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  Mapping time (long awaiting, passing, recorded, in limbo) and symbols in Section A News by the following words on these pages: A1: An Emblem of Evil in the U.S.; an Icon to the Cause of Terror; on Sunday; Sept. 11, 2001; six days; nearly a decade; bought the time; a symbol of commerce; a symbol of terrorism; […] more!

Mapping Success and Happiness in Section A news: A1 Behind a Rise in Auto Sales, Easier Credit quote: Detroit is crowing that the auto industry is back, but so far, at least, it is a success story built as much on reveal in lending as on the development of desirable cars. A2: A Gymnast Rises […] more!

Mapping red in Section A, images and text in text: A1: The Vacuum After Qaddafi quote: “…he shouted into a handheld microphone at dusk Friday, “so that Libya turns red with fire!” All things Oscar quote: Live blogging and Twitter posts from the red carpet… A3: The Last Red Carpet A16: As School Sports Fall […] more!

Mapping numbers in Section A news (front page) 26, 2011 2.00 Qaddafi Forces Violently Quell Capital Protest: 2,000 Rebels are said to March on Tripoli armed volunteer force of about 2,000 men leader, who ruled for more than 40 years A8 In Iraq 20 protestors  were killed in clashes with security forces A9 U.S. Announces […] more!

Mapping (un)happy in section A news A4: Recruits For Police In Sudan Are Abused A4: Chilean Miners, in Israel, Count Blessings Amid Media Glare quote:”I am happy,” said Jimmy Sanchez, 19, the youngest of the miners, at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, venerated as the site of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. A17: […] more!

Mapping Reach in Section A news. A1: In Turnabout, US Says Marriage Act Blocks Gay Rights: A Decision by Obama That Could Reach Far Beyond the Law at Issue quote:“It will reach into issues of employment discrimination, family recognition and full equality rights for lesbians and gay people.” A2: Public Editor: Readers dissatisfied with a […] more!

Mapping (the) real in Section A A4: Hiding a Dubious Deal, U.S. Invokes Security quote: ‘It Wasn’t Real’ “Dennis would always say, ‘My technology is real, and it’s worth a fortune,’” recounted Steve Crisman, a filmmaker who oversaw business operations for Mr.Montgomery and a partner until a few years ago.”In the end, I’m convinced it […] more!

Mapping Grow(th) in Section A A1: Wisconsin Leads Way As Workers Fight State Cuts: Labor Protests Grow A13: A Hope-Filled Homecoming for Bighorn Sheep in Colorado quote: “But that is also assuming that the historical cycle of rebirth and growth repeat in the same way.” A14: Wisconsin Leads Way As Workers Fight State Cuts: Labor […] more!

I met February 365dop artists Daniele Genadry and Lauren DiCioccio today in Chelsea Market for a lovely breakfast. As we caffeinated, we discussed the art world bubble, gender politics, and establishing balance. In two hours we covered a lot of ground. The path of our conversation reminded me of how 365dop has organically evolved, and […] more!

Mapping Mountains in Section A A6: Groups of Ecuadorean Villagers, Small but Healthy, May Hold Secret to Longevity “He discovered them when traveling on horseback to a roadless mountain village” A16:(image) Hawaii A18: As the Mainland Shivers, Hawaii Basks in Tourism’s Glow “Hawaii, meanwhile, had highs in the 80s last weekend with sunny skies in the […] more!

Mapping smile (faint, large, without) in Section A news: A1: Madoff Says From Prison That Banks ‘Had to Know’ “I’m reading more now about how suspicious they were than I ever realized at the time, “ he said with a faint smile A16: Highest Civilian Honor Goes to the Elder Bush “The patriarch of the […] more!

Mapping blue (in text) In Section A news: A1: Egypt Army Sets 6-Month Blueprint, but Future Role is Unclear A8: A Bridge Spans the Gap Between Crime and Calm quote: “On one recent morning, Damaris Giron, 18, shy, in a blue pleated skirt and wearing heavy makeup, was one of many carrying book bags on […] more!

Mapping Movement (in section A) found on A1,A4, A8, A9, A10, A12, A17 in these articles: A Tunisian-Egyptian Link That Shook Arab History: Two- Year Collaboration of Dissidents Was a Key to the Democracy Movement. (image caption): Tunisian Influx-Italy is grappling with an illegal influx of Tunisians taking advantage of the country’s unrest to flee […] more!

Circle of Dissent Tweet more!

Mapping Change (on the front page of Section A news) In:  (identifying arrows counterclockwise, starting from top left) As Egypt Protest Swells, U.S. Sends Specific Demands (and quote: “…Vice President Omar Suleiman, who is leading anAmerican-endorsed “orderly transition” towards elections…” Insider Inquiry Pivots Its Focus To Hedge Funds Schools Facing Cuts if Lunches Aren’t Paid […] more!

Mapping (relative) Happiness (or relief) in Section A news: A7: Sudan Leaders to Accept the Secession of South, in image with caption: in the southern Sudanese capital of Juba on Monday, people celebrated the decision of voters to form a new country. quote: In Juba the day was met with jubilation. “This is what people […] more!

Mapping the green and gold found in Section A, February 7th, 2011: Found in images on: A1 (x3) captions read: Packers Win Super Bowl For Fourth Time;  Vice President Omar Suleiman of Egypt at the meeting.;  Google Offers Art Up Close A6 (x2) captions read: The playwright Eve Ensler, center, danced with Congolese women who […] more!

From Section A, Front Page West Backs Gradual Egyptian Transition Cool Response to Plan From the Opposition Tweet more!

The Images (chosen for today’s section A news) on pages A1-A18 depicted in their original location and color coded so that: yellow: political pink: human interest light blue: world/land light green: economic orange: advertisement dark blue: military dark green : sports/crime (double lines indicate that it was an international story) Tweet more!

The Presence of (admitted) Uncertainty Instances of acknowledged uncertainty in Section A news.  (found at least once on the following 13 pages) A1: in Despite Doubts, JPMorgan Kept Ties to Madoff and Egypt Officials Widen Crackdown;U.S. in Talks for Mubarak to Quit and Worried Parents Push for Action On a Carcinogen in City Schools and […] more!

In Relation to Time (‘Now’ started yesterday) Front page, Section A: The different time of texts and images, as depicted by colors (above). (yellow): Present: as defined in the article “Sudden Split Recasts Foreign Policy”. ” ’Now’ started yesterday. [said Robert Gibbs, the press secretary in relation to the White House’s position]” Associated text: after […] more!

Mapping Happiness*: in images and text. *I looked for people who appear happy in images, or a word, derived from happiness, in text. SECTION A: A1: Image: Fred Wilpon (principle owner of the Mets) and Bernard Madoff, at Shea Stadium in 1995. From article ‘Madoff Had Wide Role in Mets’ Finances’ A5: Image: Macy’s advert, […] more!

I spent part of the day reading the paper, and then looking at the layout of the first section….  Here is a mapping of the color blue, where and when it appears in section A: (in chronological order, and from top to bottom in the case that there is more than one location) A1: (three […] more!

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