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Chinese police fanned out across several provinces arresting  hundreds  of alleged child traffickers.  Over one hundred eighty children destined for adoption by foreign couples were rescued and placed in orphanages. In recent years the buying and selling of babies has become a lucrative business and a source of embarrassment for the Chinese government.   Tweet more!

DEA launders money to track drug cartels business. Tweet more!

Increasingly more and more children are going hungry in this country. Tweet more!

“Getting and spending we lay waste our powers, little we see in nature that is  ours.”  Wordsworth Tweet more!

Two articles in the metropolitan section of today’s NY times referenced the world of ballet: the first was of little girls taking their first ballet classes. The second described the latest versions of the Nutcracker and the place for youngsters in this years local  productions.   Tweet more!

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My brain every day. Grapheme-color synesthesia, copyright Anne Dushanko Dobek Nov.23 2011 Tweet more!

This work speaks to moderation in security as well as seasoning. Tweet more!

This  piece is in memory of Chechen poet, Ruslan Akhtakhanov who was shot to death outside his home in Moscow.The poet was found in his garden with five bullets in his head. Known  for speaking out against separatists,the poets death was described by investigators as a contract killing. copyright Nov 16 2011 Anne Dushanko-Dobek   […] more!

In rural China sixty two small children were crammed into a small van with neither seatbelts nor seats. Enroute to their kindergarten, the bus collided with a coal truck killing eighteen of the children. Tweet more!

Sale or Trade is part of a larger series dealing with the sex trafficking of children.This particular work references data found in the weekly reports by Nicolas Kristof in the New York Times. Tweet more!

Silent Voices is an ongoing series which includes Terrorists Diaries. The latter began in 1982 by documenting deaths and injuries from terrorist attacks as well as  repression of political activists.. Most of the data for specific works has come  from articles in the New York Times and, more recently, with updates  from the Huffington Post.The […] more!

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