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  Temporary feeling: This site specific installation uses the stand of various parties toward much awaited ‘Strong Lokpal Bill’, to bring forth the fractured state of democratic system, and the government’s rush to suppress the bill by means of two days spent on debates, hurried votes, allegations in both the houses of parliament. The two […] more!

  BanGanga: This installation is based on the recent news about restoration of ancient Banganga lake. The historical and cultural heritage of Mumbai is located at Malabar hills. During the process, ‘Ramkund’ and ‘Gomukha’ have been discovered with the help of historians, archeologists and locals in the vicinity. As per the famous legend, Lord Rama […] more!

  Thinking of George W Bush as the last of the US troops pull out of Iraq. Tweet more!

  Someone’s Mill, Someone’s Boon: This mixed media assemblage / installation is based on the news about RPI activists vandalizing and occupying Indu Mills, one of the oldest structures at Dadar, Mumbai. While the government has allotted four acres of the mill land for the construction of a memorial for Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the protesters […] more!

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  This satirical installation is based on latest inadequacies in the ‘Lokpal Bill’ drafted by the Government. After declaring the ‘sense of house’ on 27August 2011, to put an end to Shri. Anna Hajare’s indefinite fast and that of other activists across India, the government’s current draft proclaims – we are back to square one. […] more!

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  This site specific installation is a tribute to people who deliver newspapers to each one of our doorsteps, everyday, across the world, including roadside newspaper stalls. It is inspired by the news about newspaper sellers appeared in a local newspaper in my city Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Newspaper sellers are denied the privilege of protection […] more!

Chinese police fanned out across several provinces arresting  hundreds  of alleged child traffickers.  Over one hundred eighty children destined for adoption by foreign couples were rescued and placed in orphanages. In recent years the buying and selling of babies has become a lucrative business and a source of embarrassment for the Chinese government.   Tweet more!

New York Times Being President Is Tough but Usually Not Fatal, a Study Concludes, by Lawrence K. Altman, December 6, 2011 Image Source: Ron Edmonds/Associated Press; Kevin Lamarque/Reuters; Gary Hershorn/Reuters; Doug Mills/The New York Times   Tweet more!

  It was disheartening to read about the plight of flamingoes. When a large flock flew into a string of high tension power cables in a wildlife sanctuary near Khadir region of Gujarat, India, electrocution killed around 140 of them while several of them were left to suffer burns. Tweet more!

Everyday newspaper informs, provokes, challenges, inspires, educates, bewilders, updates, outrages, irritates, and shocks us, despite which we can’t live without this ‘Daily Scrub’. Tweet more!

The hole seems to only be getting deeper Mr. Cain.   Tweet more!

What does a college degree mean these days? The New York Times has an article about that very topic. I wouldn’t change my college experience at all, for whatever it may be worth in the job world. All that I learned from the people I was lucky enough to be around and goofy places that […] more!

I love to read obits, wedding announcements, birth announcements to get a sense of how society is changing. These weddings in The New York Times reflect many things: the 1% in our society are doing well, getting married in their late 20s to early 30s, with both working professionally and almost half having met in […] more!

11/4/11 “Intervene” I constructed Intervene from the pages of AM New York , a free daily newspaper designed for morning commuters. The whole paper is designed to be read in the span of a subway ride, so it is usually pretty sparse with information. Bloomberg   was quoted again in AM New York. Today, he commented […] more!

Today I chose a slightly different approach. I went down to my favorite local co-op and scavenged news papers out of the recycle bin. The four that were included are as follows: Independent Weekly, The Daily Tar Heel, The Carrboro Citizen, and USA Today. I was really hoping to find a New York Times or […] more!

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I constructed Dollars to Doughnuts from the pages of AM New York, a free daily newspaper designed for morning commuters. The whole paper is designed to be read in the span of a subway ride, so it is usually pretty sparse with information. Today, I read about Lindsay and Bieber (of course), and I noticed an […] more!

I constructed Bury the Lead Underfoot from the pages of AM New York, a free daily newspaper designed for morning commuters. The whole paper is designed to be read in the span of a subway ride, so it is usually pretty sparse with information. Today, I ignored the cover story about Kim Kardashian’s divorce, and read further. […] more!

A costume debate Mascaraed party mix mash Political bash. A Republican costume  suggestion for Halloween debates. Tweet more!

I was struck by two stories in today’s New York Times. One is titled “In East Harlem, ‘Keep Out’ Signs Apply to Renters”, which addresses the landlords of residential buildings who are only renting the bottom floors as retail space, such as a Chase bank for the building pictured above. By keeping out tenants, they […] more!

I found the image below, of a wounded protester, in an online article about the police intervention at a Denver Occupation rally yesterday. The continued use of force, in this case rubber bullets, at these peaceful protests shocks and upsets me. I used 99 copies of the wounded arm below to create the balloon above. […] more!

Cartoon turns ugly Smoke bomb art in the park day Someone’s got to pay. Cartoonist Susie Cagle was sketching the Occupy Oakland scene on Tuesday for her graphic novel when police threw gas in the park.  A day turned bad and orange. Tweet more!

