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I’m sorry to say i wasn’t aware of this great photographer, Mr. Milton Rogovin. For over 50 years he took photos of the poor and less fortunate and championed them through his photos. I’m a big fan of this idea and he seemed to be pretty good at it. This is a guy from one of his photos and i added a random stock market graph that was on the opposite page. more!

What is the U.S. city with the most gay parents? Jacksonville, Florida! Parenting by Gays More  Common in the South, Census Shows Tweet more!

“Citizens and martyrs, the government is still the same.  We will protest until the government collapses!” Tweet more!

“In Afghanistan, Insurgents Let Bombs Do the Fighting” – NY Times, January 18, 2011 Tweet more!

Day 18 Bloody Theatre. The Latest Test of Stability in Haiti. Week 3: Stick with the program. Repeat rules from Week 1+2. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

Roles for women: Too Sweet Study finds many female film characters still just eye candy “Disney’s Tinker Bell cartoon character wasn’t part of the study, but observers have long wondered if the pixie’s tight-fitting skirts were too short on her hourglass figure.” Tweet more!

This is a photo of a man protesting the newly formed government in Tunisia. There is a revolution going on over there, pretty important for those people. I decided to tatoo and surround him with not so important things in the newspaper except for the balloons, they were part of a ceremony in Tuscon. more!

Buried deep in the article Makeshift Memorials Pop up in Tucson it says that Christina Green’s eyes were donated and saved the eyesight of two children. Tweet more!

Curious about the note of pride expressed by those who rise before 5am to collect, read and digest the news for political power-brokers. And I thought, who reads the news for you?  I get my first taste on my phone and email from Mike Allen’s playbook.  Although today, the first story I read was about […] more!

I think mathematics is an elegant language that explains so much about all of us and nature – from our internal organs to the arrangement of flower petals. But it isn’t really taught that way and so I found this article about mathemusician Vi Hart, Bending and Stretching Classroom Lessons to Make Math Inspire really […] more!

I opened up my paper today and stumbled upon a section that I had never seen before- Metropolitan Diary.  There was a little story there about a guy who would take care of his neighbor’s pet goldfish, Sushi.  She was a young girl at the time so when he said he had taken the fish […] more!

I cant stand it when companies or corporations prey on the disadvantaged. Like this guy and his wife who borrowed $5,000 for injuries and now owe over $18,000 to what their lawyer called “legal loan sharks..who take advantage of the meek,weak and the ignorant”. Corporate corruption is one of the main causes for the misery of the people. more!

Martin Luther King and New York City Tweet more!

Day 17 – 1.17.11 Golden Globe Control. At Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, teams monitor what they have nicknamed “Death TV” Week 3: Stick with the program. Repeat rules from Week 1+2. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

I’m packing to move apartments this week, and sometimes a newspaper is just a newspaper.  You save them for a few days and wrap up your dishes.  There is something easy and comforting in the simplicity of it all. Tweet more!

Today there was a caption “Warm Weather Brings Flowers, Ruffles and More” above a group of actresses in their gowns at the Golden Globe awards last night. I was inspired to do a little dress from all the images in yesterday’s and today’s paper of the gowns worn at the awards. I actually love seeing the […] more!

Inspired by a quote I read the other day (Pasquale Di Donato is “certain that beauty can save the world”) and the article on Will Ryman’s site-specific art installation, “The Roses,” that will cover 10 blocks of Park Avenue with an unseasonable crop of giant pink and red rose blossoms…to redo the cover of today’s […] more!

This wasn’t really the headline but it kind of looked like that. This was a picture of a man taking his daughter to the gun show in Tuscon one week after the deadly shootings. more!

I can’t seem to help reading all the information the NY Times wants to give me about the shootings in Tucson. Today’s Looking Behind the Mug-Shot Grin is a very long article chronicling the life of Jared Loughner from what can be pieced together from evidence and interviews.  I read, like many, with the hope […] more!

