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Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates warns West Point cadets against wars like Iraq and Afghanistan. Tweet more!

Welcome to the Dark Ages. Tweet more!

“We all know the spy-versus-spy games, we all know it works in the shadows,” the official [close to Pakistan’s ISI] said, “but you don’t get caught, and you don’t get caught committing murders.” Tweet more!

The NY Times syndicated Nick Anderson’s cartoon about how Americans view Federal spending. Now if we could all just agree to my needs, we could save soooo much… Tweet more!

Reputation, after all, is everything. Tweet more!

Park Slope yuppies send their nannies to cover their work shifts at the co-op. Tweet more!

Watson wins. Tweet more!

Spalding bests Bieber. Surprise, surprise! Tweet more!

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is in perpetual heat. Tweet more!

Follow the rules and then just pray. Tweet more!

Turkish surgeon is suspected in organ trafficking. Tweet more!

The council in Redditch, Great Britain, has approved a plan to use the heat generated by the crematorium to heat the local pool. Tweet more!

Vancouver clinic invites drug users inside in an attempt to curtail the spread of infectious diseases. Tweet more!

OpenLeaks, the whistle blowers of the whistle blowers… Tweet more!

Energy companies don’t see a link between local earthquakes and drilling tons of wells and filling them with pressurized sludge only to then drill more wells to store the sludge that comes back out. Tweet more!

TSA officers unionize. Everybody do the TSA body scan dance! Tweet more!

I know, let’s make health care really expensive and guns really cheap. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Fun too…  A reaction to the sad reality faced by the Tucson shooting victims who are now beginning to receive their medical bills. Tweet more!

The paper was either swiped or it did not come today. Last minute, I came across this article and being a photographer by day, I could not help but make a quick doodle about it. The article is in The New York Times. Tweet more!

The front page of The New York Times inspired this. A crowd of protesters with their shoes. Since then, some of the shoes have been replaced with stones and some with molotov cocktails according to reports. Tweet more!

Afghan religious leaders voice their concern about improper stones used in stoning of young couple according to The New York Times. Tweet more!

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