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The master showman of City Hall, who parlayed shrewd political instincts and plenty of chutzpah into three tumultuous terms as New York’s mayor with all the tenacity, zest and combativeness that personified his city of golden dreams. I embroidered Ed Koch’s obituary because he personified New York for so long he deserved to be celebrated […] more!

The master showman of City Hall, who parlayed shrewd political instincts and plenty of chutzpah into three tumultuous terms as New York’s mayor with all the tenacity, zest and comabativeness that personified his city of golden dreams. I embroidered Ed Koch’s obituary because he personified New York for so long he deserved to be celebrated […] more!

  This site specific installation is a tribute to people who deliver newspapers to each one of our doorsteps, everyday, across the world, including roadside newspaper stalls. It is inspired by the news about newspaper sellers appeared in a local newspaper in my city Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Newspaper sellers are denied the privilege of protection […] more!

Everyday newspaper informs, provokes, challenges, inspires, educates, bewilders, updates, outrages, irritates, and shocks us, despite which we can’t live without this ‘Daily Scrub’. Tweet more!

I took all the headlines from Sunday’s NY Times (which I got from a low-res web capture) and I re-arranged the words used to create them.  This is what I came up with: U.S. Memo Made Legal Rapid Trades to Kill a Citizen Secret Clamping Down in Stock Market Is Parents’ Killer Once Again, Inflating […] more!

Thinking about print media in new york city, just once, I had to highlight our almighty trio of newspapers. The Daily News, known for car adds, sports, and the occasional great article from Juan Gonzales. The New York Times, making self-satisfied college grads feel even more smug since who the fuck cares, while sneaking in […] more!

I decided to re-imagine the Berliner Morgenpost as a paper that posts my observations of the city and poses some questions I have about it. Tweet more!

Since The New York Times has not been delivered, I used this time to finish one of my pieces for an ongoing series called “the obituaries.” The recently deceased are celebrated by their friends and family and are remembered as the best version of themselves. Literature was her voice. Meet Miep Gies, the last survivor […] more!

The Cuckoo Clock: featuring an oak leaf motif, a male dear without his adult antlers, and movie star hands. Photo of Michelle Obama by Platt/Getty Photo of Sarah Palin by Ruttle/AP Photo of Greg Kinnear & Sara Jessica Parker by Christopher Peterson/ Tweet more!

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During the five hours or so it took me to cut the words out of this half page, I was listening to an interview with political theorist Benjamin Barber. A straight shooter, Barber, basically said that with a millitary and vice President appointed by Mubarak in power in Egypt, the meaningful change desired by protesters […] more!

The second time piece made from the newspaper. Absent from the face are the hands. Indicating no time in particular and plated with Bloomberg. Ingesting bits and scraps of the news and digesting these to make an artifact of time-lessness. Tweet more!

The first in a series of time pieces: the contemporary sports watch. Time is a rare commodity for me lately, a precious one. I always feel as though I’m running out of it. Or it somehow escapes me. I will catch you, Time, and we will enjoy each other’s company. Tweet more!

I was reading today on the paper about how industry managed to keep the low prices on alcohol products while experts warned: Elli Chortara © 2011 Tweet more!

I am commenting on yesterday’s Commentary page in the editorial section of the Sunday Oregonian. I mention this because only in Oregon would 2/3 of a page be given to the salmon controversy with the remaining 1/3 split between other large issues. In this case, the federal budget deficit and the AOL/Huffington Post merge. Although […] more!

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I scanned the newspaper first thing this morning, looking for the headlines, and especially news about Egypt. Saw the headline “Mubarak Stays…” so I didn’t rush to turn on the radio or read further. Instead l checked my email and then my facebook page. The top post on my wall was “Go Egypt” with a […] more!

Continued work on an article on the on-going political struggle in Egypt. Attempting to match my stamina with that of the protesting Egyptian people. As I cut out these words I am glad to know that there are lots of copies of these words all around the world. I am encouraged as I read and […] more!

Continuing with the cut outs this is the first section of an article from the sunday Times. I plan to continue on the rest of the large article. Article by David Kirkpatrick Tweet more!

The first page of an article in which I am cutting out all the wording. I also feel at a loss when trying to comprehend all that is going on in this part of the world, not to mention the broader implications for what it all means in regards to international relationships. My small protest […] more!

Today I have read this article on the Guardian about breath and how it reveals a lot more about people’s health while it is made of a variety of chemicals in relation to the body healthy or unhealthy conditions and how dogs and their strong smelling abilities could be key figures in the scientific/clinical study […] more!

