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[] My friend’s house got demolished today. Well, it wasn’t her house anymore, though she had grown up in it. After her mom passed away from cancer in the fall of 2009, Mirelle tried to keep the house, but couldn’t assume all of the liens and debts. The house passed into foreclosure in fall/winter of […] more!

Much ado to debt In ancestrial spirt Crisis of many.   This piece is in response to the New York Times Global Business webpage article titled “Tracking Europe’s Debt Crisis.”  I imported flags of the seven sited nations, resizing the left column to match national debt while the right column to match national unemployment.  Each […] more!

Late Thursday evening, media darling and budding political activist, Sarah Palin, was on hand at Zuccotti Park to lend a helping one to the occupiers of Wall Street.  As efforts were being made to galvanize protesters to resist the city mandated “cleaning”, the ex-governor of Alaska took time off of her whirlwind schedule to do […] more!

We are in Ithaca right now, meeting with some interesting people: a couple from a 3.5 year old off the grid homestead, a doctoral student in biomedicine, a gallerist/cat lover and her corn genome scientist partner, and a poet who made all the connections. Amongst a lively discussion about genetically modified corn, agricultural patents of […] more!

in response to the “(Anti) Millionaire’s March” that happened today, we are making an illustrated chart of the 25 highest paid CEOs, according to Forbes Magazine. Tweet more!

Over 129 people were arrested today after the Occupy Boston group expanded out of Dewey Square Park into the nearby Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. No report yet of the number of tents taken down by police. Tweet more!

While eating breakfast, I usually read the news on my laptop. This normally consists of a browse through Google News Reader, following topics of interest as well as breaking news stories. Lately, though, I’ve been spending more and more time following links posted on Facebook. Though there is some overlap in terms of topics, there […] more!

photo via OccupyOakland During a retaking of Oscar Grant square, the protesters removed the fencing that had been put up around the park, and used it to create a public artwork, a sculpture resembling a house of cards.  The photo is taken from the Facebook group Occupy Oakland. Below are several local stories about the […] more!

Aliens Invasion… Tweet more!

I took all the headlines from Sunday’s NY Times (which I got from a low-res web capture) and I re-arranged the words used to create them.  This is what I came up with: U.S. Memo Made Legal Rapid Trades to Kill a Citizen Secret Clamping Down in Stock Market Is Parents’ Killer Once Again, Inflating […] more!

Thinking about print media in new york city, just once, I had to highlight our almighty trio of newspapers. The Daily News, known for car adds, sports, and the occasional great article from Juan Gonzales. The New York Times, making self-satisfied college grads feel even more smug since who the fuck cares, while sneaking in […] more!

Book of hope for grace A race to find one killer Who preached piece and faith. Shareef Allman snapped Wednesday morning in Cupertino, transforming into a homicidal madman.  This piece marks the moment that his life of preaching non-violence snapped. Tweet more!

This dream front page was created by my roommate Jomar Statkun. The Daily News and New York Post both ran stories with photos about the use of brutality by the NYPD at yesterdays rally, namely the use of pepper spray and batons. The New York Times barely addresses this, buried deep on page A30, “While […] more!

Will never know him But bleep, bloop, together us That fruit, world screen love. by:Darryl Jones Tweet more!

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One page news paper Weather, power, and puzzles Piecing together. Newspapers are filled with consistent correspondence on a daily basis, trying to capture each category.  This piece displaces typical imagery from the news into a layer cake of information framed by games. Tweet more!

Yesterday’s faces Turning back to leave a trace Tomorrow’s head shot. This study compiles 17 faces from the paper into a juggle.  The relationship between each person is blurred by fading faces behind the backs of their silhouettes. Tweet more!

Unicorn issues Political flood vaccines Words covered with tape. A playful Middle East headline announces “‘Unicorns’ roam free once again.”  This mythological coverage of the Arabian Oryx lead me to paste over fine print, paint over other images, and stain the animals with red. Tweet more!

Fugitive woods search Bluegrass rings in golden crowds Camo on gunmen. While thousands of people gather in San Francisco for the largest free music festival in the city, the largest manhunt in Northern California continues.  These collages start with observational watercolor paintings from the festival before overlaying news from the northern woods. Tweet more!

The New York Times, “Police Arrest Hundreds of Protestors on Brooklyn Bridge”, By Al Baker and Colin Moynihan. The above article provides a link to a video with the following disclaimer: The video below was broadcast earlier this afternoon on the Livestream channel of a group called “globalrevolution.” The Times does not endorse the captions […] more!

I decided to re-imagine the Berliner Morgenpost as a paper that posts my observations of the city and poses some questions I have about it. Tweet more!

