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The Cuckoo Clock: featuring an oak leaf motif, a male dear without his adult antlers, and movie star hands. Photo of Michelle Obama by Platt/Getty Photo of Sarah Palin by Ruttle/AP Photo of Greg Kinnear & Sara Jessica Parker by Christopher Peterson/ Tweet more!

Article by Kareem Fahim published on February 4, 2011 in The New York Times Tweet more!

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During the five hours or so it took me to cut the words out of this half page, I was listening to an interview with political theorist Benjamin Barber. A straight shooter, Barber, basically said that with a millitary and vice President appointed by Mubarak in power in Egypt, the meaningful change desired by protesters […] more!

The third in the time piece series helps me keep the rhythm of the night. This is the rythim of my life. Amid all the chaos that seems to be the top headlines of news networks today, rhythm somehow seems to be comforting for me.  A tool to focus my mind while it is with those who […] more!

This is an article from Feb. 6. Trying to get my head around all that the action of cutting the words out implies. Article by David Kirkpatrick Photo by Ed Ou for the New York Times Tweet more!

The second time piece made from the newspaper. Absent from the face are the hands. Indicating no time in particular and plated with Bloomberg. Ingesting bits and scraps of the news and digesting these to make an artifact of time-lessness. Tweet more!

The first in a series of time pieces: the contemporary sports watch. Time is a rare commodity for me lately, a precious one. I always feel as though I’m running out of it. Or it somehow escapes me. I will catch you, Time, and we will enjoy each other’s company. Tweet more!

Continued progress on a second article. Article by David Kirkpatrick Photo by Ed Ou for the New York Times Tweet more!

Photo by Ed Ou for TheNew York Times Tweet more!

Continued work on an article on the on-going political struggle in Egypt. Attempting to match my stamina with that of the protesting Egyptian people. As I cut out these words I am glad to know that there are lots of copies of these words all around the world. I am encouraged as I read and […] more!

Continuing with the cut outs this is the first section of an article from the sunday Times. I plan to continue on the rest of the large article. Article by David Kirkpatrick Tweet more!

The first page of an article in which I am cutting out all the wording. I also feel at a loss when trying to comprehend all that is going on in this part of the world, not to mention the broader implications for what it all means in regards to international relationships. My small protest […] more!

Delivery success! I’ve made timelines for three different articles in today’s NY Times. For my own purposes of looking at linear time. One for the obituary of  Sesame Street scriptwriter Tony Geiss, one on the article titled “In Census, Minorities show Gains in Youths,” and one for the article titled, “Public Drawn to Choice by […] more!

This is sort of metaphorical for me. I’m still without the Times. Lacking the newspaper, time to devote to keeping abreast of current events, and  the actual hours to dedicate today to pondering the themes I want to explore during this residency. Tomorrow, tomorrow! Tweet more!

Day 3 and no sign of NYT delivery. The NY Post and Daily News were mined in its absence.  An article in the Post about the timeliness of MTA rail lines reminded me of a Radio Lab show on time. The show begins with a discussion on the standardization of time in the US and cites the […] more!

I am still awaiting the arrival of my physical NY Times paper, but for the residency my plan is simple. I hope to explore ideas surrounding time through contemplating the physical paper and to probably attempt to protoyype some works to be finished later. I am particularly interested in several statements Maya has made in […] more!

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