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\ Andrea Schwartz-Feit, 2/28/2011, Trickle Up Economics I’m voting for Trickle Up Economics. Enough about public employees and their benefits, enough about overpaid teachers. Enough about cutting collective bargaining rights. Enough punishing the victims already. Supply side economics, trickle down economics work really well for the CEOs, consultants, insurance companies, big banks and their bankers. […] more!

Once again the struggle between sea lions and fish is in full swing. According to the Oregonian, Steller Sea Lions, a larger and more predatory species than the California Sea Lions of a previous commentary, have joined in the ongoing Sturgeon Buffet at the bottom of the Bonneville Dam. According to the newspaper report they […] more!

Sharon Cissna, a representative in the House of Representatives from Alaska chose with her feet. Rather than be subjected to a full body pat down so she could board a plane in Seattle to return home, decided she’d go the long way. Four days later, she arrived in Juneau.Via a rental car, small plane, ferry […] more!

Even though I live in the wilds of rural Oregon, in an area hewn from cliffs between the mighty Columbia River and the awe inspiring Mt. Hood, where winds rip through the gorge at 50 miles an hour on many winter days, today’s one inch snowfall closed the schools and kept my newspaper from reaching […] more!

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Honestly, the news is so incredibly depressing right now that it’s actually hard to face dealing with it. But. Here’s a little visual based on what’s happening in Wisconsin, where the battle lines have been drawn to “cut spending and bolster the business climate. ”  (AP) Back to sweatshops everyone! Tweet more!

From the depressing to the absurd (and I’ll let you decide which is which), these are the headlines from today’s newspaper that relate to our great nation. I was hoping I could find something sublime to add to the mix. The closest I found is about the great state of Connecticut, whose governor has taken […] more!

Mideast in Turmoil, Unrest Spreads: Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Iraq…If you are as old as I am you might remember the geo-political landscape of the late 1950’s and 60’s and the “Domino Theory”. Who would have thought that all these many years later, we might actually be seeing the dominoes falling. But rather […] more!

The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that a life was worth $9.1 million last year. The Food and Drug Administration had me down for $7.8 million. The Transportation Department valued a life at a  measly $6 million. Actually all these numbers are up, and some quite a lot since the Bush Administration. And they determine […] more!

After considering whether to do my daily piece about protests in the Middle East, the U.S. budget squabbles, blind children, Zen eating, or NHL prospects, I (luckily) came across this little article about Molly, the cow. Who five years ago jumped a slaughterhouse gate to freedom (or semi-freedom). She found herself in an overcrowded animal […] more!

Obama Budget Selectively Cuts 2012 Spending; What the Budget Says About Us; Obama, GOP Duck Hardest Cuts; A Catchy Slogan for the House GOP: Eat the Future…These were some of the headlines in today’s Oregonian for articles and Op-Eds about the budget debate. Lots of debate. And a real battle lies ahead. Lots of grim […] more!

I am commenting on yesterday’s Commentary page in the editorial section of the Sunday Oregonian. I mention this because only in Oregon would 2/3 of a page be given to the salmon controversy with the remaining 1/3 split between other large issues. In this case, the federal budget deficit and the AOL/Huffington Post merge. Although […] more!

Egypt is celebrating. As well it should. But as I read about what the country is up against now, and seeing that the ousted leader is being exiled to a resort, I can’t help but think Mubarak might be smiling a kind of sly smile himself. I’m sure that being ousted, going into exile, having […] more!

I scanned the newspaper first thing this morning, looking for the headlines, and especially news about Egypt. Saw the headline “Mubarak Stays…” so I didn’t rush to turn on the radio or read further. Instead l checked my email and then my facebook page. The top post on my wall was “Go Egypt” with a […] more!

I applaud the city of Los Angeles for putting forth this effort to protect members of the pornographic film industry’s performers from sexually transmitted diseases, which, according to this article, are rampant in the industry. Tweet more!

New catch limits on sport and commercial sturgeon have been set for the Columbia River.  Limits for the Columbia and Willamette have  been set for spring chinook salmon as well. And new ideas from the reading public: make sea lions “fair game.”  This is how I picture it…. Tweet more!

Paul Krugman usually gets it right.  “A First Taste of the Disruption of a Warming World” is a chilling  reminder of where we find ourselves and what we may be up against in the near future. I couldn’t help juxtaposing his article with the weather report, a story about Chinese New Year celebrations and this […] more!

Some days there really isn’t even enough time to sit down and read the paper, much less make art from the news. As this is one such day for me, the newspaper reverts to its default function… Tweet more!

I am responding to an article in today’s Oregonian, titled as above. I might have passed it by were it not that Laurie Frick, in her post of 1/27/201,” How much bad art…” referenced the very same article. (Either New York is way ahead of the curve or Oregon is way behind. )For that reason […] more!

I’m taking a few liberties with my post today. The photo of the Mubarak supporter on a camel first appeared in Thursday’s newspaper. It’s taken me two days to digest the oddity enough to be able to make a clear enough statement to have anything worth posting. As I read today’s paper, “Obama urges Mubarak […] more!

In today’s Oregonian, on the front page, a story about the decline of the sturgeon caught my eye. Sturgeon have been around a long time, live for decades, breed after five years and then only once every three years. Their numbers are declining for many reasons-smaller numbers of the fish they normally eat and, of […] more!

In the story noted above,  two women on a popular hiking trail just minutes from my home made one wrong turn and lost their way. Darkness fell. Their flashlight battery failed. They used the light on a cell phone to guide them until it fell into a creek. Eventually, they ended up hunkering down with […] more!

“Mining” the newspaper today, I was struck by an article regarding new scanners being tried out in a few U.S. airports. Theoretically less invasive and potentially less objectionable to the traveling public than the incarnation of scanners in current use, the Transportation Security Administration is hopeful that a solution has been found which satisfies both […] more!

I find it difficult to understand the reason(s) 26 governors are working so hard to scrap the new health care law. And I find it impossible to believe that the majority of Americans without health insurance don’t want it, especially if  (as I understand they would be) insurance plans were subsidized for those who are […] more!

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