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The image was inspired by coverage of the media relating to the response of Londoners and people elsewhere in other cities of the England after the recent  riots, people who live in the areas took the streets together, the days after and helped their affected communities. What is also very impressive how the social media […] more!

  Mapping time (long awaiting, passing, recorded, in limbo) and symbols in Section A News by the following words on these pages: A1: An Emblem of Evil in the U.S.; an Icon to the Cause of Terror; on Sunday; Sept. 11, 2001; six days; nearly a decade; bought the time; a symbol of commerce; a symbol of terrorism; […] more!

This image responds to the following article I have read today on the Guardian:   Tweet more!

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Reading the La Times crime section there seemed to be a common theme, police and criminals were using primitive tools to commit and solve crimes. I based this sketch off 3 stories, 1 where a woman was murdered with a butcher knife as the police watched through a window, 2 A story about police using […] more!

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Rainy Monday, i woke to a spray painted dick on the window of the car (not even a good drawing) and got my first parking ticket at 1:20, then another one in another town…… Recycled NY TImes coffee mug—–spilled Monday nytimes newspaperness. Tweet more!

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\ Andrea Schwartz-Feit, 2/28/2011, Trickle Up Economics I’m voting for Trickle Up Economics. Enough about public employees and their benefits, enough about overpaid teachers. Enough about cutting collective bargaining rights. Enough punishing the victims already. Supply side economics, trickle down economics work really well for the CEOs, consultants, insurance companies, big banks and their bankers. […] more!

This illustration is the final illustration for February. I really enjoyed being part of this project for this month and it is a great experience creating those daily illustrations based on a variety of articles. The image is based on the following article. Elli Chortara © 2011 Tweet more!

The Cuckoo Clock: featuring an oak leaf motif, a male dear without his adult antlers, and movie star hands. Photo of Michelle Obama by Platt/Getty Photo of Sarah Palin by Ruttle/AP Photo of Greg Kinnear & Sara Jessica Parker by Christopher Peterson/ Tweet more!

Mapping Success and Happiness in Section A news: A1 Behind a Rise in Auto Sales, Easier Credit quote: Detroit is crowing that the auto industry is back, but so far, at least, it is a success story built as much on reveal in lending as on the development of desirable cars. A2: A Gymnast Rises […] more!

“…there is much room for the imagination, and that’s a fine thing.” An article in The New York Times today talks about a performance filled with “magical explorations,” including movement, light and sound. “Bicycle wheels dotted the landscape like trees, and the setting, somehow a mixture of icy and playful, was like an industrial forest […] more!

Tweet more! Real life pirates just don’t have the glamour of the hollywood version. But there’s always fun graphics! The graphics breaking down the attacks on ships put me in mind of Battleship, so I created my own board on my recycled Times. Tweet more!

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Once again the struggle between sea lions and fish is in full swing. According to the Oregonian, Steller Sea Lions, a larger and more predatory species than the California Sea Lions of a previous commentary, have joined in the ongoing Sturgeon Buffet at the bottom of the Bonneville Dam. According to the newspaper report they […] more!

A part rainy/part sunny Sunday today in London I was sitting at my favourite cafe and looking on today’s newspaper  I saw this article about cigarettes/tobacco firms and shop displays: Elli Chortara © 2011 Tweet more!

Oscar buzz… Tweet more!

Mapping red in Section A, images and text in text: A1: The Vacuum After Qaddafi quote: “…he shouted into a handheld microphone at dusk Friday, “so that Libya turns red with fire!” All things Oscar quote: Live blogging and Twitter posts from the red carpet… A3: The Last Red Carpet A16: As School Sports Fall […] more!

Article by Kareem Fahim published on February 4, 2011 in The New York Times Tweet more!

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Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates warns West Point cadets against wars like Iraq and Afghanistan. Tweet more!

Mapping numbers in Section A news (front page) 26, 2011 2.00 Qaddafi Forces Violently Quell Capital Protest: 2,000 Rebels are said to March on Tripoli armed volunteer force of about 2,000 men leader, who ruled for more than 40 years A8 In Iraq 20 protestors  were killed in clashes with security forces A9 U.S. Announces […] more!

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Today I was reading about more air fare charges to come and the increasing costs on fuel: Elli Chortara © 2011 Tweet more!

Breakfast over the weekend NY Times. Unfortunately, not long enough for my one-of-a kind NY Times recycled paper mug to finish drying–i just checked it again after all day sitting in the sun in my studio, but it’s still damp. Perhaps tomorrow…..not really such a functional coffee cup anyway, but fun to make. Tweet more!

I read an article in the Business section of The New York Times today about consumers having “a greater interest in making stuff last.” Even though consumer spending has risen, many people continue to respond to the impact that the recent economic downturn has created.  “…the changes reflect…a reassessment of the need to constantly have […] more!

Sharon Cissna, a representative in the House of Representatives from Alaska chose with her feet. Rather than be subjected to a full body pat down so she could board a plane in Seattle to return home, decided she’d go the long way. Four days later, she arrived in Juneau.Via a rental car, small plane, ferry […] more!

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Mapping (un)happy in section A news A4: Recruits For Police In Sudan Are Abused A4: Chilean Miners, in Israel, Count Blessings Amid Media Glare quote:”I am happy,” said Jimmy Sanchez, 19, the youngest of the miners, at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, venerated as the site of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. A17: […] more!

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Mixing up an unusual Friday evening cocktail……. Tweet more!

Article by Kareem Fahim published February 4, 2011 in The New York Times Tweet more!

I was inspired by an article in The New York Times today about a new program started by three recent college graduates that gave four homeless men prepaid cellphones so that they could share their experiences on Twitter. “They created a Web site called Underheard in New York, whose goal is to “help homeless New […] more!

