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Today there was a caption “Warm Weather Brings Flowers, Ruffles and More” above a group of actresses in their gowns at the Golden Globe awards last night. I was inspired to do a little dress from all the images in yesterday’s and today’s paper of the gowns worn at the awards. I actually love seeing the […] more!

Live spherically stay open opportunities will come in from any point, at any time and dreams will come true… Congratulations Tamara Magel! Tweet more!

Here’s a chance to see what random artifacts look like 60 years later.  Now online you can click to see the Kennedy Library archive and get nice high-res images of  the bar tab from Robert F. Kennedy’s bachelor party and to decipher John F. Kennedy’s Oval Office doodles. NYTimes. Death and randomness is in the air. Lots […] more!

Is the shooting in Tucson more polarizing, or will it begin to sink in and cause us to “usher in a new era of civility”?  It’s so heart-wrenching to think about the families, and simultaneously check the blogs and read even the reasonable political reporting on, and see the extreme positioning.  Makes my stomach hurt. […] more!

There is snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 states in the US. I was sitting by my bedroom window reading the paper and enjoying the beautiful view. Everything looks so bright and serene covered in fresh snow. My mind moved to thinking about the distinct patterns of individual snowflakes and having also […] more!

Dr. Chevalier Jackson was a larynologist from the 19th and early 20th century.  Part of his job was the removal of foreign objects lodged in the throats of his patients.  By the end of his career he had amassed a collection of over 2000 objects that people had swallowed or inhaled.  In his honor I […] more!

How is it the Census data knows that 1.1 million knives, 11, 908 boxcutters and 1,416 knives were confisgated by airport screeners in 2007?  Meanwhile there are more pigs than people in 5 states and 400 fewer bookstores than 10 years ago. Am comforted by the orderly-ness of it all.  More in NYTimes today US […] more!

I could not personally connect to any particular news story in the NYTimes yesterday and in today’s paper I was drawn to two articles: 1. Thinking Less About Money from the Bucks blog about not spending too much time regretting the past or worrying about the future and more on the present including a media […] more!

In todays’ article, Selling a Book by its Cover, the author mentioned how forecasters say there is a trend towards objectifying objects: ‘The more that objects become replaced by digital virtual counterparts — from records and books to photo albums and even cash — watch for people to fetishize the physical object. Books are being […] more!

“Obligatory resourcefulness has given way to revolutionary thoughts.” “We do not have to live up to certain expectations. We just have to be.” Today while reading through the NYTimes and I came across the article, The Now-You-See-It Restaurant. It reminded me of the freedom you have when you have limited resources to work with. I […] more!

Queen ants, known locally as icas, are a delicacy in Brazil that is rapidly dwindling in population due to land developers cutting down the eucalyptus trees they eat.  For many locals the ants are their only source of protein when meat and fish are scarce.  Since harvests are low many people have begun to freeze their […] more!

I have a running commentary in my head this morning, to not let the quantity of news overwhelm me. I get an email alert from a friend’s art blog everyday – Hyperallergic, and wonder how in the world Hrag can read and keep up with the random mass and quantity of artnews (this one is good […] more!

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January 11, 2010 by

I had a tough time making something today. Alas, tomorrow is a new day. Tweet more!

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33 pages with the advertisements facing you! I included all sections (but 2) from the massive paper today, because I have not finished reading them. Tweet more!


December 11, 2009 by

Out of context, I find the word choice of the business section amusing, perhaps you agree. Tweet more!


December 8, 2009 by

(marbles) x (ice) x (ny times clippings) I did not realize how long it would take for the ice cubes to fully freeze. My intention is to stack the cubes, which I will attempt tomorrow. Until then….here is a picture to give you an idea. I was surprised that the paper did not disintegrate. I […] more!

a $2 roll

December 4, 2009 by

On my route home I planned to take a photograph, however I had a misfortunate interaction. I was on the train in a two seater and a dirty man, who looked under the influence approached me and literally put his rear end 10 inches from my face. I thought he was going to fart on […] more!

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