graphic by Sergio Pecanha and Alicia DeSantis, which summerized the protests throughout the region, but I cannot […] more!

This is the first in a nine part series devoted to the nine (and counting) Arab countries experiencing revolutions. Here is some analysis and thoughts on the Arab Spring that I found interesting: NY Times Blogging Heads A This American Life story by Nancy Updike   Tweet more!

A map of all the countries covered in today’s NY Times conveys the partial worlds that our media creates. Tweet more!

a heartbreaking story, by Andrew Kramer. photograph by Roman Kruchinin.   Tweet more!

An article by Ethan Bronner, with photographs taken by Rina Castelnuovo, discussed the role of a facebook page in helping Israelis and Palestinians communicate. While these countries are separated by a wall, small means of communication can diminish the physical barriers, creating a wall and border that is actually in flux. The piece above illustrates […] more!

joyous moment captured by Tyler Hicks of NY times. Tweet more!

imaginary geographies of the dow jones. Tweet more!

the end of space travel. more to follow. Tweet more!

made in collaboration with robert glass Tweet more!

Tweet more!

An article on Van Cilburn, an American pianist, who won the adoration of Russia when he played at the Tchaikovsky Competition in 1958 inspired this piece on music and the ability of art to communicate across political and cultural barriers. Read more about the man and his love of Russia, here. Tweet more!

Although the images of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his wife fill our minds, the housekeeper is left to our imagination. Here, her image begins to rise out of the newspaper. This piece was based on the July 1st article on the Strauss-Kahn case, it can be found here. The photograph in the newspaper is by Stan […] more!

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