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I decided to re-imagine the Berliner Morgenpost as a paper that posts my observations of the city and poses some questions I have about it. Tweet more!

New York Allows Same Sex Marriage, Becoming Largest State to Pass Law Tweet more!

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I will be wearing this Egyptian flag I made tonight in support of the Egyptian people.  It’s just incredible that a non-violent revolutionary movement with no leader succeeded in ousting a 30 year dictator! Tweet more!

This is a photograph of my 31 days of print, all the New York Times’ from the month of January. Tweet more!

Protest’s Old Guard Falls Behind the Young – in this article it said that in Liberation Square there was a “carnival like” atmosphere, and that protestors were taking picture in front of tanks, one painted with the slogan “30 years of humiliation and poverty”.  The young people mobilized the crowds, and the older guard is […] more!

Gifford’s Husband Faces Decision on Shuttle Flight Tweet more!

Using Yoga to Help Cab Drivers Relax Body and Mind Tweet more!

There was (minor) filibuster reform!! Tweet more!

In Plants That Earn Their Keep scientists are developing plants that can detect minute amounts of TNT in the air, and drain of chlorophyl when they do.  The plants could potentially be used in airports or even outdoors and can sniff out TNT much better than bomb sniffing dogs. Tweet more!

China is rapidly becoming a clean energy power. Tweet more!

In today’s Lack of Sex Among Wine Grapes Tangles A Family Vine, what grapes need is more sex, or DNA testing to make hardier varieties. Tweet more!

There was a competition at a Colorado ski resort to see who could design a bridge that animals would use so that they did not have to cross traffic and risk being killed.  The winner was a landscape architecture firm that designed a bridge disguised by shrubbery and that would help to protect many animals […] more!

In the article The Thorny Path to a National Black Museum – there is a mention that the silk shawl that Queen Victoria sent to Harriet Tubman is one of the artifact that will be on display. Tweet more!

In Time of Salty Slush, It’s Risky to be Near a Manhole Salt put down to melt snow and ice this time of year corrodes cables and makes them more susceptible to fire.  This can lead to a release of gasses that can cause manhole covers to pop off. Tweet more!

Scots Tell London, Hands off Our Clocks All of these slogans for and against keeping daylight savings time year round are quotes from the article.  (You should really read the article – it has some gems in it!) Tweet more!

Secret Spaces, Far From Strife is a beautifully written essay by Andre Dubus III.  It tells of his childhood building treehouses, forts and igloos with his brother. Tweet more!

What is the U.S. city with the most gay parents? Jacksonville, Florida! Parenting by Gays More  Common in the South, Census Shows Tweet more!

Buried deep in the article Makeshift Memorials Pop up in Tucson it says that Christina Green’s eyes were donated and saved the eyesight of two children. Tweet more!

Martin Luther King and New York City Tweet more!

I can’t seem to help reading all the information the NY Times wants to give me about the shootings in Tucson. Today’s Looking Behind the Mug-Shot Grin is a very long article chronicling the life of Jared Loughner from what can be pieced together from evidence and interviews.  I read, like many, with the hope […] more!

In Bob Herbert’s Op Ed piece, Helpless in the Face of Madness, he recounts the Virginia Tech shooting of 2007 from the point of view of Colin Goddard who was shot 4 times and survived.   A documentary film entitled Living for 32, which refers to the 32 people killed at Virginia Tech that day, […] more!

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In Tucson, Obama Urges a New Era of Civility in U.S. Politics Tweet more!

Governor Strives to Restore Arizona’s Reputation It took the state of Arizona’s reputation a decade to recover from its repeal of Martin Luther King Day in the 1980’s.   Now with harsh, some would say racist, immigration law, budget cuts that deny life-saving care, and some of the loosest gun laws in the country contributing […] more!

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Our thoughts go out to the families of the six people killed yesterday in Tucson, to Representative Giffords and to the others who were wounded. Tweet more!

The NYC record for number of days cars were snowed in their parking spots?  62 days in the winter of 1978.  “The Winter Cars Stayed Put. For 62 Days” by Andy Newman on page A15 (couldn’t find the link online!) Tweet more!

Tax on Witches? Pox on the President Romania has had enough of witches who don’t pay taxes.  Witches are retaliating with spells and throwing mandrake root into the Danube.  Does that mean that people are registered as witches in Romania? Tweet more!

Really, John?  You requested an outsize gavel?  Here is the article with the accompanying photos, Taking Control, G.O.P. Overhauls Rules in House by Carl Hulse. Tweet more!

For Boehner, Power Comes With Caveats (by Carl Hulse).  True, and that caveat is dealing with the Tea Party.  Sip cautiously, majority speaker… Tweet more!

I love low tech solutions to problems.  That’s why I used my fountain pen to ink this drawing.  In Detecting Turberculosis: No Microscopes, Just Rats by Nicholas Bakalar we find that in Tanzania using Gambian pouched rats to test samples for tuberculosis has been accepted as a way of diagnosing patients.  The rats are, in fact, […] more!

This is a really interesting article on cell phones in prisons Outlawed, Cellphones are Thriving in Prisons by Kim Severson and Robbie Brown.  It gives a good case for both sides, even though cell phones are actually banned in prisons.  Prisoners can keep up illegal activities using smart phones while in prison, but they can also stay […] more!

Walter Mondale (Jimmy Carter’s VP and a US Senator for 12 years) wrote “Resolved: Fix the Filibuster” for today’s Op Ed section of the NY Times. Tweet more!

The article I used was “The Vanishing Mind: Therapy Based on Confort”  by Pam Belluck from today’s NY Times.  A nursing home in Arizona gives patients what they want – chocolate, bacon or even a nightcap, and has found that the patients need less medication and seem happier and more calm. Tweet more!

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