  As the multitude of information becomes increasingly larger and omnipresent , it seems to me that there is a danger in thinking that we can know everything and that our knowledge is full of hard facts. But even within a world so thick with media, we still only see and a slice of what […] more!

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You may ask, what do artists have to say about journalism? We have become masters of filtering media. What we lack is context and history to negotiate the significance of the news. This blog is about deconstructing and re-imagining the news. Over the last eight months 365dop artists have analyzed and weighed the value of […] more!

The image was inspired by coverage of the media relating to the response of Londoners and people elsewhere in other cities of the England after the recent  riots, people who live in the areas took the streets together, the days after and helped their affected communities. What is also very impressive how the social media […] more!

Human rights activists is detained Belarussian financial police detained the former Soviet republic’s leading human rights activist, Ales Belyatsky, on tax evasion charges, his organistation, Vesna-96, said Friday, denouncing the case as political. The group said Mr. Belyatsky, 48, was detained late on Thursday. (reuters) Tweet more!

A story of Have and Have- Nots.  Wyoming has fewer Millionaires then other states (accounting for its populations). I placed this ad in the local newspaper for feedback.  Wyoming is a very conservative state with a congressional representative that is one of the riches in Congress. Being a Millionaire has more to do with location, […] more!

Stephanie Tichenor. 08.03.11. You can’t find me. In today’s news: a game of hide and seek between a peacock, the NYPD and Central Park Zoo officials. The peacock was a clear winner for a time. After reading many depressing stories in the paper today I decided I found this much more newsworthy, much more enlightening, […] more!

My 1st piece this month is based on a story of a little 11 year old missing girl, found dead. The story is here. This story happens to be written by my friend and next door neighbor, Corky Siemaszko a NY Daily News reporter. I decided to work not from the angle of this little […] more!

Farewell fellow news scavengers – it’s been fun and challenging! This was my first time using a digital camera and it took me a few days to discover its functions and advantages. The the exciting part is that there are images and discoveries made in this process that I’ll be exploring further and incorporating into […] more!

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A recent fresh air segment on the etymology of the word “compromise” inspired me to map the history of today’s lead headline. The map shows a collection of words floating together from distant centuries, informing our understanding of something so strange as a debt-ceiling. This also reminds me of a great radiolab on language. Tweet more!

Who is Nafissatou Diallo Really? Today the New York Times ran an article about the maid in the Strauss-Kahn case deciding to go public with her identity and show her face in order to defend herself against claims (made most prominently by The New York Post) that she is a prostitute and perhaps try the […] more!

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The compendium of all the Arab Spring topographies, creating a new territory knit together by the events taking place within each country. Tweet more!

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In solidarity with Oslo and against xenophobia. Today also happens to be the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution Tweet more!

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  On January 14th, protests broke out in Jordan and have persisted to this day. Kareem Fahim’s article  in the NY Times discusses the latest peaceful protests that erupted in violence when police officers attacked the protesters.   Tweet more!

  Major protests in Egypt began on January 25th. According to the NYTimes, more than 800 people died in the 18 days it took for protesters to oust Mubarak. I’ve been meaning to include a link to a graphic by Sergio Pecanha and Alicia DeSantis, which summerized the protests throughout the region, but I cannot […] more!

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This is the first in a nine part series devoted to the nine (and counting) Arab countries experiencing revolutions. Here is some analysis and thoughts on the Arab Spring that I found interesting: NY Times Blogging Heads A This American Life story by Nancy Updike   Tweet more!

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THE RACE TO DOCUMENT A REVOLUTION BEFORE IT IS LOST TO THE OFFICIAL LINE. On any given evening Cairo’s Tahrir Square creaks under the weight of its own recent history/  The Guardian/Jack Shenker, Cairo Tweet more!

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A visual tally of all of the photographs of subjects deemed important enough to make it into today’s New York Times A section. Concept: Max Whitney. Layout/design: Max Whitney and Beth Whitney. Men- 73 Women-16 Baboons-2 Dog-1 Gas Jockey-1 Car-1 Children-3 Dying Trees-2 Website-1 Ghoul-1 Paintings of Important Men-2 Statement about the work from Max […] more!

A map of all the countries covered in today’s NY Times conveys the partial worlds that our media creates. Tweet more!

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a heartbreaking story, by Andrew Kramer. photograph by Roman Kruchinin.   Tweet more!

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An article by Ethan Bronner, with photographs taken by Rina Castelnuovo, discussed the role of a facebook page in helping Israelis and Palestinians communicate. While these countries are separated by a wall, small means of communication can diminish the physical barriers, creating a wall and border that is actually in flux. The piece above illustrates […] more!

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joyous moment captured by Tyler Hicks of NY times. Tweet more!

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