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The Cuckoo Clock: featuring an oak leaf motif, a male dear without his adult antlers, and movie star hands. Photo of Michelle Obama by Platt/Getty Photo of Sarah Palin by Ruttle/AP Photo of Greg Kinnear & Sara Jessica Parker by Christopher Peterson/ Tweet more!

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During the five hours or so it took me to cut the words out of this half page, I was listening to an interview with political theorist Benjamin Barber. A straight shooter, Barber, basically said that with a millitary and vice President appointed by Mubarak in power in Egypt, the meaningful change desired by protesters […] more!

The third in the time piece series helps me keep the rhythm of the night. This is the rythim of my life. Amid all the chaos that seems to be the top headlines of news networks today, rhythm somehow seems to be comforting for me.  A tool to focus my mind while it is with those who […] more!

This is an article from Feb. 6. Trying to get my head around all that the action of cutting the words out implies. Article by David Kirkpatrick Photo by Ed Ou for the New York Times Tweet more!

I scanned the newspaper first thing this morning, looking for the headlines, and especially news about Egypt. Saw the headline “Mubarak Stays…” so I didn’t rush to turn on the radio or read further. Instead l checked my email and then my facebook page. The top post on my wall was “Go Egypt” with a […] more!

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Continued work on an article on the on-going political struggle in Egypt. Attempting to match my stamina with that of the protesting Egyptian people. As I cut out these words I am glad to know that there are lots of copies of these words all around the world. I am encouraged as I read and […] more!

When you’re crazy busy, what’s one of the first things you jettison?  The news. You catch a glimpse online, but stop to read nothing that isn’t essential.  I’ve been finishing work, packing and crating a shipment for a show in Los Angeles at Edward Cella which opens Feb 12.  All about sleep patterns…..which is a […] more!

Curious about the note of pride expressed by those who rise before 5am to collect, read and digest the news for political power-brokers. And I thought, who reads the news for you?  I get my first taste on my phone and email from Mike Allen’s playbook.  Although today, the first story I read was about […] more!

I’m packing to move apartments this week, and sometimes a newspaper is just a newspaper.  You save them for a few days and wrap up your dishes.  There is something easy and comforting in the simplicity of it all. Tweet more!

Lorie Novak: 1.1.11

January 1, 2011 by

The Year Begins I begin. I am upstate and can’t get the ‘paper’. So I snatch some fragments from the online version from today. I have been very interested in the relationship between the printed and  online editions and will be exploring that this month when I am back holding the paper in my hands. […] more!

I wake up, start coffee, click my keyboard, hit the send/receive.  Reach out the front door, get the NY Times, finish making coffee and read the paper….  Today I read the news on my phone on the train riding back from a friend’s overnight party in New Jersey.  Over the course of the day, I […] more!

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