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Be warned, I am experimenting with sound and I am a complete novice. I call this battle of the headlines. I’m interested in how headlines can silence us. They often lack any kind of emotion of actual information. I found when trying to read them simultaneously with the computer that it was a real struggle. […] more!

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You may ask, what do artists have to say about journalism? We have become masters of filtering media. What we lack is context and history to negotiate the significance of the news. This blog is about deconstructing and re-imagining the news. Over the last eight months 365dop artists have analyzed and weighed the value of […] more!

I met February 365dop artists Daniele Genadry and Lauren DiCioccio today in Chelsea Market for a lovely breakfast. As we caffeinated, we discussed the art world bubble, gender politics, and establishing balance. In two hours we covered a lot of ground. The path of our conversation reminded me of how 365dop has organically evolved, and […] more!

The Players

February 12, 2010 by

Read Roberta Smith’s article: It’s a rundown of current shows for artists characterized as bad boys. I appreciate her approach to describing the rink — it’s both savvy and has comic flare. My visual response: Tweet more!

There is always a story behind why art is sold. The unique collection of 1,200 polaroids will be auctioned off on June 21st and 22nd at Sotheby’s in New York. It’s a shame the collection will be not be kept intact. I imagine Sotheby’s will invest in making the catalog publication worthy. This image […] more!


February 10, 2010 by

Humans make mistakes and so do machines: Tweet more!

This is just incredible. Turns out carp is not only the passover “delicacy” known as gefilte fish (or in my mouth a punishment), but a very dangerous fish. I am having a deja vu moment — about the situation with the Asian Carp and the Great Lakes (already I am losing track of my past […] more!

Really. And yes, there are quotations around these four words — in fact nearly the entire article is in quotes. It is amusing, yet very sad. The game of pointing fingers continues. Tweet more!

Spinning. Can you identify the page? Tweet more!

Making the surreal, more surreal. Tweet more!

Sometimes I wish I could have a conversation with the news. Call me crazy, but I bet you also sometimes gasp aloud when you skim the front page. Really? How? On any given day if you could ask the newspaper 20 questions, tell me what would they be. Tweet more!


February 4, 2010 by

This morning, I was pleased for the first time in ages to see a smile on my times. I am not being coy here (proof below).  I imagine this photograph did not last long online, an unfortunate thing for those of you who do not subscribe to the paper. Part of me wonders if Jose […] more!

If you have not read the headlines for the Business section (which I know many pass over), you may find it is easier to inject in the alphabetical form — much like your Chef Boyardee pasta (they coined the alphabet pasta right?). The headlines are dull for the most part. I did learn something however […] more!

My intention was to composite every image from section A. I photographed all 66 of them, however I realized after 10 — that it was the max, given my process. Here are the results: I would like to more carefully sew together an entire section, or paper. My method of approach will need to be […] more!

Mondays are not my most creative, nor thoughtful. Perhaps you can decipher the puzzle here. Tweet more!

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Kind of guy. Tweet more!

Another experiment with light and color — it is incredible how slight variations evoke something different. I love the headline. Michael asked me tonight whether I should prepare for a lawsuit since I am becoming a daily appropriator. As I mulled over the image of being behind bars (remember I am known for my imagination), […] more!

It can not be reiterated enough — Haiti needs our continued support now more than ever. I spent a good deal of time with the photograph on the front page of the times today trying to identify which arms belong to which individual. The entangled bodies, the desperation is physically palpable. Tweet more!

Since I am disappointed with my previous post for 1/26, I created a new one with the remains of the paper. I will leave the previous as evidence of and a conversation piece — despite my feelings. With hue on my mind and seeing the limited color reproductions in the paper — this is what […] more!

1,2,3 Hide

January 26, 2010 by

I wish I could do exactly that tonight — rather than blog this most embarrassing piece. I spent two hours and failed. I think I quit just when I was just getting somewhere, but my body says no more working — time to sleep. Some of you know I have a large collection of camo, […] more!

