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Today’s front page headlines from the New York Times.   Tweet more!

The hole seems to only be getting deeper Mr. Cain.   Tweet more!

Black Friday oozes into the week after Thanksgiving in the most unsavory ways. Tweet more!

Occupy the Parade… what would that be like? Can we pretend everything is roses or must we face the facts? Tweet more!

What does a college degree mean these days? The New York Times has an article about that very topic. I wouldn’t change my college experience at all, for whatever it may be worth in the job world. All that I learned from the people I was lucky enough to be around and goofy places that […] more!

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© Gracelee Lawrence 2011 Thinking about them on this Thanksgiving day. Tweet more!

The fanaticism of relics. The business of belief is an intriguing thing. Tweet more!

  Some New Yorkers are spending many tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars on huge customized vans. Yet another unnecessary way to show people how much money you have to throw around. I thought New York  already had enough vehicles… Tweet more!

Tailgating Tragedy Tweet more!

Spain has been having a tough time. This article declares that Spain will now be run by a more conservative government coming from the Popular Party. Hopefully this will lead to an upturn for their economic stagnation problems. Tweet more!

Again, the New York times has provided more than enough interesting information. Have you heard about feline agility? A striking new phenomenon. Tweet more!

Informed by an incredible article found on the New York Times website. Check it out, I’m serious. It’s serious. Our current state of sex ed in schools really blows my mind, talk about uninformed.     Tweet more!

Continuation of the urban sprawl. © Gracelee Lawrence 2011 Tweet more!

Baltimore, MD The dichotomies of the city. Tweet more!

Today there were several stories on NPR about the military. One featured an amazing story about one couple’s 18 year struggle with the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. Another interviewed several different veterans that had received Purple Heart decorations. There were several more interviews and stories in the feature but these two touched me the […] more!

Blind contour line drawings from a free classified advertisement paper in Greensboro, NC.     Tweet more!

Baltimore, MD Notice the “Occupy or Die” tag… Tweet more!

Blind contour line drawing, Emily on the settee with her iPad. Tweet more!

The title says it all. Can you believe…. 20?! Tweet more!

A blind contour line drawing of Mr. Silvio Berlusconi and friends in a meeting today. He didn’t look so happy… Tweet more!

Berlusconi…. what is going on over there? © Gracelee Lawrence 2011 Tweet more!

Pirates- making a comeback? Tweet more!

Contemporary American kitchen table circa November 2011. Tweet more!

Ingredients: Newspaper clippings Glass tube Salt Boiling water Extraction tool Directions: Combine all ingredients in glass tube Steep for 45 minutes, turn slightly every 15 Succuss Extract from tube Plate, salt, and enjoy with your choice of sides: heart failure or hypertension.   Tweet more!

Today I chose a slightly different approach. I went down to my favorite local co-op and scavenged news papers out of the recycle bin. The four that were included are as follows: Independent Weekly, The Daily Tar Heel, The Carrboro Citizen, and USA Today. I was really hoping to find a New York Times or […] more!

Today on NPR I listened to news about the Middle East, the 99%, and of course Occupy Oakland. The New York Times also had articles on the same topics. The amalgamation is the following drawing… Tweet more!

I usually try my best to avoid the news. Whether it be television, newspaper, radio, or a news website I generally steer clear. This month is different. I’m turning a complete 180. I’ve already spent 2 hours today listening to NPR and browsing the New York Times. Greece? China? Occupiers of various cities? They are […] more!

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