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“…there is much room for the imagination, and that’s a fine thing.” An article in The New York Times today talks about a performance filled with “magical explorations,” including movement, light and sound. “Bicycle wheels dotted the landscape like trees, and the setting, somehow a mixture of icy and playful, was like an industrial forest […] more!

Oscar buzz… Tweet more!

I read an article in the Business section of The New York Times today about consumers having “a greater interest in making stuff last.” Even though consumer spending has risen, many people continue to respond to the impact that the recent economic downturn has created.  “…the changes reflect…a reassessment of the need to constantly have […] more!

I was inspired by an article in The New York Times today about a new program started by three recent college graduates that gave four homeless men prepaid cellphones so that they could share their experiences on Twitter. “They created a Web site called Underheard in New York, whose goal is to “help homeless New […] more!

I read an article in The New York Times today about a man who makes “playful micro-shelters out of junk.” These charming “tiny houses” are made of scavenged materials and cost less than $200 to build. The carpenter stated that a lot of these structures were about what could be built for homeless people “where […] more!

“With a clutch of enterprising shops opening in the last few months,” New York is experiencing a “flowering in the doughnut arts.” Some of the “clever new doughnut glazes” include “hibiscus with hibiscus flowers, chocolate chipotle, plain glazed, chocolate with cacao nibs, dulce de leche with toasted almonds and toasted coconut.” And even square doughnuts […] more!

“For Pepsi, a Business Decision with Social Benefit” A new venture by PepsiCo enables small farmers in San Gabriel, Mexico to sell their corn directly to PepsiCo, which guarantees the price it will pay for the crops upfront. “The deal enables the small farmers to secure credit to buy seeds and fertilizers, crop insurance and […] more!

Most of what I read in The New York Times today discussed “unrest” in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Morocco…. Ironically, a music review in The Arts section talked about a singer, “She’s Young, Restless and a Bit Dreamy,”and a song that included very fitting lyrics to what I read today. “It’s the unrest inside me, […] more!

I read an article in The New York Times today about GrowNYC’s “Stop N Swap,” a free event “intended to promote recycling.” Items include clothes, books, electronics, etc. You can come and leave with as much as you want and the price tag for everything is zero. “Trying to get people to think of their […] more!

“Imagine Peace 2011” Yoko Ono spread a message of peace on her 78th birthday today, which appeared as a full-page ad in The New York Times. I connected Yoko’s message with an image of a child in a public school in India that has taken on a new focus to teach  students to “pursue independent […] more!

I read an article in the Thursday Styles section of The New York Times today about a “modern day traveling tailor” in Brooklyn. She specializes in creating “vintage reproductions” for the “young, recession-hit generation.” “Everyone has that pile of clothes that they’re like, ‘Eventually I’ll do something with this.’” My artwork was inspired by this […] more!

“School 2.0” I stumbled on a full-page advertisement in The New York Times today about “a global network of schools” that will be opening in New York City in the fall of 2012. Three words from the ad inspired my artwork…learn, collaborate, reflect. Tweet more!

I have to admit that most of the news that I  read today was a blur. But, two headlines from the front page of The New York Times still caught my attention: “Obama’s Budget Focuses on Path to Rein in Deficit…Parties’ Visions Clash” “Egypt Army Sets 6-Month Blueprint, but Future Role is Unclear” My artwork […] more!

“What better way to celebrate love than to customize it?” …especially with flowers that can last forever. Happy Valentine’s Day. Tweet more!

The article, “GPS on a Path to the Heart,”  in the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times inspired by drawing today. “Logic no, heart yes. I think we have proven our strategy.” Tweet more!

“The sun will rise on a more beautiful Egypt.” My painting describes my impression of the morning after the announcement that “Mubarak is out” of Egypt. Its not a perfect sunrise, and instead, includes uneven edges and rough patches. But, it is still a sunrise. And it’s also a new day in Egypt. Tweet more!

Around 9 a.m. this morning, I skimmed the coverage in The New York Times about Mubarak’s refusal to resign as President of Egypt. At approximately 11 a.m., CNN reported that the Vice President of Egypt made a surprise announcement that Mubarak had resigned and will be leaving Egypt. After 18 days of protest and uncertainty, […] more!

My drawing was inspired by an article about the dynamic new residential tower in Lower Manhattan that is about to be completed by Frank Gehry, “The Spruce Street Project.” “The focus on refined textures, the cultivation of a sense that something has been shaped by a human hand…10,500 individual steel panels, almost all of them […] more!

The article, “The Balancing Act of Ayurvedic Eating,” in The New York Times today talks about healthy eating through a balance between food that is considered “hot” and food that is considered considered “cool.” I read through the rest of the paper and pulled out “action” words that I considered “hot” (negative) versus “cool” (positive). […] more!

I was less inspired by most of the articles that I read today. Ironically, the review about “Spider-Man” on Broadway in today’s Arts section of The New York Times created more of a reaction for me than the idea of the show ever could. According to the review, it looks like the bells and whistles […] more!

My drawing was inspired by the close-up image of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” in The New York Times article about Google’s Art Project. I’m fascinated that we now have the ability to view high resolution works of art from our very own computers, and be able to catch details that we may otherwise not ever […] more!

My artwork is inspired by the images in the Sports section of The New York Times today and, particularly, by the article interviewing the Steelers’ coach, Mike Tomlin. “Asked to describe his emotions in such a pressure-packed spot, Tomlin said: “I’m a robot. I’m just going to ride the wave.” Two Super Bowl appearances in his first […] more!

“He is going.” My artwork responds to an article in The New York Times today that discusses the decision of astronaut, Capt. Mark Kelly, to fly on a two-week shuttle mission to the International Space Station, while his wife, Representative Gabrielle Giffords, continues her “uncertain recovery.” There has been much controversy over whether this decision […] more!

An article in the Weekend Arts section of The New York Times caught my attention today. The first part of the title reads, “As in Life, Timing is Everything….” The images in the article, including clocks and watches, were more appealing to me than the article, itself, and inspired me to draw an image of […] more!

As snow around the country leaves “much of the country shivering, shoveling and awaiting more,” today rings in the Chinese New Year — The Year of the Rabbit. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the three words that best describe the rabbit include calm, gentle and persistent. The camellias, mentioned in The New York Times today, are […] more!

I thought about several things as I read the articles on Egypt in The New York Times today. I was drawn to the image of the large demonstration, as well as the article, “Quiet Acts of Protest on a Noisy Day.”  Strong words  were written in the article — “revolution”, “victory”, “liberation”. But, what resonated […] more!

The article, “Line in Dance? Let’s Go Back to the Drawing Board” in The New York Times today talks about the creation of lines and about the movement involved in that creation, particularly as it relates to dance. The artist , Henri Matisse, was mentioned in the article and it reminded me of a quote […] more!

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