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In my mother’s village in Korea in was a common practice to take the weaker of a set of twins (or the girl if one happened to be a boy) and bury it on the mountain across the river. That practice went on until just before the Korean War broke out in 1950. And now […] more!

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The drowning in line 6 of yesterday’s I Ching reading was on the front page today…. The changed hexagram was #2, which looks like a set of railroad tracks. The man who jumped from the bridge didn’t land in the water — he fell onto the Hudson Line tracks. When Tibetan Buddhists see something tragic […] more!

I did an I Ching reading after seeing the front page today to see how it would be characterized. Hexagram 28 with the 4 middle lines moving turns into Hexagram 2. The four straight YANG lines in the middle are cut, literally, so that you end up falling all the way through the hexagram. The […] more!

The up-and-down jags in the stock market graphs keep reminding me of the flames as various cities in England continue to burn. Meanwhile, I am feeling worse before I feel better from the “herxing” as my Doxy kills all the bacteria in my system… Tweet more!

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August 8 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte sets sail for St. Helena to spend the remainder of his days in exile. 1942 Six convicted Nazi saboteurs who landed in the U.S. are executed in DC. 1945 The Soviet Union declares war on Japan. 1946 First flight of the Convair B-36, the first mass-produced nuclear weapon delivery vehicle. […] more!

  I was recently in a hospital emergency room being diagnosed with Lyme disease. Tweet more!

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