Day 16 – 1.16.11 Crime Scene. One Week Later. Week 3: Stick with the program. Repeat rules from Week 1+2. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

This woman, Mamata Banerjee, has been trying to rid of the communist-led left front government in India for many years now. She has been attacked over and over again with scars to prove it,but she hasn’t given up the good fight and i commend her with these strokes of calligraphy. more!

In Bob Herbert’s Op Ed piece, Helpless in the Face of Madness, he recounts the Virginia Tech shooting of 2007 from the point of view of Colin Goddard who was shot 4 times and survived.   A documentary film entitled Living for 32, which refers to the 32 people killed at Virginia Tech that day, […] more!

Day 15 – 1.15.11 Save the Day. Demonstrators climbed the walls of the Interior Ministry in Tunisia. Week 3: Stick with the program. Repeat rules from Week 1+2. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

Possible Answers: Passive, Coddled, Vacation, Entitled, Escapism, Spare, Privilege, Worldview, Yuppie, Leisure, Sales, Disappointment Tweet more!

…the creator of the philosophy for children movement: Matthew Lipman I think had a very bright idea. “I know that lots of other things are also very important and wonderful, like electricity and magnetism and gravitation,” Harry said. “But although we understand them, they can’t understand us. So thinking must be something very special.” (from […] more!

“A bullet hits the skull like a meteor. Both start to break up, and shards of bone and metal can be driven into the brain. The old thinking was to chase after them and pull them out to reduce the chances of infection,” Dr Lemole said. “But we learned from the military that it can be […] more!

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1.14.11 Lorie Novak

January 14, 2011 by

Picturing Tragedy NY Times,  January 9 – January 14, 2011, the 6 days after the shooting in Tucson Tweet more!

I noticed in today’s paper that there were a lot of pictures that were in color. And they were beautiful in their richness. One photograph that stood out was of a drawing in the Frick collection…I made it my centerpiece of the collage the paper inspired today. Tweet more!

Based on written descriptions of Americana objects new to the antiques market appearing at major auction houses. “Antiques That Tell Tales” – NY Times 1/14/11 The mean household income in the US is $49,777 annually. (US Census Bureau) Tweet more!

This is what the newspaper is made up of. I always wondered what that does to us when we see or read tragic headlines then flip to a pretty smiling lady. Maybe nothing, but that is pretty much what we see all day long on tv and real life. It’s probably evolved us in some way or another or maybe it’s just desensitized us. You figure it out. more!

Day 14 – 1.14.11 Purple Rain. Christine Taylor Greene’s parents, Roxanna and John, and her brother, Dallas. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

Chinese authorities tore down the studio of artist and political activist Ai Weiwei in Shanghai this week.  Government officials had originally given him until Chinese New Year (February 3, 2011) to evacuate the building but actually began demolition this past Tuesday with no warning.  Mr. Ai is an avid democratic activist and believes that his […] more!

“N.J. Historical Society puts rare item on the auction block to pay down its debt. Some critics say the sale of the map … is a violation of the code by which museums live. The code says pieces of a museum may be sold to purchase additional items, not to pay for ordinary expenses.” Tweet more!

This is a picture of a young girl singing in Haiti on the anniversary of the devastating earthquake. It’s going to be so hard to recover but i commend everyone trying to help. I saw a doc on how inmates from prison had escaped and they kind of run things now, it’s sad but hopefully that photo is a sign of something good to come. more!

In Tucson, Obama Urges a New Era of Civility in U.S. Politics Tweet more!

Live spherically stay open opportunities will come in from any point, at any time and dreams will come true… Congratulations Tamara Magel! Tweet more!

Day 13 – 1.13.11 Drip. President Obama and the astronaut Mark Kelly. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

Here’s a chance to see what random artifacts look like 60 years later.  Now online you can click to see the Kennedy Library archive and get nice high-res images of  the bar tab from Robert F. Kennedy’s bachelor party and to decipher John F. Kennedy’s Oval Office doodles. NYTimes. Death and randomness is in the air. Lots […] more!

Untitled (Smithsonian Museum of American History) Responding to numerous stories referencing anti-immigration sentiments. Tweet more!

