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Reading the article today called, “Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Choose All of the Above”… I was thinking that people want to simplify and have clear-cut ways to classify things, including people. Each individual though can’t fit into a box, we’re each a multi-dimesional world both same and different than each other. When I […] more!

Inspired today to make a yoga mat by reading about Andrew Vollo, LaGuardia Community College’s director of the educational program for taxi drivers, and his efforts to bring the teachings of yoga to taxi drivers …”a demographic niche that needed it.” “If I get nine people in class, that is fantastic. They’ll learn enough exercises […] more!

I was looking through the arts section of the NYTimes today and came across an image of a collage by an artist that caught my eye…I cut it out and used it as the beginning inspiration for a free-form sketch. a bit of bright whimsical art in the gray winter from the gray paper. enjoy! […] more!

Building on yesterday’s theme of variations/variety from the same material. I read today a review on “The Hidden Reality” by Brian Greene about parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos.  “an infinite number of appearances with a finite number of outfits ensures infinite repetition…infinite variations of ourselves, our lives and our solar system”. To […] more!

Whether with materials as a visual artist or with food ingredients as a home chef – I am always amazed at the possibilities of variety with the same material/ingredient. Today’s article in the Dining section of the NYTimes (“The Long Pull of Noodle Making”) was one of those examples—noodles…and to me paper is another medium […] more!

I have always wanted to be a dancer and a lot of things I like watching because of the movement…the invisible lines drawn by it – like a basketball game. Today the article “The Dancer’s Line and the Artist’s Line Intersect in the Sand” really captivated me. In the article Roslyn Sulcas wrote how dance […] more!

I was thinking yesterday – what if other people’s memories of me (with me) at different points in time were stitched together…and them maybe interspersed with my own recollections of myself at different times. What would that life look like? What story of my life would others create from it? I read the review on […] more!

“Opening up an office space makes people interact more and, the thinking goes, be more productive…It makes you feel more loyal to a company if there’s some energy or buzz.” connect. in a beautiful open space. we are energized to work better. together. Tweet more!

I think mathematics is an elegant language that explains so much about all of us and nature – from our internal organs to the arrangement of flower petals. But it isn’t really taught that way and so I found this article about mathemusician Vi Hart, Bending and Stretching Classroom Lessons to Make Math Inspire really […] more!

Today there was a caption “Warm Weather Brings Flowers, Ruffles and More” above a group of actresses in their gowns at the Golden Globe awards last night. I was inspired to do a little dress from all the images in yesterday’s and today’s paper of the gowns worn at the awards. I actually love seeing the […] more!

Inspired by a quote I read the other day (Pasquale Di Donato is “certain that beauty can save the world”) and the article on Will Ryman’s site-specific art installation, “The Roses,” that will cover 10 blocks of Park Avenue with an unseasonable crop of giant pink and red rose blossoms…to redo the cover of today’s […] more!

…the creator of the philosophy for children movement: Matthew Lipman I think had a very bright idea. “I know that lots of other things are also very important and wonderful, like electricity and magnetism and gravitation,” Harry said. “But although we understand them, they can’t understand us. So thinking must be something very special.” (from […] more!

I noticed in today’s paper that there were a lot of pictures that were in color. And they were beautiful in their richness. One photograph that stood out was of a drawing in the Frick collection…I made it my centerpiece of the collage the paper inspired today. Tweet more!

Live spherically stay open opportunities will come in from any point, at any time and dreams will come true… Congratulations Tamara Magel! Tweet more!

There is snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 states in the US. I was sitting by my bedroom window reading the paper and enjoying the beautiful view. Everything looks so bright and serene covered in fresh snow. My mind moved to thinking about the distinct patterns of individual snowflakes and having also […] more!

When you quantify a thing you define something about it but also create a limit on the whole and its possibilities.  Today it seemed I cam across a lot of articles that focused on quantifying an idea, what is bigger, what are the top most things through numbers and analysis. Specifically an article on art funds: […] more!

I love technology because of the possibilities that it can open up for us. Connectivity, creativity, flexibility and new opportunities. The Consumer Electronic Show just wrapped up this past Sunday in Las Vegas and one thing I did not anticipate was wireless cooking – induction cooktops. I cook a lot already – our kitchen is my […] more!

Before I went to teach my cooking workshop, I read the article The Adobe Experiment in the NYTimes Sunday Magazine about a national Philippine dish that has a variety of preparations depending on the person and region. I teach my classes to inspire people to make each dish their own – add their personal taste […] more!

I could not personally connect to any particular news story in the NYTimes yesterday and in today’s paper I was drawn to two articles: 1. Thinking Less About Money from the Bucks blog about not spending too much time regretting the past or worrying about the future and more on the present including a media […] more!

In todays’ article, Selling a Book by its Cover, the author mentioned how forecasters say there is a trend towards objectifying objects: ‘The more that objects become replaced by digital virtual counterparts — from records and books to photo albums and even cash — watch for people to fetishize the physical object. Books are being […] more!

“Obligatory resourcefulness has given way to revolutionary thoughts.” “We do not have to live up to certain expectations. We just have to be.” Today while reading through the NYTimes and I came across the article, The Now-You-See-It Restaurant. It reminded me of the freedom you have when you have limited resources to work with. I […] more!

I was thinking a lot about the facebook deal that was in the news today and why it has been such a popular tool on the internet. It is all about our desire to want to connect. Also, I was attracted right away to two other images in the paper – one showing the movement […] more!

One of the ways I read the paper, as I did today, is through the images. I think in images so it makes sense to do this to me. I open up the paper and start flipping through and see what catches my eye. And by the end an impression, a mood, of what todays’ […] more!

Today I was thinking about how and what I wanted to teach for my next cooking class series that starts next weekend. I feel all we need are some basics and practice to feel empowered and the juices will start flowing. We learn by doing and it is all about technique and ingredients when distilled […] more!

Perhaps we come across the things we do because that is where our minds are focused OR perhaps it is the universe opening up more windows to pursue what you were meant to on this earth… I am interested in beauty, creativity. I think they are essential to life at all times. Besides being an […] more!

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