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  This satirical installation is based on latest inadequacies in the ‘Lokpal Bill’ drafted by the Government. After declaring the ‘sense of house’ on 27August 2011, to put an end to Shri. Anna Hajare’s indefinite fast and that of other activists across India, the government’s current draft proclaims – we are back to square one. […] more!

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“NEW(s)” toy

September 12, 2011 by

“Munny” toys by Kid Robot give you the freedom to design your own toy. For this September 365 I wanted to experiment with a toy telling the news. I call this project “NEW(s)” toy. Here is the progress of the Sept. 9-15th time period. Tweet more!

The cover of today’s New York Post, boldly proclaiming “Praise Jesus!”, was originally in reference to Venezuelan baseball catcher Jesus Montero of the NY Yankees, who hit his first Major League home run the day before.   Out of context, however, I found it a very appropriate headline for this conservatively-biased and sensationalistic tabloid. I […] more!

Low hanging fruit Tweet more!

I’m selling yesterday’s news if your interested? Tweet more!

Stephanie Tichenor. 08.05.11. Obama, Shell, and the Artic. Stephanie Tichenor. 08.05.11. Obama, Shell, and the Artic.   Tweet more!

Turkey caught a bug. It looks like many turkeys caught salmonella. let’s see 36 million lbs of ground turkey, average turkey weighs 20 lbs thats= a lot of turkeys infected with salmonella.     Tweet more!

Today I read about Anabell Vargas who has been missing for over a week. Missing. The open ended-ness of it, the possibilities. I chose to represent this newsbite with an open window. I saw myself seated in Anabell’s room looking out the window, where is she? Anabell Vargas. Mini quilt. Machine sewn fabric and trim. Tweet more!

A bittersweet farewell to print; a difficult preference for me to justify due to papers media’s environmental costs. Also, a fond farewell to my last post in my July residency. It’s been wonderful and intense and it’s made me, a New York Times subscriber whose day could not start properly without a paper on the […] more!

Amy Winehouse, British Soul Singer With a Troubled Life, Dies at 27 Subtitled: Through the Looking Glass Tweet more!

Social media history becomes a new job hurdle From an article in today’s New York Times: “Possible employers may look at everything you’ve said or done online in the past seven years” Tweet more!

In Midwest, Flutters May Be Far Fewer In Midwest, Flutters May Be Far Fewer Today the New York Times cites a study by the journal Insect Conservation and Diversity that finds the Monarch butterfly population is dwindling, due in no small part to crops having been genetically engineered to withstand being sprayed with Monsato’s Roundup […] more!

I spent today pondering how different my news consumption is depending on whether I’m flipping through the newspaper or browsing the same media source online. Paging through the traditional paper source means being exposed to articles and headlines I might not otherwise see if I’m clicking through webpages intent on hunting down specific information or […] more!

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The police and demonstrators clashed Wednesday in Athens during protests against austerity measures passed by Parliament. Markets rallied globally, but John Kolesidis’s front page photograph reminded me of tragic open water rescues, where rescuer and victim, in their panicked states, pull one another under the water and both perish. Government officials who are locked in […] more!

  This piece is a skateboard graphic Tweet more!

This piece is a skateboard graphic Tweet more!

  This piece is a skateboard graphic Tweet more!

This piece is a skateboard graphic       Tweet more!

  A 2-1/2” diameter circle hole was cut at the same location through all the papers for the month and saved.  These circles were sewed as two books of 2 weeks worth of newspapers each.  I kept the newspapers’ order and sections as the book’s signatures and added red to separate by day.  The book […] more!

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  IN REVERSAL, POPPY CROP IS EXPANDING, NY Times, Page A8, April 19, 2011, by RAY RIVERA “KABUL, Afghanistan – Driven by soaring opium prices, farmers are expected to plant poppies at a sharply higher rate in parts of Afghanistan that were previously poppy free, the United Nations said Monday.” Tweet more!

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Click here for video. I drew this Spirograph as a kid and I watched a lot of television.   TRACKING TV HABITS BY ETHNIC GROUPS, NY Times, Page B2, April 18, 2011, by ALEX MINDLIN The average American watches television 5 hours, 11 minutes per day. Tweet more!

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Today I processed the newspapers from the second week.  I am cutting a 2-1/2” diameter hole at the same location through all the papers for the month.  The final piece will be revealed at the end of the month.   Tweet more!

Freeways on the Moon, Flipbook, Object, Mixed-media collage, Video © 2011 by Irene Chan Click for Video (24 seconds) Because of congestion and high gas prices, we bring our freeways and cars to the moon in my flipbook scenario. HIGH, LOW AND IN BETWEEN: CLOCKING THE NATION’S GAS PRICES, NY Times, Page A14, April 13, 2011 […] more!

