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inspired by the article about the dismissal of the sexual assault case i made this work. article: Tweet more!

An article in NYT Opinion of August 21st 2011 by Joel Marks, a professor who lost his Morals, his Reference and found a new one again, he thinks at least; and then one of the many comments on this article about that we in the west, having it all, makes that the line between good […] more!

end- begin Tweet more!

reading the NYT today, articles about Tripoli, Libya, me eye felt onto a recipe of Vitello Tonnato. Water came into my month and it inspired me to make this work. Tweet more!

Where’s what a face? Tweet more!

reading the article about Egypt en Israel, I wondered what future they are working towards. article: the basic balloon photo is from: Tweet more!

Reading all signs is too mush/much. Tweet more!

Inspired by an article in the International Herald Tribune August 17th 2011, about Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun leading online a free Standford Class on Artificial Intelligence for 67,000 students, I wondered where all this knowledge would lead to.. Tweet more!

The Sagittarius in the all of us. Tip to Gemma! Tweet more!


August 17, 2011 by

this story brought something terrifying to my attention. photos of  a mob of people stoning a gay man and wounded gay man from all around the web Tweet more!

Getting ready to vote them out. Tweet more!

The big news out west is the Bandits and Banks. Tweet more!

inspired by the article about the Semakau Landfill in Singapore, where disposal and touristic attractions, rare flora and fauna are combined, i wondered where more energy out of disposal can be found in the (near) future..   basic photo made by Markus Nilling article: Tweet more!

Today’s Astrograph-1/12 Tweet more!

Sounds to easy. Tweet more!

  The stock markets all over the world are insecure. Where to relate to? Who is the guiding principle? To whom does the little voice in our head listen to?   Basic photo of head with hands derives from:   Tweet more!

Human rights activists is detained Belarussian financial police detained the former Soviet republic’s leading human rights activist, Ales Belyatsky, on tax evasion charges, his organistation, Vesna-96, said Friday, denouncing the case as political. The group said Mr. Belyatsky, 48, was detained late on Thursday. (reuters) Tweet more!

  extortionists also sometimes have difficulty with calculating..   Tweet more!

In Amsterdam, the streets full of people getting ready for the gay-parade on the canals. The NYT was far away for a moment. Overwhelmed with the people and their excitement. The theme, although, is worldwide. This year next to the fire department, the police also a boat for the military and for the first time a […] more!

I read an article about a guy who wanted to walk across the Niagara Falls, and wondered why people want to do such thing, for ordinary people… Tweet more!

In Chile a mass number of High School youth and University students have been protesting creatively for educational reforms.  They’ve had a Kiss-In, dances,dressed up like their favorite super hero, and have even gone as so far to starve themselves all to get the government to pay attention to the disparities in the country. That […] more!

    releave the big mountains or do we make them big? without mountains nothing to concur no concur no glory men proud to be   Photographer of the newspaper photo: AMR Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters, in international herald tribune of wednesday, august 3, 2011 Tweet more!

The grey area journalists work in while they explore the borders of privacy in their hunt for news. Tweet more!

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A bittersweet farewell to print; a difficult preference for me to justify due to papers media’s environmental costs. Also, a fond farewell to my last post in my July residency. It’s been wonderful and intense and it’s made me, a New York Times subscriber whose day could not start properly without a paper on the […] more!

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  Major protests in Egypt began on January 25th. According to the NYTimes, more than 800 people died in the 18 days it took for protesters to oust Mubarak. I’ve been meaning to include a link to a graphic by Sergio Pecanha and Alicia DeSantis, which summerized the protests throughout the region, but I cannot […] more!

Today The Wall Street Journal caused quite an outcry with its editorial entitled News and Its Critics, an missive that stood in stark contrast to the advertisements that News Corp ran three days ago in most of the top UK papers which apologized for the hacking scandal and seemed to show at least properly calibrated […] more!

THE RACE TO DOCUMENT A REVOLUTION BEFORE IT IS LOST TO THE OFFICIAL LINE. On any given evening Cairo’s Tahrir Square creaks under the weight of its own recent history/  The Guardian/Jack Shenker, Cairo Tweet more!

A visual tally of all of the photographs of subjects deemed important enough to make it into today’s New York Times A section. Concept: Max Whitney. Layout/design: Max Whitney and Beth Whitney. Men- 73 Women-16 Baboons-2 Dog-1 Gas Jockey-1 Car-1 Children-3 Dying Trees-2 Website-1 Ghoul-1 Paintings of Important Men-2 Statement about the work from Max […] more!

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An article by Ethan Bronner, with photographs taken by Rina Castelnuovo, discussed the role of a facebook page in helping Israelis and Palestinians communicate. While these countries are separated by a wall, small means of communication can diminish the physical barriers, creating a wall and border that is actually in flux. The piece above illustrates […] more!

News of the World printed their final edition today Tweet more!

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sub-Saharan Africa is not on track to meet the poverty-reduction target “Using the latest poverty data available, the report says, sub-Saharan Africa is not on track to meet the poverty-reduction target. In 2005, 51 per cent of its population lived in extreme poverty (living on less than $1.25 a day), down only seven points from […] more!

News of The World Phone Hacking Scandal Given the Big News of the (Print) World, I decided to make a dot drawing of the puppet-master Rupert Murdoch in the WSJ hedcut style. News Corp stock shot up after the announcement that News of the World was shutting its doors this weekend. No doubt The Sun […] more!

imaginary geographies of the dow jones. Tweet more!

the end of space travel. more to follow. Tweet more!

My 17 year old sister Alicia and I are holed up in a Ramada Inn today and I’ve surrounded her with a mountain of the newspapers I’ve been hoarding over the past few days. She gets most of her news online, but the print articles she’s been most interested in following are about the battle […] more!

made in collaboration with robert glass Tweet more!

Today was the Fourth of July so I decided to restrict my paint palette to red white and blue. Given the recent and continuing military actions the United States has been involved in, I decided to mix the three colors into a purplish bruise. The fireworks imagery came from advertisements in The Portland Press Herald, […] more!

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It’s July and I’m on a train heading toward a very short stay at a beach house in Maine for a family celebration. The environmental disasters of late, coupled with the inevitable increasing temperatures on the East Coast make me think the days of idyllic summers on the water are numbered. I wish I were […] more!

Although the images of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his wife fill our minds, the housekeeper is left to our imagination. Here, her image begins to rise out of the newspaper. This piece was based on the July 1st article on the Strauss-Kahn case, it can be found here. The photograph in the newspaper is by Stan […] more!

The police and demonstrators clashed Wednesday in Athens during protests against austerity measures passed by Parliament. Markets rallied globally, but John Kolesidis’s front page photograph reminded me of tragic open water rescues, where rescuer and victim, in their panicked states, pull one another under the water and both perish. Government officials who are locked in […] more!

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I want to give her stacks of colorful books. Tweet more!

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  This piece is a skateboard graphic Tweet more!

  This piece is a skateboard graphic Tweet more!

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This piece is a skateboard graphic       Tweet more!

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