Yes, these are my pearls, the same ones that fall out in my dreams, and that I have checked every 3-5 years (no cavities to speak of as of yet). The article says little that is new. The last line seems to sum it up “you can’t keep winning”. Tweet more!

I am sorry, but this was too hilarious to pass up. There is no way the NYT staff did not intentionally juxtapose this article: with the Bloomingdales advertisement of a very sexy woman in a fur coat. Unbelievable. I added the car for kicks and to accentuate the absurdity. Also I noticed online that […] more!

This is a sample of a potential project that could be both fascinating and redundant. We have all utilized google image for play, perhaps also for work. Appropriating imagery is nothing new, however it has changed drastically with the world wide web. Today, I chose to google image each word from the headlines of the […] more!

oh democracy

January 22, 2010 by

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Alright. My mouth dropped when I read this article: But Ms. Smith is right I am limited by the cold, at times I admit. I was interested in utilizing the racks in the fridge. I was hoping to make something more appealing design wise — it may have helped to have some colorful veggies […] more!

Om Breakfast

January 20, 2010 by

I have always thought that the NY Times should publish a news section for children on weekends. On the subway today, I started thinking along the same lines… why doesn’t the NY Times market household products that include tidbits of news. Cereal would be an obvious, since it is a morning item that is housed […] more!

Moving Still

January 19, 2010 by

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January 11, 2010 by

I had a tough time making something today. Alas, tomorrow is a new day. Tweet more!

Abstract Study

January 10, 2010 by

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Aesthetically this is lacking, but you get the idea. Read the article, or visit the link to see a much sharper picture (the quality of the image in the print edition pales in comparison). Tweet more!


January 5, 2010 by

Top of the new year to you. I missed posting. And a few more because, once you start, you just can’t stop. I encourage each and every one of you to find a good image to do this with (it’s your Sunday brunch assignment (yes I am going to starting giving readers homework)), email me […] more!


December 16, 2009 by

I am off to the wild — taking a short break until the 1st of the year, if I can manage. I promise….I will be back, but for the moment I have another project that I need to focus on 100% Thank you for visiting, Maya Tweet more!

Tonight, a playful collage combining ads and headlines. I have never noticed so many advertisements, which I suppose is why I am integrating them in once again. Since I have made it difficult to read —- if you care to know it states:”World for Sale; 40% off China and U.S.; For Her: select a robot, […] more!

the andes

December 14, 2009 by

If you did not read the article about Bolivia and global warming, it illustrates the severe impact and destruction of climate change in the Andes. The article states that near 100 million lives will be threatened in the coming 20 years if things do not improve. Here is a link: In response, I wanted […] more!

33 pages with the advertisements facing you! I included all sections (but 2) from the massive paper today, because I have not finished reading them. Tweet more!

This is the first ten pages of faces, if I had more time I would include the entire newspaper and sketch the photographs with pencil. Another project to revisit. For now, here is a photograph. Tweet more!


December 11, 2009 by

Out of context, I find the word choice of the business section amusing, perhaps you agree. Tweet more!

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December 9, 2009 by

Since you liked the cubes — I went with another quadrilateral, the rectangle. Sometimes I wish my paper did not have text, just color. Tweet more!


December 8, 2009 by

(marbles) x (ice) x (ny times clippings) I did not realize how long it would take for the ice cubes to fully freeze. My intention is to stack the cubes, which I will attempt tomorrow. Until then….here is a picture to give you an idea. I was surprised that the paper did not disintegrate. I […] more!

the alphabet

December 7, 2009 by

Disclaimer. I know Enouf is mispelled…I did not have enough (aha) G’s, so I got creative with my spelling. The text is a little goofy (I may have taken it too far), but the wit was not really flowing last night. For my word inclined readers, if you have a better idea please post in […] more!


December 6, 2009 by

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A rainy Saturday. Tweet more!

a $2 roll

December 4, 2009 by

On my route home I planned to take a photograph, however I had a misfortunate interaction. I was on the train in a two seater and a dirty man, who looked under the influence approached me and literally put his rear end 10 inches from my face. I thought he was going to fart on […] more!

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