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IN NEW JERSEY, A JOB DESCRIPTION LAWSUIT’S UNUSUAL QUESTION: WHO IS MAN?, NY Times, Page A18, April 11, 2011, by Richard Perez-Pena.  “What is a man? For El’Jai Devoureau, this is not a rhetorical question.” Tweet more!

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The ground is spray-painted, will the sky be next? SPRAYING TO MAKE YARDS GREEN….BUT WITH PAINT, NOT WATER, NY Times, Page 1, April 10, 2011, by MARC LACEY.  “PHOENIX — There used to be two kinds of homeowners in this scorching city, those with dazzling green lawns irrigated by sprinklers and those with more natural […] more!

Shopping eyeglasses to help correct and shield your vision from the many Big Box retail schemes.  The Fig-ure helps you shape/form what you see. The fig leaf reminds of simpler times before there was shopping: of essential hunting, gathering, and cultivating. Available as both day glasses and sunglasses. STUFF PILED IN THE AISLES? IT’S THERE TO […] more!

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Today I processed the newspapers from the first week.  Each page of every section is represented.  This is the first of several processing days.  The final piece will be revealed at the end of the month. Tweet more!

Wear it  with a grain of salt. BLACK MARKET TRINKETS FROM SPACE, NY Times, Page D1, April 5, 2011 by WILLIAM J. BROAD “Ebay and other Web sites pulse with hundreds of sales pitches. “The pieces below have an exceptional patina,” a site called said of 10 pictured fragments. The ads are for chunks […] more!

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EFFORT CONTINUES FOR A UNIVERSAL PUBLIC LIBRARY, NY Times, Page B1, April 4, 2011 By MIGUEL HELFT “Is the tantalizing dream of a universal library dead?  Some scholars and librarians across the country fear it may be, now that a federal judge in New York has derailed Google’s bold plan to build the world’s largest […] more!

In slanguage, “I could care less” means “I could not care less”. The recipient can read either message. LOOK WHO’S TALKING, NY Times Sunday Book Review, Page 20, April 3, 2011 by GEOFFREY NUNBERG.  Review of “You Are What You Speak” by Robert Lane Greene. “For nearly a century, linguists have been struggling to unseat […] more!

The NY Daily News reported on several neighborhoods in Queens that have recently been flooded with business cards, or “chica chica” cards, printed with photos of half-naked women that advertise the phone numbers of prostitution services. The proliferation of the baseball card-sized advertisements have drawn the attention of angry residents and local politicians, who want […] more!

The New York Daily News reported on a Voodoo priest, whose ritual candles sparked a deadly fire in Brooklyn last month. The paper states that there are many supposed Voodoo priests in the area that use their position to prey on women for money and sex. Tweet more!

react-or retract

March 18, 2011 by

Last night I had nightmares of the world ending. I couldn’t sleep. Then my morning commute sucked so much, three trains to work getting more suckie as the next one came. The weather was warm! How nice. Stayed late at work smoldering over html coding which kept going wrong. Literally burnt myself out. I vented […] more!

The Daily News column “The Daily Checkup” explores various treatments for depression and bipolar disorder. As someone diagnosed as bipolar, I played with the irony in common advice given to many people that suffer from this disorder by writing it on medication prescribed to treat the condition. more!

Rainy Monday, i woke to a spray painted dick on the window of the car (not even a good drawing) and got my first parking ticket at 1:20, then another one in another town…… Recycled NY TImes coffee mug—–spilled Monday nytimes newspaperness. Tweet more!

The Cuckoo Clock: featuring an oak leaf motif, a male dear without his adult antlers, and movie star hands. Photo of Michelle Obama by Platt/Getty Photo of Sarah Palin by Ruttle/AP Photo of Greg Kinnear & Sara Jessica Parker by Christopher Peterson/ Tweet more!

Breakfast over the weekend NY Times. Unfortunately, not long enough for my one-of-a kind NY Times recycled paper mug to finish drying–i just checked it again after all day sitting in the sun in my studio, but it’s still damp. Perhaps tomorrow…..not really such a functional coffee cup anyway, but fun to make. Tweet more!

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I read an article in The New York Times today about a man who makes “playful micro-shelters out of junk.” These charming “tiny houses” are made of scavenged materials and cost less than $200 to build. The carpenter stated that a lot of these structures were about what could be built for homeless people “where […] more!

