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i think a lot about safety these days. not only on THIS day of all days. i am raising a toddler, there is not a moment safety is far from my thoughts. BUT today it is overwhelming. i made the tiniest of quilts, a little over two inches long, too tiny even for a smurf. […] more!

Stephanie Tichenor. 09.05.11. irene sympathy card. In my home, on my block, in our town and surrounding towns and counties: The waters have receded but the clean up continues. photos to follow. Tweet more!

Stephanie TIchenor. 08.30.11. +++after math+++ this video (please click link above)  is based on all the coverage of the aftermath of hurricane irene. i am flipping through one of my sketchbooks  that were ruined by the storm. it may be long and dull but i hope it conveys the daunting task of sorting through our […] more!

Just say NO to GMO’s Tweet more!

Okay so the Khapra beetle isn’t very large but it sounds like an enemy to our shores for sure. Khapra Beetle original photo from Customs and Border Protection via the above article. Tweet more!

Thank you Corky Siemaszko for another great story. Tweet more!

what a place to be for an earthquake, my 17 month old daughter and i were at Ikea for the quake. Tweet more!

it seems the Cornwall Regional Hospital’s CT scan machine will be out of commission for the next month or so. I am beginning to appreciate our insanely greedy and out-of-whack healthcare system. I guess you do learn a thing or two while traveling. Tweet more!

Elderly blind woman, May Gardener, walks (1 mile-in the heat) to join ‘Black out Friday‘ protest. Ms Gardener and others gathered at the Jamaica Public Service head-quarters building, Jamaica’s utility provider, to protest questionably inflated power bills.   Tweet more!

Stephanie Tichenor. 08.19.11. USA needs an Rx. This kind of story though not surprising is infuriating. Tweet more!

  brain eating amoeba! sounds like a 50’s monster movie but, it’s real. Tweet more!


August 17, 2011 by

this story brought something terrifying to my attention. photos of  a mob of people stoning a gay man and wounded gay man from all around the web Tweet more!

Man shot dead in dam head from the Jamaica Observer. Jamaica day 2. Tweet more!

  Jamaica day 1. A man about to turn 100 years tell a bit about his life in this article in the Jamaica Observer.   dig this quote: “People who smoke have mosquito inna dem belly.” Also of interest     Tweet more!

today i was inspired by THIS article about human reproduction in an age of choice. Those that want to get pregnant at a later and later age, many of those who couldn’t conceive now can, with the help of science, but then what? What if you became pregnant with 5 or 6 growing fetuses? What if […] more!

  . i am planing and starting work on  a piece that is a sewn and beaded tofu pups logo i think it is difficult to make a work of art from a vegetarian viewpoint without being over-the-top so i am just embrassing that. doing it up in sparkly beads and gaudiness. work and thinking […] more!

I dyed my hair(s) fiery red red red in solidarity with the Londoners threatened with unrest. Tweet more!

brief mix tape for Londoners 1 2 3 4 5 6 Original photo by Lewis Whyld Tweet more!

96 new star clusters have been discovered! Tweet more! 20 years ago, the first website was published, in it’s honor i made a website. Tweet more!

Stephanie Tichenor. 08.05.11. Obama, Shell, and the Artic. Stephanie Tichenor. 08.05.11. Obama, Shell, and the Artic.   Tweet more!

Turkey caught a bug. It looks like many turkeys caught salmonella. let’s see 36 million lbs of ground turkey, average turkey weighs 20 lbs thats= a lot of turkeys infected with salmonella.     Tweet more!

Stephanie Tichenor. 08.03.11. You can’t find me. In today’s news: a game of hide and seek between a peacock, the NYPD and Central Park Zoo officials. The peacock was a clear winner for a time. After reading many depressing stories in the paper today I decided I found this much more newsworthy, much more enlightening, […] more!

Today I read about Anabell Vargas who has been missing for over a week. Missing. The open ended-ness of it, the possibilities. I chose to represent this newsbite with an open window. I saw myself seated in Anabell’s room looking out the window, where is she? Anabell Vargas. Mini quilt. Machine sewn fabric and trim. Tweet more!

My 1st piece this month is based on a story of a little 11 year old missing girl, found dead. The story is here. This story happens to be written by my friend and next door neighbor, Corky Siemaszko a NY Daily News reporter. I decided to work not from the angle of this little […] more!

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