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. “N.Y. archdiocese will shut down 27 city, state Catholic schools.” Tweet more!

China’s not known to flex it’s muscles too often, although it could all it wanted because we all know they’re comin’ up like champs. The other day they test flew a bad ass new fighter jet at the same time that U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates was visiting. They said it wasn’t intentional but who knows? more!

Is the shooting in Tucson more polarizing, or will it begin to sink in and cause us to “usher in a new era of civility”?  It’s so heart-wrenching to think about the families, and simultaneously check the blogs and read even the reasonable political reporting on, and see the extreme positioning.  Makes my stomach hurt. […] more!

Governor Strives to Restore Arizona’s Reputation It took the state of Arizona’s reputation a decade to recover from its repeal of Martin Luther King Day in the 1980’s.   Now with harsh, some would say racist, immigration law, budget cuts that deny life-saving care, and some of the loosest gun laws in the country contributing […] more!

The Power of Cheese. A swarm of reporters gathered. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

There is snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 states in the US. I was sitting by my bedroom window reading the paper and enjoying the beautiful view. Everything looks so bright and serene covered in fresh snow. My mind moved to thinking about the distinct patterns of individual snowflakes and having also […] more!

Dr. Chevalier Jackson was a larynologist from the 19th and early 20th century.  Part of his job was the removal of foreign objects lodged in the throats of his patients.  By the end of his career he had amassed a collection of over 2000 objects that people had swallowed or inhaled.  In his honor I […] more!

“Because of budget cuts, the [120 year old Newark, New Jersey] mounted patrol was suspended in the fall, and was scheduled  to be disbanded at the end of January.” Tweet more!

“Most people at the ranges said that, if anything, the shooting would cause more people to carry guns as a means of self-defense, rather than cause a retrenchment in the form of stricter laws.” In Tuscon, Guns Have a Broad Constituency – NY Times, Jan. 11, 2011 Tweet more!

This was the headline beside the Tuscon shooter, So there were many signs that he was not mentally ‘well’, but how can you really tell that they are going to do something that horrific? You can’t, and that is what’s scary. more!

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You know you get a little squirt of dopamine everytime you check your phone for email, and you get a big burst of serotonin just before you eat.  Neurotransmitters….the chemicals which reinforce behaviors that help you thrive.  Odd article in the Science section, yes….my favorite part of the paper….that Oxytocin the thing that caused mothers […] more!

When you quantify a thing you define something about it but also create a limit on the whole and its possibilities.  Today it seemed I cam across a lot of articles that focused on quantifying an idea, what is bigger, what are the top most things through numbers and analysis. Specifically an article on art funds: […] more!

1.11.11 Lorie Novak

January 11, 2011 by

Above the Fold Re-imagi(ni)ng The Front Page Photo of the NY Times, 1.11.11 I couldn’t believe my eyes today when I looked at the NY Times. A larger than usual photo is above the fold. And it is a video grab. It is shooter Jared Loughner looking deranged.  What do we learn from this photo? […] more!

1.10.11 Lorie Novak

January 11, 2011 by

Out My Window Looking through the news. Inspired by the previous responses to this photograph from the front page of the Times on January 10. Tweet more!

Day 11 – 1.11.11 Imbalance. Jared L. Loughner appeared in court. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

“Whether it’s the Beatles or Beethoven, people like music for the same reason they like eating or having sex: It makes the brain release a chemical that gives pleasure, a new study says.” Tweet more!

24 Hour News Cycle From ‘The National Rose Garden Series’ Tweet more!

The news machine marches on. Diagrams of Giffords’ brain, and grisley explanations of how a mind might heal….coupled with the news of  Tom Delay sentenced to 3 years. “Evidence at trial showed Mr. DeLay and two of his top political aides saw a Repunblican takeover of the statehouse as the key to boosting the Republican’s […] more!

I love technology because of the possibilities that it can open up for us. Connectivity, creativity, flexibility and new opportunities. The Consumer Electronic Show just wrapped up this past Sunday in Las Vegas and one thing I did not anticipate was wireless cooking – induction cooktops. I cook a lot already – our kitchen is my […] more!