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In today’s New York Times, there was a story about a new plan to bus students to private schools outside the city that have reduced tuition. The photograph was from a kindergarten class and features a very enthusiastic boy who seems to know the answer to the question that’s just been asked. The cubbies in […] more!

This is a collage of the front pages of the single folds for today, bearing headlines and photos of the death of Gaddafi. Tweet more!

A race for next best Due to unforseen scandal No one dare predict. Tweet more!

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In celebration Of a global uprising Song of a people. Tweet more!

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On today’s front page, the New York Times printed photographs from all around the country of Occupy Wall Street protesters holding signs. I cut out the signs and then “traded” in photos from ads on the other side of the page (see below). The companies that advertised on this lucrative page, A-2, included all luxury […] more!

MLK front page Soldier release, fire ceases Protests now targets. Tweet more!

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Cali streets shaking Distrusting class questions wealth Corporate disgust. Tweet more!

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Eastside seat party Share your concerns with the crowd Someone might listen. Tweet more!

Behind barbedwire Cheerleaders cheer for the call Freedom up in smoke.   In celebration of the prison release for Shane Bauer and Joshua Fattal, UC-Berkeley graduates back to the Bay. Tweet more!

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Much ado to debt In ancestrial spirt Crisis of many.   This piece is in response to the New York Times Global Business webpage article titled “Tracking Europe’s Debt Crisis.”  I imported flags of the seven sited nations, resizing the left column to match national debt while the right column to match national unemployment.  Each […] more!

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From a story in today’s New York Times, “California Begins Moving Prisoners” by Jennifer Medina, I relocated the prisoners from page A-14 and moved them onto a Crate&Barrel ad on the adjacent page, A-15. The prisoners were originally relocated because “the Supreme Court ruled that over crowding and poor conditions in (California) state prisons violated […] more!

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Book of hope for grace A race to find one killer Who preached piece and faith. Shareef Allman snapped Wednesday morning in Cupertino, transforming into a homicidal madman.  This piece marks the moment that his life of preaching non-violence snapped. Tweet more!

Will never know him But bleep, bloop, together us That fruit, world screen love. by:Darryl Jones Tweet more!

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One page news paper Weather, power, and puzzles Piecing together. Newspapers are filled with consistent correspondence on a daily basis, trying to capture each category.  This piece displaces typical imagery from the news into a layer cake of information framed by games. Tweet more!

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Yesterday’s faces Turning back to leave a trace Tomorrow’s head shot. This study compiles 17 faces from the paper into a juggle.  The relationship between each person is blurred by fading faces behind the backs of their silhouettes. Tweet more!

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Unicorn issues Political flood vaccines Words covered with tape. A playful Middle East headline announces “‘Unicorns’ roam free once again.”  This mythological coverage of the Arabian Oryx lead me to paste over fine print, paint over other images, and stain the animals with red. Tweet more!

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Hidden in green woods Shot with rifle pointed back We listen and dance. After the 34 day manhunt, a Sacramento SWAT team shot and killed their suspected murderer.  Figural sketches from the bluegrass fest recall faces of the murdered and murderer in the crowd. Tweet more!

Fugitive woods search Bluegrass rings in golden crowds Camo on gunmen. While thousands of people gather in San Francisco for the largest free music festival in the city, the largest manhunt in Northern California continues.  These collages start with observational watercolor paintings from the festival before overlaying news from the northern woods. Tweet more!

Inspired by an article in NY times about the UN arab spring discussions today, i wondered what is it that people are discussing about borders so much? article: Tweet more!

The world as a cloud of information, identities, labels, tweets, statuses – words and numbers, rather than color and light. Tweet more!

  As the multitude of information becomes increasingly larger and omnipresent , it seems to me that there is a danger in thinking that we can know everything and that our knowledge is full of hard facts. But even within a world so thick with media, we still only see and a slice of what […] more!

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Review- Gone from triple A to double A, Goodbye Irene, Dog Days of Summer-August, Still looking for some one to hang, unemployment is still high, Stocks Tumble, people with answers- people with questions, and there is still Strange Fruit in different forms if you look. Tweet more!

One month of 365 days of print passed by. What’s one month? Normally spoken not that much changes in one month, but…. Tweet more!

inspired by an article about the need for or impossibility of Utopia i created this work.   article: Tweet more!

inspired by an article about a small town in Italy, which doesn’t want to merge with another neighbour town. Now it wants to become an independent principality, and looks for a prince… i made this work. What makes it that we are so focused to our ‘own’ identity, nationality, state? article: Tweet more!

inspired by an article about the downside of immortality and mortality as our basis for poets, philosophy, political, religious views of our live, which I found very refreshing, i made this work. article: Tweet more!

Transparency Tweet more!

the article about the unknown whereabouts of Muammar el-Qaddafi, ‘the leader of the revolution’ according to his own conviction, inspired me to make this work article: Tweet more!

Okay so the Khapra beetle isn’t very large but it sounds like an enemy to our shores for sure. Khapra Beetle original photo from Customs and Border Protection via the above article. Tweet more!

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