This illustration is about an article was reading on Friday on the power of online social networks and how/whether those can affect politics/movements and revolutions. Elli Chortara © 2011 Tweet more!

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Even though I live in the wilds of rural Oregon, in an area hewn from cliffs between the mighty Columbia River and the awe inspiring Mt. Hood, where winds rip through the gorge at 50 miles an hour on many winter days, today’s one inch snowfall closed the schools and kept my newspaper from reaching […] more!

Mapping Reach in Section A news. A1: In Turnabout, US Says Marriage Act Blocks Gay Rights: A Decision by Obama That Could Reach Far Beyond the Law at Issue quote:“It will reach into issues of employment discrimination, family recognition and full equality rights for lesbians and gay people.” A2: Public Editor: Readers dissatisfied with a […] more!

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I read an article in The New York Times today about a man who makes “playful micro-shelters out of junk.” These charming “tiny houses” are made of scavenged materials and cost less than $200 to build. The carpenter stated that a lot of these structures were about what could be built for homeless people “where […] more!

This Illustration is based on an article about the rise of university fees a current major issue across the UK Elli Chortara © 2011 Tweet more!

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Tweet more! SO, as a foodie wanna-be (way too much work for me to make a go of this), i was charmed by the tale of rural meets urban. I know enough about goats to know that yes, they do eat papers. Tweet more!

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“With a clutch of enterprising shops opening in the last few months,” New York is experiencing a “flowering in the doughnut arts.” Some of the “clever new doughnut glazes” include “hibiscus with hibiscus flowers, chocolate chipotle, plain glazed, chocolate with cacao nibs, dulce de leche with toasted almonds and toasted coconut.” And even square doughnuts […] more!

An illustration based on an article  I have read on today’s paper about 16mm film analogue technology and its value and how labs stopped using it: Elli Chortara © 2011 Tweet more!

Welcome to the Dark Ages. Tweet more!

During the five hours or so it took me to cut the words out of this half page, I was listening to an interview with political theorist Benjamin Barber. A straight shooter, Barber, basically said that with a millitary and vice President appointed by Mubarak in power in Egypt, the meaningful change desired by protesters […] more!

Status:It is complicated. Tweet more!

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The third in the time piece series helps me keep the rhythm of the night. This is the rythim of my life. Amid all the chaos that seems to be the top headlines of news networks today, rhythm somehow seems to be comforting for me.  A tool to focus my mind while it is with those who […] more!

“We all know the spy-versus-spy games, we all know it works in the shadows,” the official [close to Pakistan’s ISI] said, “but you don’t get caught, and you don’t get caught committing murders.” Tweet more!

“For Pepsi, a Business Decision with Social Benefit” A new venture by PepsiCo enables small farmers in San Gabriel, Mexico to sell their corn directly to PepsiCo, which guarantees the price it will pay for the crops upfront. “The deal enables the small farmers to secure credit to buy seeds and fertilizers, crop insurance and […] more!

An article today on the Guardian was about how millions of patients have been told that they had high blood pressure a fact that seems to be wrong. Elli Chortara © 2011 Tweet more!

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Honestly, the news is so incredibly depressing right now that it’s actually hard to face dealing with it. But. Here’s a little visual based on what’s happening in Wisconsin, where the battle lines have been drawn to “cut spending and bolster the business climate. ”  (AP) Back to sweatshops everyone! Tweet more! Mummies are always intriguing to me, a view back into our ancestry, a preservation of our mortality and a glimpse at something left behind. Tweet more!

This is an article from Feb. 6. Trying to get my head around all that the action of cutting the words out implies. Article by David Kirkpatrick Photo by Ed Ou for the New York Times Tweet more!

Today I was reading about the bike tricks of Danny MacAskill and how his tricks have become so popular on You Tube Elli Chortara © 2011 Tweet more!

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Most of what I read in The New York Times today discussed “unrest” in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Morocco…. Ironically, a music review in The Arts section talked about a singer, “She’s Young, Restless and a Bit Dreamy,”and a song that included very fitting lyrics to what I read today. “It’s the unrest inside me, […] more!

Mapping (the) real in Section A A4: Hiding a Dubious Deal, U.S. Invokes Security quote: ‘It Wasn’t Real’ “Dennis would always say, ‘My technology is real, and it’s worth a fortune,’” recounted Steve Crisman, a filmmaker who oversaw business operations for Mr.Montgomery and a partner until a few years ago.”In the end, I’m convinced it […] more!

Spending time in the country, I couldn’t help but ponder the connections…. Tweet more!

Another illustration responding to a small article about pollution and piles of waste. Elli Chortara © 2011 Tweet more!

The NY Times syndicated Nick Anderson’s cartoon about how Americans view Federal spending. Now if we could all just agree to my needs, we could save soooo much… Tweet more!

I read an article in The New York Times today about GrowNYC’s “Stop N Swap,” a free event “intended to promote recycling.” Items include clothes, books, electronics, etc. You can come and leave with as much as you want and the price tag for everything is zero. “Trying to get people to think of their […] more!

From the depressing to the absurd (and I’ll let you decide which is which), these are the headlines from today’s newspaper that relate to our great nation. I was hoping I could find something sublime to add to the mix. The closest I found is about the great state of Connecticut, whose governor has taken […] more!

Mapping Grow(th) in Section A A1: Wisconsin Leads Way As Workers Fight State Cuts: Labor Protests Grow A13: A Hope-Filled Homecoming for Bighorn Sheep in Colorado quote: “But that is also assuming that the historical cycle of rebirth and growth repeat in the same way.” A14: Wisconsin Leads Way As Workers Fight State Cuts: Labor […] more!

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“Visual Imagery” “…simply a matter of learning to ‘think in more memorable ways.’” Tweet more!

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