Day 10 – 1.10.11 Heartbreak. At Mesa Verde Elementary, honoring Christine Green 9, who died in the attack. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

Before I went to teach my cooking workshop, I read the article The Adobe Experiment in the NYTimes Sunday Magazine about a national Philippine dish that has a variety of preparations depending on the person and region. I teach my classes to inspire people to make each dish their own – add their personal taste […] more!

It didn’t feel right to not post something in response to today’s front page.  Aside from all the speculations about the suspect in question and his motivations I just couldn’t stop thinking about how this massacre all took place at a Safeway supermarket.  This guy looks just like any other guy, and the Safeway could’ve […] more!

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Our thoughts go out to the families of the six people killed yesterday in Tucson, to Representative Giffords and to the others who were wounded. Tweet more!

Man there was so much in the paper today, there’s no way i could have read it all for you. Again, being fascinated with the imagery throughout a daily paper, i chose this because amongst the midst of all the chaos in the world thru these pages, there is a lady sleeping like ‘no-worries’ (a full page mattress ad). She seems so peaceful, make-up looks great, so i just wrote some of the headlines on her pillow, g’nite, zzzzzzzzz. more!

Day 9 – 1.9.11 We the People. Rampage. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

“We once got into a conversation about the meaning of life,” said Tom Zoellner, a friend of Ms. Giffords’s and volunteer on two of her campaigns. “And she had sort of made an existential decision that life was about helping other people, that life was about public service, and she was going to arrange her […] more!

1.8.11 Lorie Novak

January 9, 2011 by

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Day 8 – 1.8.11 Orchestrating Madness. Not Much To Do. Week 2 Rules: Repeat rules from Week 1. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

There is a doctor in war-torn Somalia who is really helping out families and refugees of war. Being a victim herself she told gunmen that they would have to go ahead and shoot her there because she wasnt leaving her people or hospital, very couragous. Its pretty easy to hope but to help is something greater. more!

The NYC record for number of days cars were snowed in their parking spots?  62 days in the winter of 1978.  “The Winter Cars Stayed Put. For 62 Days” by Andy Newman on page A15 (couldn’t find the link online!) Tweet more!

In Cairo, Chrisitans collide with police. Here, an admiral looks he doesnt like the sound of reducing the army and marines by 47,000 by 2015 to reduce federal spending. ‘We better have some awesome warbots if we do that’, is probably what he was thinking. And the peaceful bird above is from an ad on the back page talking about careers for you. more!

How is it the Census data knows that 1.1 million knives, 11, 908 boxcutters and 1,416 knives were confisgated by airport screeners in 2007?  Meanwhile there are more pigs than people in 5 states and 400 fewer bookstores than 10 years ago. Am comforted by the orderly-ness of it all.  More in NYTimes today US […] more!

I could not personally connect to any particular news story in the NYTimes yesterday and in today’s paper I was drawn to two articles: 1. Thinking Less About Money from the Bucks blog about not spending too much time regretting the past or worrying about the future and more on the present including a media […] more!

Day 7 – 1.7.11 Jewel Heist. Couch Caucus: Jason Chaffetz of Utah is one of the dozen or so House freshman who plan to bunk in their offices. Week 1 Rules: Manipulate front page image. Document with iphone. Tweet more!

When I was a kid I would draw a Daliesque mustache on every photo (male or female) in any magazine or newspaper that was brought into the house. Tweet more!

Tax on Witches? Pox on the President Romania has had enough of witches who don’t pay taxes.  Witches are retaliating with spells and throwing mandrake root into the Danube.  Does that mean that people are registered as witches in Romania? Tweet more!

Have you noticed how many works you’ve seen lately with ‘book as object’? They range from Anouk Kruithof’s beautiful wall of falling books to the kitsch bowl of stripped books at PotteryBarn.  I even fall into the mix, often buying old paperback at the Strand and cutting up the covers to use as stand-ins for […] more!

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