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  Temporary feeling: This site specific installation uses the stand of various parties toward much awaited ‘Strong Lokpal Bill’, to bring forth the fractured state of democratic system, and the government’s rush to suppress the bill by means of two days spent on debates, hurried votes, allegations in both the houses of parliament. The two […] more!

  BanGanga: This installation is based on the recent news about restoration of ancient Banganga lake. The historical and cultural heritage of Mumbai is located at Malabar hills. During the process, ‘Ramkund’ and ‘Gomukha’ have been discovered with the help of historians, archeologists and locals in the vicinity. As per the famous legend, Lord Rama […] more!

  Someone’s Mill, Someone’s Boon: This mixed media assemblage / installation is based on the news about RPI activists vandalizing and occupying Indu Mills, one of the oldest structures at Dadar, Mumbai. While the government has allotted four acres of the mill land for the construction of a memorial for Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the protesters […] more!

  This satirical installation is based on latest inadequacies in the ‘Lokpal Bill’ drafted by the Government. After declaring the ‘sense of house’ on 27August 2011, to put an end to Shri. Anna Hajare’s indefinite fast and that of other activists across India, the government’s current draft proclaims – we are back to square one. […] more!

  This site specific installation is a tribute to people who deliver newspapers to each one of our doorsteps, everyday, across the world, including roadside newspaper stalls. It is inspired by the news about newspaper sellers appeared in a local newspaper in my city Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Newspaper sellers are denied the privilege of protection […] more!

DEA launders money to track drug cartels business. Tweet more!

Increasingly more and more children are going hungry in this country. Tweet more!

“Getting and spending we lay waste our powers, little we see in nature that is  ours.”  Wordsworth Tweet more!

Two articles in the metropolitan section of today’s NY times referenced the world of ballet: the first was of little girls taking their first ballet classes. The second described the latest versions of the Nutcracker and the place for youngsters in this years local  productions.   Tweet more!

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A story of Have and Have- Nots.  Wyoming has fewer Millionaires then other states (accounting for its populations). I placed this ad in the local newspaper for feedback.  Wyoming is a very conservative state with a congressional representative that is one of the riches in Congress. Being a Millionaire has more to do with location, […] more!

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Sony Forced to Remove Illegal Sidewalk Ads (again). Yesterday’s New York Times reports that New York City has issued a reprimand for just under 10 illegal sidewalk ads. Letters are sent to businesses who use these guerilla advertising techniques requesting that all illegal decals, stencils, and other items be removed from city owned property, and […] more!

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Tracy Timmins, 04-16-11, “Drawing An Emotional Response From Sartorially Aware Men” Tracy Timmins, 04-16-11, “The Verdict” Tweet more!

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Queen ants, known locally as icas, are a delicacy in Brazil that is rapidly dwindling in population due to land developers cutting down the eucalyptus trees they eat.  For many locals the ants are their only source of protein when meat and fish are scarce.  Since harvests are low many people have begun to freeze their […] more!

the alphabet

December 7, 2009 by

Disclaimer. I know Enouf is mispelled…I did not have enough (aha) G’s, so I got creative with my spelling. The text is a little goofy (I may have taken it too far), but the wit was not really flowing last night. For my word inclined readers, if you have a better idea please post in […] more!

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