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Based on the article in the International Herald Tribune of August 17th, about Phantom States, I prolonged the idea of being real or phantom. Who is real, who is a masquerade and who becomes real? Even by walking on the streets one can sometime be confused whether the surrounding is real or phantom. Who will […] more!


August 17, 2011 by

this story brought something terrifying to my attention. photos of  a mob of people stoning a gay man and wounded gay man from all around the web Tweet more!

Getting ready to vote them out. Tweet more!

inspired by the article about the Semakau Landfill in Singapore, where disposal and touristic attractions, rare flora and fauna are combined, i wondered where more energy out of disposal can be found in the (near) future..   basic photo made by Markus Nilling article: Tweet more!

And of course sometimes with all world troubles we need a hero to get through all the problems we encounter every day. Even when the solution or step forward is so small. For one selves it can be so huge. Tweet more!

one big party celebrate that’s life without rules eyes shut relish joy inside With such a rainy day or even a storm with disastrous consequences, it is still the festive man we sometimes look for! Tweet more!

apparently not being precisely why being the basis the playfulness from inside letting out bringing the smile into the day Since you can’t have them all at once, today the married neutral boy has shown up! Tweet more!

The closest you can get to the news.                                     Tweet more!

  Gold, does it give us the right future?   the basic photo of the gold piece comes from: Tweet more!

Sounds to easy. Tweet more!

  The stock markets all over the world are insecure. Where to relate to? Who is the guiding principle? To whom does the little voice in our head listen to?   Basic photo of head with hands derives from:   Tweet more!

Do it again Tweet more!

I dyed my hair(s) fiery red red red in solidarity with the Londoners threatened with unrest. Tweet more!

From the August 5, NY Times-headline. How does this work for you? Tweet more!

I’m selling yesterday’s news if your interested? Tweet more!

In Amsterdam, the streets full of people getting ready for the gay-parade on the canals. The NYT was far away for a moment. Overwhelmed with the people and their excitement. The theme, although, is worldwide. This year next to the fire department, the police also a boat for the military and for the first time a […] more!

I read an article about a guy who wanted to walk across the Niagara Falls, and wondered why people want to do such thing, for ordinary people… Tweet more!

Anybody interested in home delivery Tweet more!

    releave the big mountains or do we make them big? without mountains nothing to concur no concur no glory men proud to be   Photographer of the newspaper photo: AMR Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters, in international herald tribune of wednesday, august 3, 2011 Tweet more!

The decision is made. One thinks it is the right decision. One wants to trust someone, or better, something? Tweet more!

(…) Confusing matters further, cartel assassins often disguise themselves as police officers or soldiers, using fake equipment and sometimes authentic gear stolen or procured from allies in the agencies. That has allowed the authorities to dismiss many disappearence as the work of “clones”. (…) Article: The disappeared of Mexico’s drug war. Source: The International Herald […] more!

Stephanie Tichenor. 08.03.11. You can’t find me. In today’s news: a game of hide and seek between a peacock, the NYPD and Central Park Zoo officials. The peacock was a clear winner for a time. After reading many depressing stories in the paper today I decided I found this much more newsworthy, much more enlightening, […] more!

  Approaching the 2nd of August 2011, a date which drove people to despair? Tweet more!

Farewell fellow news scavengers – it’s been fun and challenging! This was my first time using a digital camera and it took me a few days to discover its functions and advantages. The the exciting part is that there are images and discoveries made in this process that I’ll be exploring further and incorporating into […] more!

In solidarity with Oslo and against xenophobia. Today also happens to be the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution Tweet more!

Tweet more!

Tweet more!

Our poor, young, beloved cat Ollie suddenly became critically ill this weekend and was rushed to the vet with a fever over 106 degrees. We were told that usually means seizures, probable death, and at the very least lasting brain damage. He was loaded up with fluids, antibiotics, and steroids and after much agonizing we […] more!

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