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  BanGanga: This installation is based on the recent news about restoration of ancient Banganga lake. The historical and cultural heritage of Mumbai is located at Malabar hills. During the process, ‘Ramkund’ and ‘Gomukha’ have been discovered with the help of historians, archeologists and locals in the vicinity. As per the famous legend, Lord Rama […] more!

  Thinking of George W Bush as the last of the US troops pull out of Iraq. Tweet more!

  Someone’s Mill, Someone’s Boon: This mixed media assemblage / installation is based on the news about RPI activists vandalizing and occupying Indu Mills, one of the oldest structures at Dadar, Mumbai. While the government has allotted four acres of the mill land for the construction of a memorial for Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the protesters […] more!

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  This satirical installation is based on latest inadequacies in the ‘Lokpal Bill’ drafted by the Government. After declaring the ‘sense of house’ on 27August 2011, to put an end to Shri. Anna Hajare’s indefinite fast and that of other activists across India, the government’s current draft proclaims – we are back to square one. […] more!

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New York Times Being President Is Tough but Usually Not Fatal, a Study Concludes, by Lawrence K. Altman, December 6, 2011 Image Source: Ron Edmonds/Associated Press; Kevin Lamarque/Reuters; Gary Hershorn/Reuters; Doug Mills/The New York Times   Tweet more!

Continuation of the urban sprawl. © Gracelee Lawrence 2011 Tweet more!

Baltimore, MD The dichotomies of the city. Tweet more!

  Berlin Alexanderplatz, named after the Russian Czar Alexander I, who visited the capital of Prussia in 1805. Nowadays no Emperor’s on the square, but homeless gathering around the railway station. Tweet more!

Paris, Quai Saint- Michel 2011. Tweet more!

Contemporary American kitchen table circa November 2011. Tweet more!

The billboard-as an extension of the newspaper- reads:  We go to Bologna and Verona in Italy. Where do you go……….. Tweet more!

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A costume debate Mascaraed party mix mash Political bash. A Republican costume  suggestion for Halloween debates. Tweet more!

In today’s New York Times, there was an image from Carsten Holler’s exhibition currently on view at the New Museum. One of the works is called “Psycho Tank: a translucent white polypropene container…filled with water that is heavily Epsom-salted and heated to 98 degrees. Birthday suits are encouraged…”. I find it fascinating that A) one […] more!

Cartoon turns ugly Smoke bomb art in the park day Someone’s got to pay. Cartoonist Susie Cagle was sketching the Occupy Oakland scene on Tuesday for her graphic novel when police threw gas in the park.  A day turned bad and orange. Tweet more!

A race for next best Due to unforseen scandal No one dare predict. Tweet more!

I spent the evening at New Jersey City University, where there was a symposium about our very own The symposium accompanied the current exhibition which was curated by Kenneth Pietrobono and Doris Cacoilo. Along with the curators, I was on the panel with two other artists from 365, Daniele Genadry and Lauren DiCioccio (who’s […] more!

OccupyWallStreet is one month old today. With barely any mainstream media coverage in the first week, this movement has gained visibility and popularity in the last three weeks. In that time, the landscape of Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park has also changed significantly. Now there is a library of a few hundred books housed in plastic storage […] more!

MLK front page Soldier release, fire ceases Protests now targets. Tweet more!

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I spent yesterday evening at Occupy Times Square. The visual collision of Broadway billboards, jumbotron ads, homemade protest signs, people hanging from street posts, standing on garbage cans, and walking on stilts created an indelible collage that moved, breathed, and changed by the New York minute. Scroll down to see more images. Tweet more!

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Cali streets shaking Distrusting class questions wealth Corporate disgust. Tweet more!

Today, hundreds of thousands of protestors around the world came together in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.  This is from Time’s Square, NYC, where thousands of people made a statement beneath the ever shifting spectacle.  Broadway audience members mixed with protestors and an entire fleet of riot cops showed up to play. Tweet more!

Eastside seat party Share your concerns with the crowd Someone might listen. Tweet more!

[] My friend’s house got demolished today. Well, it wasn’t her house anymore, though she had grown up in it. After her mom passed away from cancer in the fall of 2009, Mirelle tried to keep the house, but couldn’t assume all of the liens and debts. The house passed into foreclosure in fall/winter of […] more!

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Late Thursday evening, media darling and budding political activist, Sarah Palin, was on hand at Zuccotti Park to lend a helping one to the occupiers of Wall Street.  As efforts were being made to galvanize protesters to resist the city mandated “cleaning”, the ex-governor of Alaska took time off of her whirlwind schedule to do […] more!

