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The cover of today’s New York Post, boldly proclaiming “Praise Jesus!”, was originally in reference to Venezuelan baseball catcher Jesus Montero of the NY Yankees, who hit his first Major League home run the day before.   Out of context, however, I found it a very appropriate headline for this conservatively-biased and sensationalistic tabloid. I […] more!

Newspapers reported that Bob Parsons, CEO of Go Daddy, recently returned from Zimbabwe. While there on vacation, he shot and killed an elephant, claiming that the animals were threatening the crops of local farmers. Parsons then went on to post a self-congratulatory video of the shooting, and his subsequent posing, viewable here. Tweet more!

The NY Daily News reported on a New Jersey correctional facility where prisoners planned to import coloring books containing drawings tinted with an orange paste made from the potent narcotic Suboxone. The drug-saturated pages were mixed in with innocuous ones, a telltale orange distinguishing the opiate substitute. Authorities discovered the ruse with the help of […] more!

The NY Post reports that the City Council is targeting landlords who neglect bedbug problems in their buildings. Tweet more!

Often when reading a newspaper, it is difficult not to form connections between two otherwise disparate headlines on the same page. In this case, a New York Post story about Mayor Bloomberg’s participation at the annual Inner Circle comedy show, juxtaposed with a story about Gov. Cuomo’s early delivery of the state budget. Tweet more!

The NY Daily News reported on several neighborhoods in Queens that have recently been flooded with business cards, or “chica chica” cards, printed with photos of half-naked women that advertise the phone numbers of prostitution services. The proliferation of the baseball card-sized advertisements have drawn the attention of angry residents and local politicians, who want […] more!

The NY Daily News reported that the Oxford English Dictionary has recently added 900 new words this week, including internet slang such as LOL and OMG. Tweet more!

The NY Daily News interviewed a stonemason responsible for many sculptures in and around the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in the Morningside Heights section of New York City. Having lived across the street from the largest Gothic cathedral in the world for the last eight years, the hand-carved ornamentation, portals, arches, and […] more!

According to the NY Daily News and the NY Post, city planners and local politicians purport that the most recent US Census erred by severely underreporting the actual population of New York City, with the most glaring errors in Brooklyn and Queens. Tweet more!

The New York Daily News reported on a Voodoo priest, whose ritual candles sparked a deadly fire in Brooklyn last month. The paper states that there are many supposed Voodoo priests in the area that use their position to prey on women for money and sex. Tweet more!

The Daily News reported today on a dramatic game between the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics. Shown is a video of a very diverse impromptu crowd dispersing in Times Square after watching the remaining moments of the game as it was broadcasted live on a large screen inside a store. Tweet more!

The New York Post reports that a clinic in Iowa has launched a campaign designed to attract men into undergoing vasectomies on a Thursday or Friday during the next two weeks so that they can recuperate on the couch watching NCAA men’s basketball championship games all weekend. Unable to find an actual advertisement for the […] more!

The New York Post reports that police arrested the teenagers who robbed and fatally shot a newlywed that refused to hand over her purse because it contained four cell phones full of romantic text messages from her husband. Tweet more!

A brief meditation on the moon, which newspapers report will be closer to the earth than it has been in nineteen years. “Super Moon”, music & video  ©Eric Enright Tweet more!

The New York Post published a story today about a man that filed a $2 million lawsuit against his company for forcing him to work in New Jersey, claiming that it caused him a full mental breakdown. Having been born and raised in New Jersey, I’ve experienced a strong anti-NJ sentiment from people inside and […] more!

For St. Patrick’s Day, the New York Post ran a feature on famous New Yorkers, and where they go to feel the most Irish. Comic Louis C.K. said that his “favorite Irish place” is an Irish cop’s face. Shown here is a photograph taken of my father, a Jersey City Police Officer of Irish descent, […] more!

Often when reading a newspaper, it is difficult not to form connections between two otherwise disparate articles or advertisements on the same page. In this case, the Daily News, as I purchased it from a newsstand, complete with promotional sticker advertising an ill-timed discount at Whole Foods. Tweet more!

Several newspapers reported the death of Owsley Stanley, the first private producer of LSD, who inspired the Grateful Dead’s “Dancing Bear” logo. Stanley is reported to have supplied many prominent artists of the 1960’s with LSD, most notably the Beatles during their Magical Mystery Tour. His potent pharmaceutical is said to have inspired Jimi Hendrix […] more!

Eric Enright – 3/14/11 – “You Melt My Heart (Like a Fuel Rod)” The New York Post reports that water levels fell far enough to partially expose fuel rods at Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant’s No. 2 reactor, sparking fears of a meltdown. Tweet more!

A rendition of Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, set against a drawing of vehicles piled up in Hitachinaka as seen in an AP photograph printed in the Daily News. Tweet more!

While reading a New York Post article about workers racing to contain a potentially catastrophic failure at a nuclear power plant in Japan, I was immediately reminded of  a warning message from a possible scenario in the video game SimCity for the Super Nintendo, a system created in Japan. The text is lifted from a […] more!

The Daily News reports that a teenaged girl splashed acid into the face of a classmate and fellow ROTC member, in an attempt to burn out her eyes. Black and white ink on paper. Tweet more!

The New York Daily News reports that director Julie Taymor has been replaced in the much-maligned Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”, with critics saying that her ambition was a major cause for the show’s troubles. A central character in the production is Arachne, inspired by the princess from Greco-Roman mythology who was turned […] more!

The Daily News column “The Daily Checkup” explores various treatments for depression and bipolar disorder. As someone diagnosed as bipolar, I played with the irony in common advice given to many people that suffer from this disorder by writing it on medication prescribed to treat the condition. more!

The Daily News reports on dozens of disoriented and dead baby finches that were mysteriously dumped in a private park in New York City. Ink drawing on paper. Tweet more!

By eliminating excess content, I attempted to distill the real message being transmitted by today’s front page. Acrylic paint on newspaper. Tweet more!

The New York Times reports that two nonprofit organizations (Operation Smile and Smile Train) that work to repair cleft lips and palates have called off plans for a merger due to strife between the two groups. Instead of designing a new logo for the proposed unified organization, I created one to represent the cleft lip and […] more!

Often when reading a newspaper, it is difficult not to form connections between two otherwise disparate articles or advertisements on the same page. In this case, a New York Daily News story about a 91-year-old woman dying in a fire caused by smoking in bed, juxtaposed with an advertisement urging readers to quit smoking to […] more!

The New York Post reports that a jury convicted a Russian émigré of killing two people in order to steal their identities — in a case where investigators spotted “a spooky Dracula mask” lying near a bag containing the remains of one of his victims. Tweet more!

After reading an article in the Daily News, I watched a blatantly racist video created by several white students at Stuyvesant High School (where just 1% of the student body is black). I then took the liberty of designing promotional material for the aspiring rappers, crafting song titles using direct quotes from their bigoted lyrics. […] more!

Often when reading a newspaper, it is difficult not to form connections between two otherwise disparate articles on the same page. In this case, a Daily News article about a new subway communications network juxtaposed with a photograph of Snooki from “Jersey Shore”. Tweet more!

“I am on a drug. It’s called ‘Charlie Sheen.’” – Charlie Sheen Anticipating the availability of just such a drug, I took the liberty of designing a possible stamp for use on a small bag or wax paper envelope, displayed amongst a selection of existing stamps. Tweet more!

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