During the five hours or so it took me to cut the words out of this half page, I was listening to an interview with political theorist Benjamin Barber. A straight shooter, Barber, basically said that with a millitary and vice President appointed by Mubarak in power in Egypt, the meaningful change desired by protesters […] more!

“For Pepsi, a Business Decision with Social Benefit” A new venture by PepsiCo enables small farmers in San Gabriel, Mexico to sell their corn directly to PepsiCo, which guarantees the price it will pay for the crops upfront. “The deal enables the small farmers to secure credit to buy seeds and fertilizers, crop insurance and […] more!

The second time piece made from the newspaper. Absent from the face are the hands. Indicating no time in particular and plated with Bloomberg. Ingesting bits and scraps of the news and digesting these to make an artifact of time-lessness. Tweet more! Bahrain, Iran Star Burst! Tweet more!

“School 2.0” I stumbled on a full-page advertisement in The New York Times today about “a global network of schools” that will be opening in New York City in the fall of 2012. Three words from the ad inspired my artwork…learn, collaborate, reflect. Tweet more!

“What better way to celebrate love than to customize it?” …especially with flowers that can last forever. Happy Valentine’s Day. Tweet more!

Saturday’s front page, pureed with Jersey City’s finest water, and bottled immediately to preserve freshness. Tweet more!

Newspaper pyramid in my palm. Simpler than the mayhem, yet fragile like the Egyptian protest-revolution-government upheaval. Tweet more!

I felt the need to shrink the news into easier bite-sized morsels to digest. Tweet more!

I was both looking forward to and dreading the arrival of the Sunday paper. Even in my single, ‘no responsibility but the rent’ days, I can remember not being able to make my way through even the portion of the paper i was interested in, never mind the auto section or the wedding announcements. Although […] more!

I love working with found objects-getting the NY Times delivered to my door is like receiving the same object everyday, yet each is unique in its own way. Tweet more!

When you’re crazy busy, what’s one of the first things you jettison?  The news. You catch a glimpse online, but stop to read nothing that isn’t essential.  I’ve been finishing work, packing and crating a shipment for a show in Los Angeles at Edward Cella which opens Feb 12.  All about sleep patterns…..which is a […] more!

Inspired today to make a yoga mat by reading about Andrew Vollo, LaGuardia Community College’s director of the educational program for taxi drivers, and his efforts to bring the teachings of yoga to taxi drivers …”a demographic niche that needed it.” “If I get nine people in class, that is fantastic. They’ll learn enough exercises […] more!

Building on yesterday’s theme of variations/variety from the same material. I read today a review on “The Hidden Reality” by Brian Greene about parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos.  “an infinite number of appearances with a finite number of outfits ensures infinite repetition…infinite variations of ourselves, our lives and our solar system”. To […] more!

Do you still have any of your work you made as a kid?  How much did you keep from art-school?  Do you toss the bad stuff now?  NY Times has been hosting a series of articles about clutter, hoarding and ruthless tossing.  I’m in the last category, when in doubt….toss it.  Today’s “Mom, you’re one […] more!

Whether with materials as a visual artist or with food ingredients as a home chef – I am always amazed at the possibilities of variety with the same material/ingredient. Today’s article in the Dining section of the NYTimes (“The Long Pull of Noodle Making”) was one of those examples—noodles…and to me paper is another medium […] more!

It’s Tuesday, and my favorite part of the paper comes out today…..the Science section.  An amazing story about chess experts, scientists use brain scans to figure out  why they are better, and what’s different in the way their brain processes a chess board.  Net-net, the best chess players simultaneously use their left brain for object […] more!

“Opening up an office space makes people interact more and, the thinking goes, be more productive…It makes you feel more loyal to a company if there’s some energy or buzz.” connect. in a beautiful open space. we are energized to work better. together. Tweet more!

“Citizens and martyrs, the government is still the same.  We will protest until the government collapses!” Tweet more!

I think mathematics is an elegant language that explains so much about all of us and nature – from our internal organs to the arrangement of flower petals. But it isn’t really taught that way and so I found this article about mathemusician Vi Hart, Bending and Stretching Classroom Lessons to Make Math Inspire really […] more!

I opened up my paper today and stumbled upon a section that I had never seen before- Metropolitan Diary.  There was a little story there about a guy who would take care of his neighbor’s pet goldfish, Sushi.  She was a young girl at the time so when he said he had taken the fish […] more!

I’m packing to move apartments this week, and sometimes a newspaper is just a newspaper.  You save them for a few days and wrap up your dishes.  There is something easy and comforting in the simplicity of it all. Tweet more!

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