When you’re crazy busy, what’s one of the first things you jettison?  The news. You catch a glimpse online, but stop to read nothing that isn’t essential.  I’ve been finishing work, packing and crating a shipment for a show in Los Angeles at Edward Cella which opens Feb 12.  All about sleep patterns…..which is a […] more! Tweet more!

1.30.11 Lorie Novak

January 30, 2011 by

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Do you still have any of your work you made as a kid?  How much did you keep from art-school?  Do you toss the bad stuff now?  NY Times has been hosting a series of articles about clutter, hoarding and ruthless tossing.  I’m in the last category, when in doubt….toss it.  Today’s “Mom, you’re one […] more!

It’s Tuesday, and my favorite part of the paper comes out today…..the Science section.  An amazing story about chess experts, scientists use brain scans to figure out  why they are better, and what’s different in the way their brain processes a chess board.  Net-net, the best chess players simultaneously use their left brain for object […] more!

Horrifying to imagine setting yourself on fire.  But it does have a huge effect. In NYTimes…Self-immolation to protest repression as a long history. Tweet more!

Used to be doctors would guess if you had alzheimers, and confirm the diagnosis via plaque in the brain in the autopsy after you’re dead.  Every one who has watched a grandmother, and mother begin to lose memory….not just the “where did I put my keys”.  But serious memory loss, begins to worry if it […] more!

Curious about the note of pride expressed by those who rise before 5am to collect, read and digest the news for political power-brokers. And I thought, who reads the news for you?  I get my first taste on my phone and email from Mike Allen’s playbook.  Although today, the first story I read was about […] more!

I’m packing to move apartments this week, and sometimes a newspaper is just a newspaper.  You save them for a few days and wrap up your dishes.  There is something easy and comforting in the simplicity of it all. Tweet more!

“A bullet hits the skull like a meteor. Both start to break up, and shards of bone and metal can be driven into the brain. The old thinking was to chase after them and pull them out to reduce the chances of infection,” Dr Lemole said. “But we learned from the military that it can be […] more!

Here’s a chance to see what random artifacts look like 60 years later.  Now online you can click to see the Kennedy Library archive and get nice high-res images of  the bar tab from Robert F. Kennedy’s bachelor party and to decipher John F. Kennedy’s Oval Office doodles. NYTimes. Death and randomness is in the air. Lots […] more!

Is the shooting in Tucson more polarizing, or will it begin to sink in and cause us to “usher in a new era of civility”?  It’s so heart-wrenching to think about the families, and simultaneously check the blogs and read even the reasonable political reporting on, and see the extreme positioning.  Makes my stomach hurt. […] more!

You know you get a little squirt of dopamine everytime you check your phone for email, and you get a big burst of serotonin just before you eat.  Neurotransmitters….the chemicals which reinforce behaviors that help you thrive.  Odd article in the Science section, yes….my favorite part of the paper….that Oxytocin the thing that caused mothers […] more!

The news machine marches on. Diagrams of Giffords’ brain, and grisley explanations of how a mind might heal….coupled with the news of  Tom Delay sentenced to 3 years. “Evidence at trial showed Mr. DeLay and two of his top political aides saw a Repunblican takeover of the statehouse as the key to boosting the Republican’s […] more!

“We once got into a conversation about the meaning of life,” said Tom Zoellner, a friend of Ms. Giffords’s and volunteer on two of her campaigns. “And she had sort of made an existential decision that life was about helping other people, that life was about public service, and she was going to arrange her […] more!

How is it the Census data knows that 1.1 million knives, 11, 908 boxcutters and 1,416 knives were confisgated by airport screeners in 2007?  Meanwhile there are more pigs than people in 5 states and 400 fewer bookstores than 10 years ago. Am comforted by the orderly-ness of it all.  More in NYTimes today US […] more!

As I read the paper everyday, sometimes something odd sticks with me….or I’ll read an article or stare at a picture for a time totally disproportionate to it’s importance in the news that day.  And if you read the entire paper in under 15 minutes, believe me….there is lots that is getting absolutely no attention. […] more!

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Dis•mem•ber•ment: 1. to cut off Tweet more!

Newspaper television listings – Ode to Jasper Johns. Tweet more!

I have a running commentary in my head this morning, to not let the quantity of news overwhelm me. I get an email alert from a friend’s art blog everyday – Hyperallergic, and wonder how in the world Hrag can read and keep up with the random mass and quantity of artnews (this one is good […] more!

I wake up, start coffee, click my keyboard, hit the send/receive.  Reach out the front door, get the NY Times, finish making coffee and read the paper….  Today I read the news on my phone on the train riding back from a friend’s overnight party in New Jersey.  Over the course of the day, I […] more!

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