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This is an attempt to turn the chaotic image of the tsunami into a thing of calm beauty. The repetition of the circles recalls the peaceful undulation of waves against the shore. Artist: Smith more!

“Radiated Newspaper Mask” shows what society is exposed to through newspaper, and the negative conflicts and issues consisting of today’s society. In a sense, while watching the news, or reading the newspaper, we are all putting on such mask, as we’re being warned and informed of the negativities of the world. Therefore, the mask is made of newspaper clippings describing the issues and negativities of current events occurring around the world. more!

This project was based on an article about women receiving awards. It was created in the shape of a giant woman to show the recognition that women are finally receiving what they deserve. It shows the empowerment of women in today’s society and how it has greatly increased from past instances. Women have often been considered inferior to men and considered simply house keepers and mothers. This is done while in reality women deserve much more and deserve to be recognized for their work. Being a man in today’s society is difficult, but being a women is far much more complicated. more!

“Many people do not believe they are getting the full truth about the nuclear accidents” seemed to be enough of a scare on its own. more!

Artist: Tu
This is a parody on Rene Magritte’s work “This is not a Pipe”
Sorry this came out upside, it’s not part of the work. more!

Clinton for helping democracy spread and revolution grow more!

Artist: Mai more!

We can all admit that hearing about death individually (such as in the obituaries) has a greater impact on us than in numbers. But is it possible to recognize 10,000+ distinctively? more!

Seawalls located in Japan were easily broken down due to the tsunami. The waters passed and destroyed everything in its paths. The people cant do much but for now all we can do is pray. more!

This was created with Photoshop, using a car advertisement that used the three words “better” “smarter” and “faster” and an advertisement for BG kids’ clothing. It is a response to the No Child Left Behind Act discussed in one of the articles. more!

Artist: Berenice more!

This work was created as a response to The Preuss Insider’s debate about the legalization and use of marijuana. The piece neither takes a side in advocating nor discouraging marijuana in today’s society, but shows the lesser known fact that hemp was a major reason for early American wars and that the founding fathers of America (including Benjamin Franklin) grew and smuggled it. Artist: Brandy more!

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How spell check turns into “SPEL CHEK” affecting teens’ ability to write well, shown by contrasting a grammatically correct newspaper piece with students’ creative spelling that needs correction. more!

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