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Educating Teens on the Dangers of ‘Sexting’. “If they get caught, they could be charged with crimes including child pornography.” Tweet more!

Ouch! Tweet more!

Obama’s Speech Expected to Stress Economy, Civility Tweet more!

Obama Changes Course on Jobs President Obama taps GE’s Chief Executive to head the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Tweet more!

Blue Wall paying respects to slain Lakewood Police Office Christopher Matlosz. RIP Tweet more!

Roles for women: Too Sweet Study finds many female film characters still just eye candy “Disney’s Tinker Bell cartoon character wasn’t part of the study, but observers have long wondered if the pixie’s tight-fitting skirts were too short on her hourglass figure.” Tweet more!

“N.J. Historical Society puts rare item on the auction block to pay down its debt. Some critics say the sale of the map … is a violation of the code by which museums live. The code says pieces of a museum may be sold to purchase additional items, not to pay for ordinary expenses.” Tweet more!

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. “N.Y. archdiocese will shut down 27 city, state Catholic schools.” Tweet more!

“Because of budget cuts, the [120 year old Newark, New Jersey] mounted patrol was suspended in the fall, and was scheduled  to be disbanded at the end of January.” Tweet more!

“Whether it’s the Beatles or Beethoven, people like music for the same reason they like eating or having sex: It makes the brain release a chemical that gives pleasure, a new study says.” Tweet more!

When I was a kid I would draw a Daliesque mustache on every photo (male or female) in any magazine or newspaper that was brought into the house. Tweet more!

Actor Dennis Hopper’s art collection is up for auction at Christie’s. The collection includes a Mao painting by Andy Warhol which Hopper shot two bullets through when it scared him one night. Warhol loved it and called it a collaboration with Hopper. Tweet more!

Weather Forecast: Thursday 36º Mostly Cloudy; Friday 36º Snow; Saturday 36º with a chance of birds falling. (Happy Birthday Mom! Parabens Mae! xoxoxo) Tweet more!

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Dis•mem•ber•ment: 1. to cut off Tweet more!

Newspaper television listings – Ode to Jasper Johns. Tweet more!

Newspapers are flat. I decided to create a 3-dimensional page utilizing “traditional” tools such as an Xacto knife, a flashlight and a digital camera (Photoshop was not used to enhance these photos in any way). Tweet more!

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