Today I picked up a copy of The Indypendent: A Free Paper for the Free People. The cover, shown below, depicts a mass of angry protesters hurling stones at a big angry red bull. The drawing conjures up images from the Arab Spring, but also photos that we have seen of violent confrontations between Palestinians […] more!

Today, in “honour” of Christopher Columbus “discovering” America, I took part in an action at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. The action was orchestrated by Queerocracy and was lead by Carlos Motta and Camilo Godoy. Upon arriving at the meeting spot, Merchant’s Gate in Central Park, I was immediately handed a newsprint created by Carlos and […] more!

photo via OccupyOakland During a retaking of Oscar Grant square, the protesters removed the fencing that had been put up around the park, and used it to create a public artwork, a sculpture resembling a house of cards.  The photo is taken from the Facebook group Occupy Oakland. Below are several local stories about the […] more!

Thinking about print media in new york city, just once, I had to highlight our almighty trio of newspapers. The Daily News, known for car adds, sports, and the occasional great article from Juan Gonzales. The New York Times, making self-satisfied college grads feel even more smug since who the fuck cares, while sneaking in […] more!

Will never know him But bleep, bloop, together us That fruit, world screen love. by:Darryl Jones Tweet more!

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I spent the evening down at Wall Street. As much as there were people to see, there was as much to read. Fliers, pamphlets, independent presses and homemade signs created a moving bulletin board of various ideas and emotions. The underlying message was the same….the people are ready for real change. Tweet more!

On Saturday night, I saw a high school production of “Curtains”, the Broadway show from 2006. In one scene a group of stage actors are all aghast at reading the horrible reviews of their latest production. The actors hide behind newspapers before revealing their horrified expressions. It got me thinking of all the times I […] more!

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Inspired by an article in NY times about the UN arab spring discussions today, i wondered what is it that people are discussing about borders so much? article: Tweet more!

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Stephanie Tichenor. 09.05.11. irene sympathy card. In my home, on my block, in our town and surrounding towns and counties: The waters have receded but the clean up continues. photos to follow. Tweet more!

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Review- Gone from triple A to double A, Goodbye Irene, Dog Days of Summer-August, Still looking for some one to hang, unemployment is still high, Stocks Tumble, people with answers- people with questions, and there is still Strange Fruit in different forms if you look. Tweet more!

One month of 365 days of print passed by. What’s one month? Normally spoken not that much changes in one month, but…. Tweet more!

inspired by an article about the need for or impossibility of Utopia i created this work.   article: Tweet more!

inspired by an article about a small town in Italy, which doesn’t want to merge with another neighbour town. Now it wants to become an independent principality, and looks for a prince… i made this work. What makes it that we are so focused to our ‘own’ identity, nationality, state? article: Tweet more!

inspired by an article about the downside of immortality and mortality as our basis for poets, philosophy, political, religious views of our live, which I found very refreshing, i made this work. article: Tweet more!

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the article about the unknown whereabouts of Muammar el-Qaddafi, ‘the leader of the revolution’ according to his own conviction, inspired me to make this work article: Tweet more!

Okay so the Khapra beetle isn’t very large but it sounds like an enemy to our shores for sure. Khapra Beetle original photo from Customs and Border Protection via the above article. Tweet more!

Sales on back to school supplies and a bounty to boot. Tweet more!

inspired by the article about the dismissal of the sexual assault case i made this work. article: Tweet more!

Has anybody wonder why most animals in art are male? I’m working on paper training them. There was a group of women artists that worn gorilla suits in the 80’s which tried to highlight the issue that 90% of the art in museums were done by men. A lot has change and that problem is […] more!

An article in NYT Opinion of August 21st 2011 by Joel Marks, a professor who lost his Morals, his Reference and found a new one again, he thinks at least; and then one of the many comments on this article about that we in the west, having it all, makes that the line between good […] more!

end- begin Tweet more!

reading the NYT today, articles about Tripoli, Libya, me eye felt onto a recipe of Vitello Tonnato. Water came into my month and it inspired me to make this work. Tweet more!

Where’s what a face? Tweet more!

Reading all signs is too mush/much. Tweet more!

Inspired by an article in the International Herald Tribune August 17th 2011, about Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun leading online a free Standford Class on Artificial Intelligence for 67,000 students, I wondered where all this knowledge would lead to.. Tweet more!

Weekend bites. Tweet more!

Stephanie Tichenor. 08.19.11. USA needs an Rx. This kind of story though not surprising is infuriating. Tweet more!

Here we go Again. Tweet more!

An article in NYT about Mr Anna Hazare and his mission fighting corruption in India, inspired me to make this work. About why some people can be so strong for themselves and others.. article: Tweet more!

The Sagittarius in the all of us. Tip to Gemma! Tweet more!

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